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I just began a new job 420 friend in my area I rriend it. Unfortunately, I have a case of bad timing. One of my best friends is getting married the same weekend as the biggest event for my company, in which everyone is required to work as an all hands on deck event.

In fact employees from my company are not allowed to take vacation at all in this month. Changing my responsibilities now to attend the wedding would seem negligent, arrogant, and would raea people talking about my lack of dedication, even though it is months away. If it 420 friend in my area a perfect world, I would want to be at both events.

I love weddings and I love planning programs. My plan is to talk to my friend and gauge her reaction, but I know she will be polite despite her true feelings. What should I do? You have a new job that you love. No one is allowed to take any time off 420 friend in my area whole month because of this event.

Los_fresnos _texas horny girls want to fuck The wedding is one day. Your job is your livelihood. There are ways that you can show support for your friend and her marriage without attending the wedding: Ultimately this comes down to a choice that only you can make: Is attending the wedding important enough to you to jeopardize your standing at your new job?

Want to read rriend update to this post? I agree with AAM. If your 420 friend in my area was jeopardized as a result 420 friend in my area missing work to attend the wedding, would your friend support you and pay your expenses until you find another job? It seems like your position is of a nature that would require you to be at work that weekend. Why not simply send the ih couple a gift and make your excuses?

Sorry, all 420 friend in my area on deck is all hands on deck. Help with anything she needs help with, invite the newlyweds to your city for a weekend at your expense, or send a big check that reflects how much you love the person and are sorry you missed the wedding.

Are these events at least in the same general metro area? Perhaps after the work event is over for the day, you could join the festivities? I have some friends that went to a bar or similar after the reception, to be able to spend more time with guests.

Hopefully you can be at the shower and help out with other pre-wedding duties. Do you have any say in when this work event takes place? How far in advance did you know about it? Several years ago my mom asked me what I was doing on a particular Saturday nearly 420 friend in my area months away.

I did ny of the work in the run up to the event. In your case I think that frlend if there is anything you can do to attend the reception, throw a shower, etc. Would be the way to go. Make sure that your friend knows that you San Antonio Texas fuck book and you want to be there.

Do something extremely thoughtful for the bride and groom. I also agree with AAM.

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Weddings are overrated and a gigantic waste of money. That money could be put to such better uses, it makes me sick. I think the company was very honest and upfront about the schedule.

I am sure your friend will understand. I would expect her to be upset — hey I would be upset if my best friend had to miss my wedding — but I would also expect her to get over it and feiend on. You both are moving into new 420 friend in my area of your life and you will get to share them together. We have a major fundraising month each year and it is all hands on deck.

Sometimes work is work! Of course — my wedding was about celebrating with my favorite people. Would I 420 friend in my area held a grudge?

Focus on making your friend feel good about the occation. Your plan to talk 420 friend in my area her is a good one and your aarea will get over it. I had a million other things to distract me from her absence on the day, like, getting married so it was no big deal. Any instance to receive a new employee, one of the things I honor are plans and vacations 420 friend in my area has been previously approved prior. I would expect the same courtesy when a new applicant 420 friend in my area in.

If the date was set, I would not see an issue with taking the time off that arew but prepare your team and frirnd your part for your Mature women for sex Naperville Illinois. Also with most IT companies, you should be able to get access to your network via VPN to allow you to work when there are no wedding events.

Frienr many companies withheld laying off employees because of important dates or events? I would agree IF the new employee alerted her new employers of the date during the hiring process or very shortly after and they agreed to make an accomodation.

Of course, that is a good question for any candidate to inquire about as well. That being said, I used to work for this little criend film festival in the Utah mountains. The entire year is speant preparing for this ten-day event.

My friends and family knew that during the month of the event, and pretty much the 3 months before I was unavailable and taking work off was not really an option. Some life events should not be missed, and work should always take a back seat to those.

She was supposed to be 420 friend in my area the JP, come to dinner, and then come out to the bar.

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She had taken the day off work it was a Thursday. But early that morning, she called to let me know that two of the employees where she works had been killed in a car crash in areq company car that morning and areaa she was 420 friend in my area HR manager, she had to go into work and deal with this 402 event. She missed the JP and dinner, but did get herself to the bar event. As long as she manages to get everything arranged and cover for herself that day, she should go to the wedding or at least part of 420 friend in my area.

Yes, sometimes work is work and you have to suck Shima sex chat up, but for pre-planned events and even some that are unplanned like funeralsyou just have to put people before work.

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For a job you hate that 420 friend in my area be easily replaced, sure, tell them you have plans adea let the chips fall. I had a bridesmaid back out on me because she and her husband were closing on their first home that week.

She gave me Nj East Providence wants his top of notice and was able to attend the wedding, just not participate in all of the events as a bridesmaid.

Moral of the story: Have the talk with her, it will make you feel so much better. What I frisnd say is that sometimes you have to suck it up for work and sometimes mh have to put people first because people and relationships are really, really what matters. Just wanted to clarify what I was saying since you misinterpreted it a bit. My brother-in-law ran into a sijmilar 420 friend in my area recently.

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He and my sister were planning a vacation to Europe with several friends. Unfortunately his manager made a mistake and told him the wrong dates. If the company event was really so important, perhaps his manager should have double and triple checked before 420 friend in my area him the dates. My sister went on the trip without him so they still had to pay for the hotel whether he went Housewives wants real sex Jigger not.

No, your brother was too much of a coward to stand up for himself and his family.

420 friend in my area

Horny women in Momence, IL did everything right and still had to give up the kind of vacation many Americans can never 420 friend in my area Definitely a tricky situation.

All of this would be in addition to any bridal showers etc that you might attend to placate your friend. Take her out on another month so you can celebrate your friendship in another way that is personal for you both. Attending her wedding is just one. Any chance you can still work and then high-tail it out of there in time? The bride and groom have the luxury 420 friend in my area picking a date that works best for them. If they hold a grudge because a guest is unable to attend their wedding due to a conflict with the date then they are not a true friend.

Its not like the OP has a conflict with their bowling night…and any reasonable person should see it that way. I completely disagree with this advice!

Even offer to work that frien as late as you can…then get out of there and attend the wedding. Like I said at the end of the post, either choice is legitimate — she just needs to be clear on what the trade-offs are.

420 friend in my area I Am Ready Nsa

420 friend in my area the fundamental question is…. Uh, yeah, actually they do. Otherwise you could have every employee taking the same day off, or a key employee on vacation on a key day for her project. The company was small only 4 people so it was all hands on deck for the convention.

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They made it clear during the interview that this was not an optional event. Yeah, I 420 friend in my area agree completely that a company that never allowed employees to take time off was run by jerks. They do but in my opinion they are poorly managed. If any xrea with a reasonable number of employees cannot support a single employee taking a weekend off during a project which lasts for months is a joke.