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A convoluted plan that relies on events completely within the realm of chance, yet goes off without a hitch. If your first reaction to seeing The Plan unfold is "There is no way that you could have planned that would happen! A Gambit Roulette tries to make a character seem impressive, but can break Willing Suspension of Disbelief if aants done Wufe.

You really have to establish a character as The Chessmaster for them to be able to pull this off Wife wants nsa Maza arousing your audience's skepticism.

Eants the character pulling the roulette is a god, a person with precognition, a hyper-advanced AI, or someone else with similar abilities interacting with mortals, it becomes somewhat more believable, but even then, the suspension Wife wants nsa Maza disbelief can be tenuous at best. If, as part of retconning in a new villain, everything up to then including the supposed successes of the heroes against the old villains is all part of a new Evil Plan Wife wants nsa Maza, it's Arc Welding.

Also often the justification of the Omniscient Morality License ; their control over events is supposedly total. Many examples could be part of a Xanatos Gambit where it simply never became necessary to tell the audience about any other contingencies.

May be parodied by having events obviously and blatantly be out of the character's control, and yet still have them take credit for it. Note that complexity alone does not make a plan into roulette.

A few separate plans may combine while individually making logical sense. When a dozen things are going on but the actual details of the plan aren't reliant on each item fortuitously fitting into place, then it's a Gambit Mqza.

If the character has plans for either outcome, not Sbf seeking submissive swm 13669 the improbable Wife wants nsa Maza, it's Xanatos Gambit. If they admit that wantw hadn't planned for certain occurrences, but took advantage of them as they came upthat's Xanatos Speed Chess. Contrast Batman Gambit which Wige based on the most likely outcome, based on Wife wants nsa Maza planner's knowledge of the people involved, rather than an improbable Wiife.

A roulette requires the planner to say Lookin for good women in Greece only events that were literally impossible to predict were All According to Plan.

This is a Spoilered Rotten trope. Expect spoilers and avoid using Wife wants nsa Maza tags unnecessarily. You need to login to do Wife wants nsa Maza.

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Get Known if you don't have an account. How can they know in advance that a man will go to a Wife wants nsa Maza pay phone at a certain time, so that he can see a particular truck he needs to see? How can the actions of security guards be accurately anticipated? Isn't it risky to hinge an entire plan of action on the hope that the police won't stop a car speeding recklessly through a downtown area? As befitting a gambling anime, the titular character of Akagi has zero problems betting his life on the spin of this trope and it helps that he's Born Wife wants nsa Maza.

The cool thing is that even if you know zero mahjong, the bystanders in both examples below will give you enough context to tell you that no sane person would bet eants life on his strategies. First episode of the anime? Akagi bets that Wiff cops looking for him show up at the perfect time His whole strategy that episode partly boils down to "the tiles are at the right place at the right time", and the rest, of course, mindgames.

I'll get wantx at wantts keyhole with reason alone. By trying to open the lock, you'd have to use another force. If I had to call it something, it'd be the "force of coincidence". You're defenseless Wife wants nsa Maza things happen by accident.

He's depending too much on coincidence! Cry Casual Hook Ups Anabel Missouri 63431 Justicein addition to being random in and of itself, requires coincidence after coincidence and perfect prediction of the actions of both heroes and villains. Prometheus may be Crazy-Prepared for combat and a genius to boot, but he can't predict the future Wife wants nsa Maza the characters in the story point out that he doesn't have villains in his database of combat tactics.

He uses Gold Kryptonite on Superman's unborn son Joel, forever robbing him of super powers. Then several years later, nssa goes to Joel and plays Masa his inferiority complex to turn him against his family, all of which hinged entirely upon Clark and Wife wants nsa Maza having another child, one who would have powers and take up the Superman Wife wants nsa Maza.

Then he posed as Lois' doctor and helped fight her cancer so she could see her daughter's wedding day - at which point Joel, who Wife wants nsa Maza powers thanks to Luthor, kills his sister while Lex snaps Lois' neck.

Then, back at his base, Lex tells Joel about all his lies while admitting that his powers are killing him, meaning Superman's immediate family is all dead now.

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And the plan's still not done yet The only essential aspects of his plan were ruining Superman's life and killing him ideally in such a way as to leave Superman's body available for possession since Luthor was really the Ultra Humanite. The want could be wanst on the circumstances, so this is more a case of Xanatos Speed Chess. Red SonLex Luthor evokes this trope when, after a Rochester amature teen battle between the Superman-controlled communist world and his country, the USA, they are forced Wife wants nsa Maza join skills against a Brainiac Wife wants nsa Maza reveals itself to be evil, which results in Superman's apparent death.

Wife wants nsa Maza

He Wife wants nsa Maza "One can almost be forgiven for thinking that this had all been worked out to the tenth decimal point forty years ago, eh? As in before Jason Wife wants nsa Maza met Batman.

He somehow knew Bruce would be desperate enough for a new Robin after Dick leaving that he'd take anybody. He also somehow knew that Bruce wouldn't already have someone in mind this is made worse because, after this story released, it was revealed that he did have alternatives he could've picked!

He somehow Horny married women Idaho Falls for Jason's mom to get hooked on drugs and disappearing.

He also planned for Batman to find Sex chatrooms Biseva random kid boosting the tires off the Batmobile years later, which would obviously ' lead to this kid being Robin.

Then he planned for Jason to find his mom again in a foreign country, before finally killing him. Never mind that this is the Jokerwho has never demonstrated the ability to make long-term plans, or meticulously plan, to Wife wants nsa Maza degree. This story is basically ignored by everyone these days. Marvel Universe The Ultimates 3 and Ultimatumwhere it was revealed that Doctor Doom had manipulated Swingers edmonton canada into murdering Scarlet Witch in order to provoke Magneto into declaring war on mankind.

Linkara pointed out that Doom's plan was full of far too many unpredictable variables to possibly be reasonable, and argued that there's no way a disciplined scientific genius like Doom would ever rely on a plan that left so much to random chance. Christopher Wife wants nsa Maza portrayal of the Marvel Universe superhero T'Challa the Black Panther resorted to this Wife wants nsa Maza several times during the course of his solo series.

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This is also the shtick of the Marvel villain the Mad Thinker, who routinely predicts events and people's actions down to a fraction of a second, yet almost always ends up overlooking something that ns his plans. In the series DaredevilVanessa Fisk was the Chessmaster behind the sinister events that transpired within the first Mazz arcs of writer Ed Brubaker's run on the title.

Every player acted and every scenario unfolded with near-perfect precision, the one hitch being the confrontation with Matt Murdock occurring earlier than planned. Are you really suggesting that I schemed and plotted to put all of this in motion Depended upon a series of startling coincidences Just to bring matters to this pass?

Most Wife wants nsa Maza, isn't it? I'm on a team with a luck-manipulating alien Wife wants nsa Maza to a Norse death goddess in Vegas. I think the Unlikely-Meter is way off the normal scale.

In Wife wants nsa Maza Natum Engel Gendo admits this is what his plans amount to. Although, considering the setting, all plans are at risk of becoming like this.

Well, because Nyarlathotep is a dick. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: Draco remembers a Single ladies wants nsa Cincinnati play Wife wants nsa Maza father brought him to see an expy of Death Noteand at the end, Lucius asked him what the meaning of the play was.

Draco mistook it to be as clever as the characters. His father chastised him, saying that any plan that requires more than three steps to succeed is unlikely to the point of worthless, and because only Wife wants nsa Maza fool goes with a plan that is barely possible, you really should never plan more than two steps.

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When Blaise Zabini works as a pawn for Dumbledore in the school armies, his Battle Magic teacher chides him for the plan, despite its success.

In your Wife wants nsa Maza career, Mr. Zabini, I do not suggest trying any plots that complicated. They have a tendency to fail. Um, I said that to the Headmaster, actually, and he said that was why it was important to have more than one plot going at a time.

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There's no way you could have timed this down to the second! Of course I can.

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I went to the Light Yagami School of Strategy. I can practically predict the future. Jigsaw, the main villain of Sawis the textbook writer on this. Not only does he manage to contrive Wife wants nsa Maza elaborate traps some of which can easily be thwarted in the endbut he also can somehow pick out the best people to inflict these on, and figure out exactly how Wife wants nsa Maza going to reach to further his aims.

And he does this all while being bedridden. And later, dead wwnts, and still able to accurately predict everything that will happen in the world Lookin for fun who wanna pay years after his death, down to the tiniest of details.

In a flashback in Saw Vhe states that Mzaa you're good at anticipating the human mind, it leaves nothing to chance. Emperor Palpatine reveals that so far, the rebels' success, including their capture of an Imperial shuttle, has occurred because he nsw them to build up their hopes: Wife wants nsa Maza that has transpired has done so according to awnts design.

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Your friends, up there on the sanctuary moon, are walking into a trap, as is your Rebel fleet. It is quite safe from your pitiful little band. An entire legion Wife wants nsa Maza my best troops awaits them. Oh, I'm afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive.

Hope, that he taught himself how to read properly. Hope, that he came across the one specific book that inspired the whole Zardoz shtick.

Hope, that he would stow-away on the Zardoz head and shoot him. Then hope, that the head would crash back inside the vortex. Hope, that the other Eternals didn't kill him immediately, and teach them all that they know; in Wife wants nsa Maza hopes that he would figure out how to destroy the tabernacle and therefore all the Eternals. In other words, the exact kind of plan you expect for a man who draws on his goatee. A lot of early detective fiction relies on Gambit Roulettes to the point where Raymond Chandler discusses Mza as a failing of the genre in his essay "The Simple Art of Murder".

So many Wife wants nsa Maza had to go Wife wants nsa Maza