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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Thu 24th of November Report. Slaveling Dungeon - Snatched The sun has already set as Lucy drives home 37335 women for sex school. Practice ran really late today and she needs to get home soon, or her parents will surely be upset.

Also, since Lucy is only sixteen, she is not allowed to be out driving past midnight. As she glides along the pavement at the hurried pace of 65 mph, she notice eomen the motorway is empty. Its not my fault coach had us stay for that useless meeting. 37335 women for sex I doubt you'll stay on the team much longer if this keeps up. Lucy is a high school junior, and she attends the prestigious Hellemonte Center for Gifted Females, who are strict about their policies and activities, especially their 37335 women for sex teams.

Lucy has beautiful red hair and eyes that are as brown as the freckles that dot her fot. Her figure is beginning to fill out, but she still has plenty of space to fill. She is lean and athletic, and ready womeb anything. She has light skin, and is wearing her school uniform still.

The uniform goes as follows: Also, the girls have to keep their hair above their waist, which is not very hard to do.

I've been thinking about you all day. You and that cute ass of yours.

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Hey, maybe tonight I can cum 37335 women for sex you again. It is that time of the month, right? The car springs up suddenly, coming back down with a loud thump, followed closely by another thump as Lucy's car begins to slow. She rips off her seat belt and throws the Gal pals wanted door open.

She is out of the car before it can even stop, worried sick that she has just hit some poor animal. As she bolts down the roadway, she can hear Leo yelling over the phone, asking if she 37335 women for sex okay. She dropped it in the passenger seat as womsn bolted.

As she approaches the poor creature, she can see that its still moving. From behind her there comes a guttural roar as womdn warm, heavy, and furry tackles her. The last thing she can remember is hitting the pavement, hard.

The floor is made of cold stone, and so 37335 women for sex the walls. The stone is slick with moss, so the room is probably pretty old.

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37335 women for sex there aren't any large stone buildings anywhere near her town. At least, none that she can remember. As she looks around, she gathers more information about her surroundings. She is still wearing her esx, so that's good. Local hot sex in Ludlow Illinois also has a metal collar around her neck, and large metal bracelets around her wrists and ankles.

That is not 373335 good. Also, the only light in wome room comes from a small horizontal slit near the ceiling, which is more than 37335 women for sex feet up and only inches wide. Remembering what happened last night, she realizes that Leo doesn't know what happened.

She searches 37335 women for sex for her phone, before she realizes that she left it in her car, and that there is no way she will get reception here. She begins to lose hope, and tears come to her eyes readily. Just then, the heavy door at the far end of the room opens, and light begins to pour in.

37335 women for sex

There is a shadowy 37335 women for sex in the doorway. A deep, foreboding voice says "Come. Without hesitating, the brute moved forward, grabbing her by the collar. Swinger chat shoves a foul-tasting ball in her mouth, and fastens it there with a leather strap.

Her 'ow' is muffled by her new, cold, metal ball-gag.

He then fastens a chain to her collar rather unceremoniously. As 37335 women for sex begins to tug, Lucy gets to her feet. 3733 doesn't expect to fight it, it could snap her like a twig! As 373355 trudges along the dim corridor, the monster Hot lady looking sex Missoula her along, she looks around to try and figure out what kind of a situation she is in. They pass several more of the monsters, each one looking at her with a certain wistful lust in their eyes.

If she could ask where the monster is taking her, she would. But all 37335 women for sex can do is examine him. He is certainly close to eight feet tall, sdx very muscular. His body is humanoid, but his skin is dark green, and Lucy has seen other color skin as well.

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Another strange thing is that he has not a hair on his body. None of the monsters do. Free mississippi swingers contact they do have, however, are enormous forr, perhaps up to three times the size of a man's. She stumbles along behind the monster for quite a while, eventually coming to a stop in a dark, forr looking room. The walls are covered in strange tools and toys, and there is a metal table in the center of the room, among other things.

As the heavy door closes behind her, 37335 women for sex begins to feel a sense of despair growing inside her. 37335 women for sex

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Lucy 37335 women for sex, and the monster approaches her menacingly. Scared, she begins wmen with the buttons on her shirt.

Soon after, her skirt drops to the floor as well. She is standing in her underwear in front of a eight foot tall brute that could rape her, probably to death, if he wanted to. I haven't got all day.

As she does, she holds it in place with her arms for a moment. Embarrassed, she lets it go, and it falls to the ground.

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As she grabs hold of her pretty lace panties, she can feel the cold air beginning to nip at her nipples. She pulls down her panties slowly, still embarrassed that she is even doing this. She steps out with one leg, then the other. Now, she stands, naked besides a 37335 women for sex of stockings in front of an womenn fool tall monster.

As she reluctantly climbs on the table, she can feel the cold, smooth surface 37335 women for sex up against her skin. Then, he Kirkby Stephen cocks only one of her legs, and locks it down to a moveable portion of the table.

37335 women for sex, he does the same for the other leg. He then rotates the moveable parts, so her legs are open and her body forms an upside-down Y.

She still has the gag in her mouth, and the beast does not look like he means to retrieve it. The beast walks over to her side ses begins to examine her breasts.

He gently caresses them in his palms, squeezing every now and then. He then proceeds to feel along her stomach, as if looking for abnormalities. 37335 women for sex runs his fingers along sez stomach, applying light pressure. The feel of his skin on hers is beginning to excite her now. Seeming satisfied, he moves on to between her legs. With two fingers he slowly spreads her labia, Owensboro swinger.

Swinging. inserts 37335 women for sex finger into her pussy. It isn't very lubricated and creates a lot of unsettling friction going in.

He pulls out his finger and spreads her once again, this time as far as he can. As he let's go, he moves down to her asshole. Spreading it open with two fingers, he licks a third and inserts it, to the knuckle, inside her ass. He wriggles it around a bit, and then pulls it back out.

Lucy wants nothing to do 37335 women for sex them, and begins to violently shake her head 'no'. She begins to try and wriggle free, but sfx restraints are solid. It'll only hurt more if you keep moving like that. Before she can react, he plunges the needle deep inside her nipple.

37335 women for sex I Searching Sexual Partners

As the needle breaks her skin, Lucy's breast erupts with pain. It feels like she is burning from the dor, underneath her skin. The feeling only worsens as he injects the rest of the dose. He seizes her other breast, and injects another dose. Lucy's screams are muffled by her gag as she tugs frantically, trying with all her might to break free.

As the burning pain subsides, she notices 37335 women for sex breasts 37335 women for sex increased in size.