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A few years ago, at the urging of several friends I dipped my toe into blogging about Oracle databases by putting up a site hosted on wordpress.com.  After an initial flurry of activity, due to job changes and other outside issues my output ground to a halt.  In spite of that, the site still gets a few hundred visits a day, as it seems that some of the articles have achieved the status of “standard reference” for certain subjects, particularly questions of Oracle client/database connectivity.

As a result of that traffic and again at the urging of friends, I’ve decided to re-launch the blog under my own domain and see where I can take it by following up on several ideas I’ve had filed away.  I will move the most informative posts from the old site to here, and then start writing new articles.  The basic direction will be to get beyond “here, use this — it works”, to explaining  why and how a particular piece of Oracle database technology works the way it does . . . connecting the dots between “A” and “B”.

I hope you find this site useful.

As they say in the newsroom . . . “Stay tuned. Film at eleven.”

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