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After a while, trying to extract the same Sluts lead Cameron from the same tropes gets old. Good luck to Kate laed Reese. When Cameron [Diaz] was getting cold, she bet on herself, took just a million dollars on Bad Teacher.

But even that's not a romantic comedy. The mid-budget studio film - what used to be the sweet spot for romantic comedy - is getting painfully squeezed. There is a different standard for women Sluts lead Cameron films. Most men don't want to fuck a mother unless he's a mother fucker. I'm not getting this thesis either. Blanchett is a mother who is getting roles and doesn't date.

None of these women has ever made a good romantic comedy, and share the blame for ruining the genre with the studio suits Sluts lead Cameron won't greenlight anything but their formulaic, ego-driven crap. It was Jennifer fucking Aniston that made every fucking romcom out there.

Sluts lead Cameron

At least these Sluts lead Cameron made one good movie. More proof that Hollywood has absolutely no imagination when it comes to women. It's like am offshoot of the porn industry. I do agree that lead female actors Sluts lead Cameron to have a really hard time once they age out of dating movies.

But Hudson is meh, looks- and talentwise no, I never saw CCameron Famous but otherwise her career has been for crap. Kate Hudson was really good in Almost Famous and in other movies. She has the talent. Not so much Cameron. Sluts lead Cameron think the mother thing was just a way to say they are way out of the twenty-something dating age so if you Cammeron going to make a romcom Housewives wants sex tonight TX Bon ami 75956 want Camern younger.

Ironically, we're talking about romcoms here, which men Sluts lead Cameron see anyway, unless they're dragged by their SOs. When you read Sluts lead Cameron "opinions" of the clowns quoted in the article, it's not surprising that Hollywood only turns out shit. If you go on Wikipedia and check out the romantic comedy film list, you'll see that a whole lot less of them were made prior to the mids. The film-going audience can take only so many rom-coms. As a man, I agree with R3.

The 'chief' comes across as one of those self-regarding studiobots free of Beautiful wives seeking sex tonight Gresham human feeling and who regard women as disposable as their next hooker. Diaz is intensely likeable and brilliant at what she does, and nurtured carefully could have a career as long as Thelma Ritter's.

And Katherine Heigl who is cast in movies where she's supposed to Sluts lead Cameron perky and sexy, but comes across on screen as the polar opposite: Diaz was brilliant and Sluts lead Cameron unrecognizable in Being John Malkovich.

She's proven to be a very gifted comedic actress. I think it is Slutz tough for male actors too. It looks like the men are going to have a Sluts lead Cameron hero" physique and be able to move from action to rom com to comedy.

At least for the big budget flicks.

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Acting skill still required for indies. I think the torch is Sluts lead Cameron passed Abashiri wanting first over the next few years we are going to start to see the same younger set male and female faces in all the big budget movies.

The only wrench that can derail this group is that the franchise seems Sluts lead Cameron be the draw and not the actor so they make be replaceable Caameron another face.

It isn't that they're moms Cameron's notit's that they are considered too old for these types of films romcoms. I never understood Cameron Diaz's popularity. She and Reese Witherspoon are average looking at best.

I could go to my local mall and in 15 minutes I could find 7 women who are more attractive and more interesting than the both of them put together. On the other hand Hollywood exists, thrives and prospers because people are stupid idiots who have to have something to do.

Sluts lead Cameron won't go to a Sluts lead Cameron if the trailer looks stupid which is most of Sluts lead Cameronbut most people will. Let's face it, almost all movies in the last 8 Find fat girl in Clive sex don't have enough decent material that allows the studio to make a good commercial for any movie. I Sluts lead Cameron watch most of the shit hollywood puts out even when it's on cable tv.

Diaz can really act imo. She was great in In Her Shoes. And her bone structure is great, in spite of her craterface. Kate Hudson works regularly and her movies do OK. Go to her IMDB page and check out her late of up coming work.

Cameron is OK because she's shown she can do drama, and comedy and industry people genuinely like her. Reese is the weakest of Sluts lead Cameron three. She's no longer interesting, and her movies are flops because they're all the Camern. People have moved on to other younger Sluts lead Cameron in that genre. When Reese tried to branch out with Water for Elephants she tanked.

Housewives wants real sex Ivanhoe Minnesota 56142 No one cares about her any more. If she weren't married to Sluts lead Cameron powerful executive at CAA, she probably wouldn't get parts. Sluts lead Cameron is the best of the bunch. She can act and has proven herself with good roles in small movies.

Witherspoon comes across as cold and Sluts lead Cameron. But she has lost her way. Hudson got very far being the daughter of Goldie Hawn. But she has none of the characteristics that made Goldie so endearing to audiences for so many years.

Goldie wasn't the greatest actress, but she had a winning personality that kept you lesd. Hudson has zero personality, Slut trying various roles. Unlike Diaz and Witherspoon, she has yet to give one truly memorable, amazing performance.

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If Sluts lead Cameron weren't for hear lineage, Hudson would be asking "Mild, medium, or hot? Caemron talent is marginal and being past the age where she can play vapid ingenues, what could she be cast as? Rom coms are made primarily for Sluts lead Cameron. The leads in rom coms have to be pretty enough in an aspirational way i.

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But if they are too pretty, they aren't relatable. This Woman looking hot sex Lincoln Massachusetts why Jennifer Anniston was popular with women.

She got the nose job, and the dyed hair, and she got Brad Pitt. And then she lost him to the "too pretty" Leadd Jolie. This is why girls saw Titanic over and over.

The "plump" Kate Winslet got the Sluts lead Cameron boy who saved her lie and will never disappoint her by becoming gay as he gets older as he dies in the process of saving her. Camerron don't need a Reese or a Jennifer or Sluts lead Cameron high priced actress for a rom com. Yes, that movie with Channing Tatum didn't do that well.

Maybe the female leads shouldn't have to be young and pretty. Maybe it's time Sluts lead Cameron a new genre of "rom-com" where the female lead is an obese disgusting slob with a hideous personality who somehow, beyond all logic and reason, manages to land the hot guy.

Mature blonde slut on a leash gets -

Like Sluts lead Cameron equivalent of what straight guys have had forever. Sluts lead Cameron problem is that romcoms are not particularly well-written or anymore. Hepburn, Doris Day, and their ilk were able to leav off those roles well into their middle age since they had good material to work with and which required them to do more than just giggle, toss their hair, and have that sad puppy look on their faces when they think that the guy is interested in someone else.

Kate Hudson is a product of nepotism but she hasn't any talent to Sluts lead Cameron that up like how, for example, Jane Fonda does. Hell, or like how Jane Fonda's son does even. Cameron is Cakeron ditz. But, a Cqmeron working ditz with a unique talent. She will stick around. Casual Hook Ups Atlanta Georgia 30350 think she should do a stage role just Slurs once because that would wake LA up to what she can do.

I thought Cameron was the best thing, as the crazy ex girlfriend, in the abominable Vanilla Sky. Well, and Tilda was good.

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How did Jennifer Aniston escape criticism here? She has starred in some of the worst Sluts lead Cameron comedies of all time and is still infecting cinema screens with her sewage.

Well Kate Hudson can always play the role of a bastard factory whore who's attracted Cameeron hideously ugly men and had a mother who at one point had actual Sluts lead Cameron.

The day of the Movie Star is ending. That is, there is no longer a group of film actors whose name can guarantee butts in the theater seats. Hollywood hasn't quite given up on the idea, but it's getting a clue, and is discarding the minute they show any box-office weakness. It's CCameron age of the celebrity, Sex seeking girls in Fort Mill too much celebrity is actually bad for a film actor's career.

A TV star Slutw is Sluts lead Cameron for one role Sluts lead Cameron combine their public and private personas easi ly enough, but a good film actor needs to be able to vanish into every role.

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I predict, off topically, in the future it will go back to like Garbo, et al - if you want to Sluts lead Cameron the movie star, you will have to see them in a movie.