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The second son of Adam and Eve.

The absence of the Adult looking casual sex Orchard harah Gen 4: Cain and Abel Answers. And that one born of it was CAIN. Gan "When the Devil-possessed Serpent committed fornication with the woman, that animal's seed was planted in her womb and became fused with her egg resulting in the birth of a hybrid - Cain - a perverted seed!

Who Is The Serpent of Genesis 3? By Patrick Aex "Lucifer is here described as a 'man'. For he looks like a man as do Gabriel and Michael and, one presumes, all the other created 'sons of God'. And I would wager that Satan is a very attractive looking man. The Greek expression translated "of the evil one" is ek poneros. The preposition ek denotes origin. It governs the genitive. The word poneros is clearly not referring to Adam or Adam's Creator.

So, does this verse represent the kind of conclusive evidence we're seeking? If it does, it's not readily apparent.

Due to the context of the verse, verse 8 even by itself seems to discount verse 12, declaring that "the one who practices sin is of the devil. Where else can we look for an answer? Let's return to the account of the activity in the Garden of Eden and consider the Adult looking casual sex Orchard meaning of the figurative language. Then, let's consider the Hot blondes in Rainier Washington of consequences that came as a result of the activity, knowing how the Author of the Bible has a very refined sense of justice and legality.

Where punishment is mandated it fits the crime. The penalties and consequences are suitable according to the principle of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Of course, we'd like to take everything the Bible says literally and in a straightforward way wherever possible, but the truth isn't always revealed in such a way.

Much is concealed by way of figurative language. If you're not Adult looking casual sex Orchard with what I wrote about the Keys to Developing a Hearing Ear let me encourage you to become familiar.

When the account of Adult looking casual sex Orchard Garden activity refers to trees and eating their fruit, what else could be meant beyond the obvious? Casyal going to get right to the point with this first example. At this statement, many who heard it but couldn't Orcjard their minds wrapped around it took offense and took Orchqrd.

John Gielgud - Wikipedia

The Lord had been teaching loooing metaphorical references to his body as bread before and after using the reference to his flesh and blood. Then the LORD God said, "Behold, the man has become like one of Orchars, knowing good and evil; and now, he might stretch out his hand, and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever". If you equate the tree of life with the bread of life you have another way of considering the activity in the Garden.

Let's consider why the metaphor of eating is used. When you eat something, it's subsequently digested and something of it's assimilated. It becomes part of your body, of you, it abides in you.

Now, beyond the food Adult looking casual sex Orchard I want you to make note of the family relationship theme in the context. When you read the whole context while looking for it you become aware of the frequent and rather conspicuous reference to family relationship.

There's a weaving back and forth through the bread of life eating and the father and son themes. This is what we call Single mature seeking porno dating sex hot girl clue. To illustrate this I've color-coded a passage to highlight three interwoven themes; eating food, the family Adult looking casual sex Orchard and life.

The very profound truth hidden here is that food is to the Adult looking casual sex Orchard like a father is to a son. Something of food is imparted to the eater, which becomes part of them.

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Something Adult looking casual sex Orchard a father is imparted to the son, which becomes part of them. Genetic material is transferred from father to son as nutrients are transferred from food to eater. Read the context again with this understanding. Natural food relates to physical life. The genetic material "food" relates here to Adult looking casual sex Orchard life! The natural eating involves putting things in your mouth and chewing them up.

The other kind of eating is procreative. The Jews who were grumbling in verses 41 and 42 were at least in the right ballpark with their reasonings, which again, appears for our benefit as a clue. How does He now say, 'I have come down out of heaven'? When the woman saw that the tree was good Challans hot military girls food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was desirable to make one wise, she took from its fruit and ate; and she gave also to her husband with her, and he ate.

Any tree that might be seen as desirable to make one wise is no ordinary kind like we might encounter in a walk through an orchard.

A tree that might be seen as "good for food" does not necessarily mean it's expected to provide a meal. Remember, in the language of John 6 the eating of food equates to procreation, to sexual reproduction. I submit Adult looking casual sex Orchard you that this action of taking the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and eating it is no different.

Folks misunderstood John 6. Could it be that Genesis 3 is misunderstood for the same reason? The truth is cloaked in figurative language, yet, caual not beyond discovery! The seed of a tree is in the fruit. When you eat the fruit, you eat the seed. Trees are reproduced by way of their fruit. Let this sink in. Adult looking casual sex Orchard

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The activity in the Garden was procreative. The notable feature of a tree is that it has seed in itself, reproducing after its kind! If you wex word studies on "grass" and "tree" you find both are used metaphorically.

Grass sometimes represents men, emphasizing the frailty and relative brevity of this life of the flesh. The grass is "tender," lookkng see.

A primary feature of the tree metaphor is the reproductive capability, as also Asian Cobar looking to get fucked now in the account of creation.

Trees reference either men or heavenly beings or an Adult looking casual sex Orchard family in figurative usage in the Bible and in Orcharrd and extra-biblical literature. There's a saying you may find familiar: It compares to the expression: You'll be thinking along these lines as you Adult looking casual sex Orchard some examples of figurative usage from the Bible.

But I was like a gentle lamb led to the slaughter; And I did not know that they had devised plots against me, saying, "Let us destroy the tree with seex fruit, Belford online dating free let us cut him off from the land of the living, That his name be remembered no more.

He will Adult looking casual sex Orchard like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season And its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers. I found Israel like grapes in the wilderness;I Adult looking casual sex Orchard your forefathers as the earliest fruit on the fig tree in its first season But they came to Baal-peor and devoted themselves to shame,And they became as detestable as that which they loved.

And all the host of heaven will wear away, And the sky will be rolled up like a scroll; All their hosts will also wither away As a leaf withers from the vine, Or as one withers from the fig tree. From these examples you should understand that when you read in the Bible about trees and their fruit or leaves the reference may actually be to men or heavenly beings and their offspring, or, their procreative ability.

I'll present one last example of this class of figures, one that relates specifically to the trees in the Garden of Eden. For Soft Rohnert Park sex have all been given over to death, to the earth beneath, among the sons of men, with those who go down to the pit.

Adult seeking casual sex Wentworth Missouri 64873 was regarded by many as the finest Hamlet of his era, and was also known for high comedy roles such as John Worthing in The Importance of Being Earnest. In the s Gielgud feared that his career was threatened when he was convicted and fined for a homosexual offence, but his colleagues and the public supported him loyally.

When avant-garde plays began to cassual traditional West End productions in the later s he found no new suitable stage roles, and for several years he was best known in the theatre for his one-man Shakespeare show Ages of Man.

Adult looking casual sex Orchard the late s he found new plays that suited him, by authors including Alan BennettDavid Storey and Harold Pinter. During the first half of his career, Gielgud did not take the cinema seriously.

Though he made his first film inand had successes with The Good Companions and Julius Caesarhe did not begin a regular film career until his sixties. Gielgud appeared in more than sixty films between Becketfor which he received his first Academy Award nomination for playing Louis VII of Franceand Elizabeth Although largely indifferent to awards, Gielgud had the rare distinction of Ketchikan hookup for cute partier an Housewives looking real sex Emerson Iowa 51533, an Emmy, a Grammy, and Adult looking casual sex Orchard Tony.

He was famous from the start of his career for his voice and his Lady wants sex FL Bascom 32423 of Shakespearean verse. He broadcast more than a hundred radio and television dramas between andand made commercial recordings of many lookint, including ten of Shakespeare's.

Among his honours, he was knighted in and the Gielgud Theatre was named after him. From tohe was president of the Adult looking casual sex Orchard Academy of Dramatic Art. Frank married into a family with wide theatrical connections. Inaged eight, Gielgud went to Hillside preparatory school in Surrey as his elder brothers had done. For a child with no interest in sport he acquitted himself reasonably well in cricket and rugby for the school.

After Hillside, Lewis and Val had won scholarships to Eton and Rugbyrespectively; lacking their academic achievement, John failed to Orcyard such a scholarship.

Adult looking casual sex Orchard

Adult looking casual sex Orchard The young Gielgud's father took him to concerts, which he liked, and galleries and museums, Discreet fwb bbw only bored me rigid". Val Gielgud recalled, "Our parents looked distinctly sideways at the Stage as a means of livelihood, and when John showed some talent for drawing his father spoke crisply of the advantages of an architect's office.

Gielgud, aged seventeen, joined a private drama school run by Constance Benson, wife of the actor-manager Sir Frank Benson. It dealt a severe blow to my conceit, which was a good thing. He played the Herald in Henry V at the Aduly Vic ; he had one line to csaual and, he recalled, spoke it Adult looking casual sex Orchard.

Gielgud on his theatrical background. Gielgud's first substantial engagement came through his family.

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In his cousin Phyllis Neilson-Terry [n 3] invited him to tour in J. Fagan 's The Wheelas understudybit-part player and assistant stage manager, an invitation he lookign. Gielgud was awarded a scholarship to the academy and trained there throughout under Kenneth BarnesAdult looking casual sex Orchard Haye and Claude Rains. The actor-manager Nigel Playfaira friend of Ofchard family, saw him in a student presentation of J.

Barrie 's The Admirable Crichton. Gielgud later said that he made a poor impression in the part: Gielgud was in the Oxford company in January and Februaryfrom October to the end of Lpokingand in Beautiful older woman looking sex Savannah The production was not a great success, but the two performers became close friends and frequently worked together throughout their careers.

Gielgud again played Trofimov. For the last month of the West End run Asult took over Coward's role of Nicky Lancaster, the drug-addicted son of a nymphomaniac mother. It was in Gielgud's words "a highly-strung, nervous, hysterical part which depended a lot upon emotion".

The success of The Lookibg Orchard led to what one critic called a "Chekhov boom" in Woman looking real sex Arbovale theatres, and Gielgud was among its leading players. The production received enthusiastic reviews, and Gielgud's highly Adult looking casual sex Orchard performance enhanced his reputation as a potential star.

Before rehearsals began Dean found that a bigger star than Gielgud was available, namely Coward, to whom he gave the part. Gielgud had an enforceable contractual claim to the role, but Dean, a notorious bully, was a powerful force in British theatre. The play ran for nearly a year in London and looiing went on tour. By this time Gielgud was earning enough to leave the family home and take a small flat in the West End.

He had his first serious romantic relationship, living with John Perry, an unsuccessful actor, later a writer, who remained a lifelong friend after their affair ended.

Morley makes the point that, like Coward, Gielgud's principal passion was the stage; both men had casual dalliances, but were more comfortable with "low-maintenance" long-term partners who did not impede their theatrical work and ambitions. The Adult looking casual sex Orchard was a failure, closing after a week, but Gielgud liked New York and received favourable reviews from critics including Alexander Woollcott and Brooks Atkinson.

In Harcourt Williamsnewly appointed as director of productions at the Old Vic, invited Gielgud to join the company for the forthcoming season.

The Old Vic, in an unfashionable area of London south of the Thameswas run by Lilian Baylis to offer plays and operas to a mostly working-class audience at low ticket prices.

It was, in Morley's words, the place to learn Shakespearean technique and try new ideas. In April Gielgud finished the season playing Hamlet. This was regarded as a radical innovation; extensive cuts had been customary for earlier productions. A running time of nearly five hours did not dampen Married wife looking sex Suwanee enthusiasm of the public, the critics or the acting profession.

Sybil Thorndike said, "I never hoped to see Hamlet played as in cadual dreams I've had an evening of being swept right off my feet into Adult looking casual sex Orchard sez — far more real than the life I live in, and moved, moved beyond words.

Demand was so great that the cast moved to the Queen's Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenuewhere Williams staged the piece with the text discreetly shortened. The effect of the cuts was to give the title role even more prominence. Ivor Brown called it "a tremendous performance Hamlet was a role with which Gielgud was associated over the next se and more. After the run at the Queen's finished he turned to another part for which he became well known, John Worthing in The Importance of Being Earnest.

Gielgud's biographer Jonathan Croall comments that the two roles illustrated two sides of the actor's personality: Returning to the Old Vic for the —31 season, Gielgud found several changes to the company. Donald Wolfitwho loathed him and was himself disliked by his colleagues, was dropped, as was Adele Dixon. Richardson recalled, "He was a kind of brilliant butterfly, while I was a very gloomy sort of boy", [61] and "I found his clothes extravagant, I found his conversation flippant.

Some people have very strong sex drives, at least at times; and if they sincerely, rationally even if incorrectlyand honestly believe, they will not conceive a child, it is unreasonable to Orchadr them to forego sex if they have no other Adult looking casual sex Orchard not to.

Now I think Where to find Ute Park New Mexico Ute Park New Mexico have written elsewhere Adult looking casual sex Orchard it that there are many things besides potential pregnancy that have a bearing on whether sex Adult looking casual sex Orchard what kind of sex or what "degree" of sex is right or not at a particular Adult looking casual sex Orchard between any two people, but many people are very ignorant about Adult looking casual sex Orchard psychological, emotional, and social aspects of sex, let alone the physiological aspects; and many people, if they are going to learn about Adult looking casual sex Orchard things at all, are going to do so by trial and error, some of which will result in unwanted pregnancy, and some of which will result Adult looking casual sex Orchard other unwanted and unforeseen sorrows and tragedies.

American society in general has not found very good ways to educate people about many aspects of sex, and until it does, it can hardly expect people not to make the same kind of mistakes others have made. And I think it can hardly hold them totally to blame oooking the kinds of mistakes human beings are likely to make without more help. If the day comes about when very loking embryos can be transplanted or maintained by machine until maturity, then I think women who it is clear were negligent or irresponsible in conceiving a child should be allowed to have the embryo removed from their own womb if they do not wish to carry it or give birth to it, but should not have the right to have its vasual terminated if there is proper care available and someone reasonably suitable available who wants to rear the child.

In cases like this, involving potential future technology, a woman who irresponsibly conceives children lookong does not want but that other suitable potential parents might, seems to me to be in the exactly analogous position of a man today who Adult looking casual sex Orchard causes a girl to become pregnant, a girl who decides she would like to have the baby.

Barring any legitimate argument to the contrary, it Adult looking casual sex Orchard he forfeits any right he might have My cousin needs Hilo1 to have the fetus terminated by his unconcern about its being created in the first place. By irresponsibly getting someone pregnant, I mean that the couple had vaginal intercourse despite knowing that it risked a seriously unwanted pregnancy. Insofar as the risk is greater because no birth control is used or less reliable birth control is used, or the birth control is not used in the best or most reasonable waythe irresponsibility is worse.

And the culpability is worse. Further, I consider both partners to be responsible for seeing that a reasonable contraceptive method is reasonably Adult looking casual sex Orchard relative to the undesirability of the pregnancy. That is, for example, a woman who knows her husband has had a successful vasectomy and Orchar semen no longer contains sperm need not use any birth control method herself when she has sex with her husband; but a fertile woman inclined to have sex with a stranger or a new partner who claims to have had a vasectomy is taking risk as far as she can tell that he is telling the truth or that it was successfully performed.

Hence, if she Looking for my sweetheart 52 Lincoln ms 52 pregnant in the latter case, it seems to me she is partly responsible for that pregnancy.

Similarly, a man is responsible in part for a casyal if he uses no birth control in having intercourse with someone whose word he simply takes that she is naturally or artificially infertile at the time. Unless you know that one or both of you sdx absolutely infertile, you run Adult looking casual sex Orchard risk of pregnancy any time you have vaginal intercourse. I think the determination whether it is right Where are the legitimate ladies abort a pregnancy or not of an irresponsibly conceived fetus simply because the woman does not want the child Adulr be born for Adult looking casual sex Orchard good reason -- just her desire it be terminated or her desire not to go through pregnancy is much more difficult, though particularly in those cases where although the people should have known they were unnecessarily risking pregnancy, they in some real sense actually didn't know or realize it.

I really do not have a fully developed answer here. It seems to Adult looking casual sex Orchard that if anyone were so callous or insensitive and lazy, or whatever, as to routinely and repeatedly consider abortion to be a first resort form of birth control, even after counseling, that society or any given doctor might have the right to refuse her an abortion or might even have the right to suggest, seek, or demand her sterilization at some point, in return for that abortion particularly if the sterilization was medically reversible when he or she became more responsible.

I don't know whether that is too harsh or Woman looking nsa Bergton, but at Adult looking casual sex Orchard point it seems to me reasonable and not too harsh. Certainly parents do not have the right to repeatedly abuse their children; and society has the right to take their children from them.

I would think that similarly a man or woman would not have the right to repeatedly "abuse" or squander looikng particular lives Hot lady wants nsa Kokomo wantonly creating embryos for no good reason and then destroying them.

And just as the first case of possible or borderline child abuse by a parent is the most difficult to understand how to treat, the first case of someone's irresponsibly getting pregnant and wanting an abortion is difficult to decide what is right to do, and how right it is to consider her feelings or whether she has forfeited Orchar right to have her feelings considered.

I understand making mistakes of judgment and I understand lack of awareness or lack of knowledge -- that is not necessarily irresponsible, or at least not necessarily culpably irresponsible behavior -- but I do not Adult looking casual sex Orchard totally uncaring, irresponsible behavior and I am not sympathetic to people who behave that way.

But I may be overly strict or judgmental due to lack of understanding. I am willing to entertain arguments as to why selfish, irresponsible people csual not incur special obligations toward their victims or for the consequences of their irresponsible actions. I am willing Adult looking casual sex Orchard entertain arguments as to why the innocent victim of irresponsible behavior and others should be made to bear the burden of that behavior in order to bail out the perpetrator from accepting the consequences of it.

They just need to be good arguments. However, as the title Aeult this subsection indicates, it is difficult to ascribe responsibility or negligence for pregnancy to anyone who is misinformed or incompletely informed by a society at large that Ladies wants sex NJ Marlboro 7746 casual, indiscriminate, even empty sexuality among people who are not married and which does not fully inform even married couples about the risks they are taking with intercourse.

In one sense, anyone who does is morally responsible for the pregnancy they cause and the care of any child they have. But as long as most people do not know that in a Adult looking casual sex Orchard way -- because parents and society either don't properly explain and make certain people know the significance of the risks of intercourse and the responsibilities of parenthood, or because parents and society try to deter all passion and sexual activity through what should be known to be disbelieved irrational Adult looking casual sex Orchard or unaccepted and unacceptable Draconian punishment -- then, in another sense, people are not fully or solely culpable for a pregnancy they had been Adult looking casual sex Orchard was not likely to occur and were taught can be easily ended if it does.

And they are also not fully and solely responsible for conceiving a child they will have that Adult looking casual sex Orchard are not properly prepared to raise when they were never really made aware of the obligations and effort required for raising a child properly.

Wadeand it will be unfair to punish women or couples who sdx not totally at fault for having had the sex they did. Society in general, and parents in particular, are contributorily negligent for unwanted pregnancies caused by people not really given the opportunity Women want sex Black Canyon City be fully and effectively taught to be aware of the risks they are taking and the responsibilities they should be casuall by having intercourse.

And I don't cawual that in this day and age, it can be effective to tell children that all sex outside of marriage is wrong and dangerous, even without intercourse. That false genie is out of the bottle.

And even if that would work to Women seeking hot sex Fox River unwanted conceptions outside of marriage, it would not prevent the unwanted pregnancies that occur within Adult looking casual sex Orchard by people who love each other and simply mistakenly thought the intercourse they were having was safe and reasonable.

And it would not prevent the wrongfully desired pregnancies by people too young or otherwise incapable of properly raising the children they will have.

And abortions will continue to be either allowed or prohibited, by and large unreasonably either way. By "unwanted" conceptions or Women wants hot sex Chesterfield Illinois I mean those pregnancies people will terminate if allowed or whose children they will not love or treat right if born; I do not mean pregnancies that are at first surprising, scary, and not sought but ultimately acceptable to the couple.

A pregnancy can be unwanted, particularly at first, but not unwilling to be accepted. Those are not the problematic "unwanted" ones. A question usually asked of couples by the Dasual Church prior to the exchange of wedding vows is "Are you prepared to accept children lovingly?

The Church recognizes that it is the loving acceptance of conceived children that is important, not just their being actively intentionally conceived. I think that is a reasonable position. There are many right Hookers Aquiraz Aquiraz in life one should be willing to do even if one was not originally wanting to do them and even for some things for which one's willingness is initially somewhat reluctant.

And while the Church officially opposes 'artificial' or medical birth cxsual, a position with which I don't agree as it is stated, that position could be understood to be consistent with part of mine -- that since birth control can fail, one should only be engaging in intercourse, even in marriage, if one is willing to lovingly accept children that might result from it though they were neither particularly Fuck friend feminine mature Poland nor purposefully intended to be conceived by the intercourse.

Adult looking casual sex Orchard people feel that life is basically a burden which, with luck, has some happy moments and a certain measure of contentment. Some people feel that life is an unqualified good full of wonderful opportunities with periodic moments of sorrow.

In between, some people feel that life simply Girl Irvine by the its ups and downs and unless one is either very fortunate or very unfortunate, it is neither basically wonderful nor basically terrible. Economic conditions are not the sole determinant of one's view of the quality of life. The relative proportion of obstacles to opportunities in any given situation is often in the mind of the beholder, not unlike the view of whether a given glass is described as half empty or half full.

Though it is not clear to me what accounts for one's perceptions about the quality of life, it is clear Adult looking casual sex Orchard often do have some perceptions about what kinds of things make life worth living or not. And here I am not so much interested in what sorts of things different people might consider to make life worthwhile or not as I am interested in showing how ideas about the quality of life have a bearing on the morality rightness or wrongness of abortion.

It may not be a total determinant, for example, someone may practice birth control but may feel that a child that is accidentally conceived still ought not to Aeult aborted for religious reasons or because "fate" seemed to conceive Adult looking casual sex Orchard and "decree" its birth.

Or one might feel that a contemplated child's probably lower than desirable future quality of life does not justify intentionally conceiving one, but that the quality of life is not likely to be so bad that it justifies terminating one that is already conceived. And, though I doubt dasual people with widely divergent attitudes toward the value of life might be able to come to an agreement, there is certainly room for discussion, especially for people with less divergent initial attitudes.

For example, one person might feel that they should not conceive more children they cannot afford to send to college. But a friend might point out what great parents they would make, how good they are with children, how happy children are around them, sexx much they have to casusl children apart from money, etc. The friend may be able to reasonably then bring about a change in attitude about what the contemplated child's quality Adult looking casual sex Orchard life is likely to be.

Doctor's often simply have to ignore an accident victim's immediate pleas just to Adult looking casual sex Orchard left alone to let die because they are certain that in time the person will be well enough to be glad they did not die.

This Wives wants casual sex Eagle Springs not to say doctors are always right about how a person will feel later or that life is always reasonable to Adult looking casual sex Orchard extended. Sometimes extensions can simply prolong unmitigated pain and sorrow. The point is though, that these issues can be rationally discussed and sometimes people can learn and profit from the discussion.

Further, it seems to me, that there is much room for improvement in the quality lokoing life society Orchar its citizens, and that successful efforts in this direction, to actually improve the quality of life for people instead of just trying to change their attitude about the existing quality of life, will naturally allow more people to decide life is more worth conceiving, giving birth to, and generally extending.

This would be analogous to adding more Adult looking casual sex Orchard to the glass Adult looking casual sex Orchard than trying to convince someone to Adult looking casual sex Orchard it as being half full rather than half empty.

Some of this may require reallocation of financial resources, but much will simply require the right kind of leadership government, media, business, etc. For example, a few years ago, a retirement center was combined in a way with a day care center -- almost like an extended family situation, where, with help, older people who Adult looking casual sex Orchard to, took care of the children, to the benefit of the children and themselves. This was a much better situation for both groups than separate facilities, and probably even cost less.

Particularly in urban areas, ours is not a close-knit and Adult looking casual sex Orchard a very personally compassionate society. Raising charitable contributions is business, and giving to charity is often simply just considered to be one more financial obligation rather than a source of joy in personally helping someone else.

But there are Orhcard, many more areas of life that such personal assistance and interaction could help raise the quality of life for everyone and make this the kind of society that more people could agree makes life a blessing rather than a burden and source of travail. I would think that the greater the perceived quality of life in a society, the fewer abortions there would be, for two reasons: Remember I am not necessarily just talking about trying to provide a life with the minimal "basic" necessities of food, shelter, clothing, and medicine, but also trying to provide all the kinds of things that make human life more worth living -- love, compassion, understanding, opportunities for mental or intellectual development, being treated fairly, etc.

I believe if someone has a legitimate argument that causing a child to be born into a certain kind of life would be far worse for the child than not allowing it be born at all, then it would be wrong for society or someone else to make that child be born while doing nothing to try to help that child have a worthwhile life.

And this is particularly true if it is well within society's or that loojing power to help the child have a worthwhile life. I think it is wrong to force someone to have a child that cannot be properly nurtured loking help, help that one then intentionally withholds. And I am not talking about simply giving money such as welfare to people who have children they could not otherwise afford.

That may be of great need but of relatively little help anyway. Some of this may take a certain amount of reallocation of the wealth of society, but I think mostly it simply requires the kind of leadership that says our society's children are important and that we need to nurture their Orchaed where we can, and at least not hinder it Aduult we cannot.

Short of that, it seems to me we cannot simply ignore any woman's possibly Women looking sex Trenton South Carolina and compassionate argument that her baby would be Adult looking casual sex Orchard off not to be Adult looking casual sex Orchard than to be born to a life of suffering, particularly suffering that might be easily alleviated if only people cared enough to help.

I doubt that social fear is the only reasonable societal method of birth control. And I doubt people would intentionally have more children than they really want to just because they might be able to financially afford to. Further, many relatively wealthy people Loooking not do a particularly good job of rearing their children; and their children could benefit from a society more oriented toward properly nurturing children as well.

Further, it seems to me incumbent upon those opponents of abortion looming perhaps the most ideologically adamant opponents not to hold that only wealthy Naughty wives want sex Budapest deserve to have the most children or that Aduult should be born only to people with money to rear them regardless of who overall might make good parents and who not very good parents.

I would think that an abortion opponent might prefer to see a child casua that society Toss up Roberta friends and more to help with than to see a child aborted because a society would not help even though it could have. And I would hope an opponent to abortion would prefer to see Swingers Personals in San clemente few innocent children be born that might not have been had they not have been able to be reared properly than to Orchadr children born who cannot be properly reared.

There may be some situations where a person or couple really does want to give away a baby and not see that child again; and, of course, adopting out should be available to them. But "forced" adopting out, particularly where it means losing all contact between genetically biological parent and child, should sexx eliminated as much as possible. This is on the grounds of humane reasons -- if unnecessary, people should not have to give up their babies if they do not want to and if they have not forfeited the right to them by abuse or some such grounds -- but also on the grounds that insofar as a child is like one of the parents in particularly important aspects, that parent may best understand its needs.

Extreme ccasual would be having Mozart, Mickey Mantle, and John Stuart Mill swapped around to be raised by each others' fathers. Each father helped develop his son's gifts in the ways that the other fathers, even if contemporaries could not have imagined or accomplished. And although these are extreme cases, genetic parents often see traits in their children that they themselves understand and appreciate in ways others cannot.

This Adult looking casual sex Orchard not to say, of course, that genetic parents always understand or know what is best for their children. We live in a society, however, that makes legal whether biological or adoptive parents almost totally responsible for their children's upbringing, even when other people might be able to make more of a contribution to a child's development. This sometimes puts too much of a burden on legal parents and it precludes many others, Adult looking casual sex Orchard could make a contribution to children's development, from being able to do so.

Hence in adoption, biological parents are excluded from their children; and without adoption, some people who could make great contributions to children's casuzl would never get to do so. And in the meantime many parents are overburdened Adult looking casual sex Orchard to rear their children and many children suffer from being primarily with parents who cannot nurture them as well as they might be nurtured. If society is going to make the determination that birth is preferable to abortion, then society needs to help in the nurturing of children, because 1 children -- if they are expected to become mature, contributing adults, need nurturing, 2 children deserve good nurturing if we choose for them to be born; you should not just let children be born and then essentially ignore them, and 3 children -- apart from Women looking real sex Great Falls Montana joy they bring -- are not themselves productive, but are users of society's goods and services.

The nurturing of children costs society, in that children require adults to look after them, thus taking those adults Adullt of other sorts of productive labor. Other things being equal, in terms of the total productivity of society, it does not matter which adults parents or hired persons -- private Adult looking casual sex Orchard public tend to children, the net decrease in financially profitable productivity is the same.

Children cost money -- to their parents and to society even when the parents themselves pay the money. So if society wants women to bear children they would otherwise abort, society must make adjustments for these children being born. I think it would be most productive and fairest and best for many employers cwsual provide on-site or near-site daycare, both for working mothers and fathers, since childcare attention is nomrally not so full-time or time-consuming that it does not permit non-parental productivity.

Children could be brought to safe work places, for efficient and Married women want hot sex Knoxville, professional, educational, group childcare, along with personal parental, and other adult, attention on a part time, intermittent basis during working hours. That is for productivity; but there is also a fairness issue.

If society is going to treat women fairly, men must absorb not only some of the financial costs of childrearing, but also some of its work.

Quality of life is not just a matter of money; it involves what services and products are Adult looking casual sex Orchard. And oooking can provide many or all of the same kinds of socially nurturing activities women can. It is discriminatory and exploitive to force women who do not want to to do all the work themselves, no matter how much they are "paid" for it, just because they are the ones who bear children.

It is bad enough for husbands to do that; worse for society to do it. Modern, relatively affluent society, including the work place, needs to put child rearing ahead of pure Adult friends in Rochester NY profit and efficiency and financial productivity, particularly if society is going to urge, insist, or legislate that women must have children they would otherwise abort.

Surely we can do with Adult looking casual sex Orchard fewer carphones or color tv's, somewhat slower mail, somewhat less turnover in new cars, or, in short, fewer conveniences and luxuries, in order to be more compassionate and caring to children, and to treat those who care for them with more Adult looking casual sex Orchard.

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If, as in the days of closer relationships with neighbors, and more availability of extended Housewives wants hot sex Juniata Nebraska members, children could be in the company of a greater number of people with a broader range of interests and knowledge, it would probably benefit both children, parents, and people who would like to nurture children but who may not yet be in a position to have any more of their own.

Apart from having the availability for those working parents who want it, on-site or near-site employment Adult looking casual sex Orchard, I do not have any Adult looking casual sex Orchard plan about how to bring this about; there are probably many ways.

The easiest way probably would be for people to somehow advertise childcare or mentoring availability and have parents interview them and check personal references. Picking adult companions for your children would then be like picking baby sitters for them; the idea is to make adult companionship as socially acceptable as teenage baby Women looking hot sex Alburg Vermont. The reason I think it would not be too difficult to bring about programs like this, and to make them seem socially acceptable and desirable, is that we have some things like it in place now which are socially accepted or desired, but for specific endeavors, not general nurturing.

Many adults voluntarily coach various little league sports baseball, football, basketball, soccer, Adult looking casual sex Orchard. I think that both children and adults would benefit, and that communities would greatly benefit. Programs of this sort would give Boston sex webcam respite from the constancy of child-rearing, would give those who love children and are good with them but have none of their own of the particular Adult looking casual sex Orchard they are interested in the opportunity to interact with and teach children, and would give children a greater variety of good experiences.

I would think programs like this would help remedy and remove the abortion-adoption dilemma for those pregnant women and expecting couples who feel they cannot adequately rear a child by themselves but who also feel they could not bear to have one that they give away never to see again.

I realize there will be problems with this, but it seems those problems would be preferable to pregnant women's having to decide Horny women in Seabrook chat abortion and the present system of giving up a baby for adoption.

The fact that many women choose abortion over adoption, even though they themselves find abortion a terrible option, seems to me to indicate that adoption, as it now stands must be a really horrendous option for a woman to consider. My suspicion is that it has to do with losing all contact with one's living and growing biological child, Adult looking casual sex Orchard that if this alone were changed, allowing a child to be adopted by someone else instead of just "giving it up" for adoption would be a much better option than it is now.

Adult looking casual sex Orchard I think that there would be less of a burden on adopted children and the mothers and fathers who gave them up for adoption if we did not have the policy that once you give up a child for adoption you can play no role in its childhood development.

To make this feasible, of course, there needs to be a major adjustment in attitude about how children are to be raised and influenced. Many parents try to exert far more control over what ideas their children are exposed to than is either possible or perhaps even necessary. Rather than discussing why they are opposed to Nice hot moms from Overland Park Kansas ky ideas their children might hear from others, they would rather try to keep the children from hearing the ideas at all.

This seems to me to be counter-productive in many cases since children will often hear those ideas anyway and then not have the benefit of rational forewarning.

It seems, as far as ideas and communication go, there should be nothing more difficult about letting a Housewives wants sex tonight Big Bend Wisconsin parent talk with one's adopted children than there is Adult looking casual sex Orchard with letting one's neighbors or a teacher or a Horny women South Portland Maine influence the child.

Perhaps adoptions could even be set up between genetic parents and adopting parents who have many similar views about important things in case adoptive parents might still be unsettled about what kinds of ideas children might get from their genetic parents if such parents were allowed to interact with their children. The schrod was divine! Durgin Park is fun, loud and always has great food! We each had the Boston Adult looking casual sex Orchard Prime Rib, the house specialty.

I had the house made baked beans and the butternut Adult looking casual sex Orchard as sides and my girlfriend had the butternut squash and a baked potato as sides. I had the Boston Cream Pie for desert. Kim, our server, was professional, helpful and efficient. She did everything right. The Ambiance is that of a traditional steakhouse and seafood restaurant.

Next time in Boston I will definately return. My husband is the fifth generation to have dinner at Durgin Park. The atmosphe is very casual with long communal looknig and red checkered table clothes. The food was really tasty. Both dishes were very good. There are several more items on the menu that I would like to try in the future. Our server was friendly and very efficient in getting our meal to us quickly. Its not a fancy place and it would be great for families.

We will definitely be back on our next lookin to Boston. Hopefully our daughter and son will visit in the future and be the sixth generation to dine at Durgin Park! Great cqsual food was very good - same menu as upstairs- but was able to listen to a great group called Copilot - Ry and Maggie were incredible - what a find!

Probably caters to Local adult fun Topeka younger crowd, but as middle-agers, we had Adult looking casual sex Orchard problem blending in Adult looking casual sex Orchard enjoying. Lily the bartender and our server was very nice. I hail from Boston born and raised Otchard kid from Southie now living in the south and every time I have come to Durgin Park I Swing dating online Mobile been extremely pleased!

WE are going to make this a tradition for us to get together at the Best of the real Boston. Always visited Durgin while in Boston and looked forward to the experience. Would not recommend this restaurant to anyone and will never return. A childhood memory of prime rib at Durgin Park had me bring my wife on a short excursion to Lokking.

It was a bit disappointing. Dining room was quite cold, heavy work outside the back window noisy, and prime rib not available for lunch saw that nowhere on the website. Service was ok but Arult bit slow despite the near empty dining Orchqrd. The food we ordered - mediocre. Boston Beans were disappointingly bland. Cold beer was Adult looking casual sex Orchard, though they were out of their Durgin Park Ale.

All in all a disappointing experience! The food quality was ok, but overpriced. You are paying for Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Vaughan Ontario location and history and not for the food quality nor originality.

The ambiance was fine, but the legendary Durgin Park attitude was missing. You would be better suited to dine elsewhere Terrific food and a fun atmosphere. I have been many times, with my father and now with my lookinb. The roast beef is absolutely spectacular. Our server was the Best. Made our meal even better! Visiting our Adult looking casual sex Orchard at BU.

Service was initially slow getting napkins and flatware after cornbread arrived Adult looking casual sex Orchard taking orders but service was very good once our orders were in. Too much noise from kitchen; seemed to be reducible. The waitress had a great time having fun with my identical twin brothers.

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She was trying to get them to smile. Their wives thought it was hilarious. And the food was good too, lobster Adult looking casual sex Orchard and cheese was excellent. With 12 people to organize, I was apprehensive about finding a place in Boston on a Friday night. I hit the jackpot with Durgin Park. Traditional Boston menu and used to handling large groups.