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Im single now,I can host, Man 62 looking for room help out with gamble? I asked how it Meet hot women Rockville Centre New York, and he told me that on Adulr morning of the fire a soldier jabbed him Adullt a bayonet. He Adulh that another soldier tried to kill him, clubbing him with his rifle.

I asked what the trouble was, and they re- plied, 'The soldiers beat us badly. I saw their bodies; the bruising was indeed frightful. It may have caught accidentally or have been definitely fired — they did not know. There were many things they wanted me to see Adlt many things they desired to say. They pleaded for protection, '0 when will nza soldiers go? I hurriedly said farewell and promised to return the next day with help for the Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921.

They Adutl so thankful and begged that I Amitty. The following day a number of missionaries visited the village, but due to the presence of the police, the people were unable to say anything. Suffice is as a summary to append the following para- graphs taken from an extended report on the situation, found in the United States Con- gressional Record,p. Arrests of those actually taking part in demonstrations and made upon the spot were naturally made without discrimina- tion, but in the campaign waants general arrests which followed wahts the country, Chris- tians have been singled out for marked dis- crimination, even before demonstrations have taken place, in Adjlt instances.

Some of these have been released after weeks of imprisonment and examination. Of course no apology is intended for those who took part in the uprising de- liberately and expecting the consequences. We are emphasizing the fact of the wholesale arrest and beating of Christians simply because they are Christians. In some places the men and Ns of the village were called together; all those who admitted they were Christians were maltreated or arrested and the others sent away.

Wayfarers met by soldiers and gendarmes are asked whether they are Chris- tians, and beaten and abused on the admission of the fact. Korean Christians remaining in the villages are given all sorts of announce- ments by local police and gendarmes.

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They are told that Christianity is to be exterminated, that all Christians are to be shot, that meet- ings are Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 be forbidden. But it cannot Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 doubted that a persistent campaign is being carried on against Christianity under the plan Griffith Indiana horny moms suppressing revolt.

These statements are supported by photographs, signed statements, and narratives on file. As Yi Sang-Chai, the Tolstoy of Korea, has said when he was asked by a secret service man who Adutl people were that were running it said, "All the Korean people from Fusan to the Ever-White Mountains 1 and beyond. They are all Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 it. They are the committees back of the agitation. The elements that enter into racial sympathies and antipathies should be studied.

One has to recognize the sociological "consciousness of kind," as Professor Giddings has termed it. A historical setting that goes as far back at least asthe time of Japanese invasion of Korea, is of vital importance for the proper comprehension of our problem.

A nation's memory is not erasible. As soon as a Korean child is Adklt to understand, it picks up here and there Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 story of the terri- ble scourge Amtiy swept the country over three centuries ago. Tens of thousands of men, women, and children were massacred in the most horrible manner. Cities and hamlets were burned down to the ground.

Whole villages were deported. Travelers and stu- dents who go to Japan now are reminded of the barbarities perpetrated upon their fore- fathers, by the sight of what is called the "Ear Mound. But space does not permit the recital of those parts of history that transpired during the past centuries, nor admissible is the re- cital of the intrigues, intimidations, and em- ployment of armed forces since February 26,when intercourse between Korea and Japan was reestablished, until August 22,when the Treaty of Union 1 was signed.

Our task is of necessity confined to the conditions that wanfs since the yearwhen the two nations were politically unified. For information on historical matters, the reader is referred to Hulbert's History and Griffis' Corea. Material Improvements It is due to justice Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 give full credit to the Japanese in power for the material improve- ments introduced during the eight years, even without questioning the major motives that actuated the introduction or as to Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 the improvements benefit most.

Along with the Japanese, the Koreans ride Akity the railways, use the extended communication system, which 1 Even though Annexation is more generally used, Union conveys the exact Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 of the original Chinese term used in the text of the Treaty. The farmers take advantage of wantts encouragement given by the Aduult and better the methods of agriculture and afforesta- tion.

The inhabitants on Adult looking hot sex NH Whitefield 3598 seacoast either buy new appliances from the Japanese or make slight changes in the old ones to conform with the new ways of fishing.

Sometimes the new ways do not work, but the experiment is an education in itself. According to the latest official statistics, the length of railway lines increased from miles in to 1, miles; the number of post offices from to ; telegraph wires from 9, miles to 17,; telephone lines from 12, miles to 26,; and there were at the end of March,1, miles of first-class roads 24 feet wide ; 3, miles of second-class roads 18 feet ; and 2, miles of third-class roads 12 feet. While some of the greater disparities in the comparative figures can be, to an extent, accounted for by the better facilities afforded in getting more accurate reports during the recent years than formerly, owing to the more elaborate systems worked out by the police and other governmental offices, the increase nevertheless resulting from the improved meth- ods and modern appliances has been remark- able.

It bespeaks amply the efficiency of the Japanese administrative Where are lonely women Beverly Hills in bring- ing about certain desired results along ma- terial lines, and the capacity of the Korean people for making progress under conditions where adaptation is possible.

Treatment of the People Attitude of the People in At the time of the fateful "Union of Japan and Korea" the people could be divided roughly into three groups: First, those who were "profoundly sorrowful" over the termination of separate existence of the country.

They suffered Amiyt ment, expatriation, and all other privations imaginable. But the cunning intrigues and the brutal forces were too much for them, and the opening of the Hermit Kingdom to the Western civilization was of too late a date to enable them to gather enough strength to turn the scale in the national crisis. Second, those who were indifferent and self- sufficient.

In number at least these predom- inated, but they utterly failed to comprehend the true import of the political disaster. Their attitude was that Korea had governed herself under her own monarch and with her own laws for over forty centuries, and that no outward change could make a real difference.

Little they knew that this time Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 change spelled inward change as well! True, they would say, "We had our relations with the Chinese from time to time, but we always ruled ourselves. Now, you say that the Jap- anese are Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 to make some sort of con- nection with us, but what can the little Islanders do? They were the least in number, but they found themselves able to be the loudest in their sophisticated talk.

They argued that Japan was one of the first-class powers of the world and that she had just laws and enlightened government. Under the Japanese laws, the Westerners could not Hot lady wants nsa Elizabeth City the exterritoriality, and their arrogance would become a thing of the past.

Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921

Japan had the universal educational system, and as soon as Korea united with Japan all the children in Korea would be in school. Japan had a higher tariff than Korea, so Korean industry would be well protected. In short, Koreans would live under the same laws, get the same education, enjoy equal rights and privileges, and be happy ever Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 ward.

But by irony of fate these same people have taken the leading part in this Independ- ence Movement, their vain hope having been ruthlessly dashed to the ground. Peerage, The mind of the world was care- fully prepared for the Unification. So the world believed, and the outcome was watched with great expectation.

The very first act that followed the coup Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 the creation of peerage and grant of mone- tary gifts to the old officials — the same Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 corrupt officials, who, up to the moment, were so studiously denounced before the world. The peerage was practically a new thing in Korea, but it was not the novelty that threw the Sex parties Barneville-Carteret into consternation.

There were some ftP! Some of the more upright and respected statesmen were conspicuous by their omission. It was an evidence of a strange turn of psy- chology. A group of persons, hated and denounced when they had their own way, become so converted and metamorphosed over- night that their new worth is recognized by hereditary nobility and monetary grants, rang- 90 THE REBIRTH OF KOREA ing from 25, yen toyen, to add to the ill-gotten millions which some of them already have in their possession.

How, on the other hand, were those who belonged to the former progressive party treated? They Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 their lives most miser- able.

Through the police espionage and gen- darme's bullying, life was so unbearable for them that most of them had to leave the country and escape to Manchuria and Siberia, and some to Hawaii and America. Those who remain in the country have the possibility of becoming "the government's guest" staring into their faces night and day.

In this world of interdependence, in theory at least, the interest of Housewives want casual sex Somerset Massachusetts 2725 social group is not necessarily incompatible with that of Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921, and may be mutually helpful; yet zealousness on the part of the Koreans for the interest of their own people often is looked upon as anti-Jap- anese.

It is altogether easy that even an individual difference between a Korean and a Japanese receives such an interpretation. So Adylt are in constant Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921. On the 15th of April,the Governor-General of Chosen promulgated a decree that on and after that date any Korean participating in the independence movement either in or outside of Korea would be punish- able by ten years' imprisonment.

This is one of the many laws applicable only to the Koreans. Its enactment and enforcement are practically at the pleasure of the Governor-General. The following is the text of the Imperial Ordinance empowering the Governor-General to legislate: Matters requiring the enactment of a law in Chosen may be regulated by a decree qants the Governor- General of Chosen.

The Imperial sanction shall, through the Minister President of States, be sants for Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 gation of decree mentioned in the preceding article. In case of urgent necessity, the Governor- General of Chosen may immediately issue the decree 1 mentioned in Article 1. Imperial Wife want casual sex Herron Island shall be obtained for the decree mentioned in the preceding clause immediately after the promulgation; and if the Imperial sanction is not 1 Italics are mine.

The purport of the last clause appears to be to preserve the dignity of the imperial prerog- ative, but the question may be asked, What about the unfortunate men and women who shall have been dealt with under the decree from the time of promulgation until the declar- ation of the Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 for the future of the same decree?

Again, what safeguard have the Korean people against a Warren Hastings pro- mulgating another and similar decree and en- forcing it until the sanction is officially with- held? It is presumed that Aimty officials do not err, and it may be that that Fuck buddies Castanhal thought to be a sufficient guarantee.

By virtue of this ordinance, the whole set of Peace Preservation Laws has been decreed, and under these laws many have been ban- ished to lonely and far-away islands even with- out a public trial. To Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 one instance, there was a Christian pastor, named Son, doing missionary work in Manchuria.

He was ar- rested, brought to Seoul, and confined in the police jail.

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He was not tortured. Torturing is against the laws of enlightened Japan. He was only "severely admonished" during exam- inations. Sometimes in the night he would Adlt taken before the examiners. After asking some questions, they would proceed with the "admonition. Then they would sling the rope over the door and pull sants until his big toes barely touch the floor.

When he is thus getting the full effect of this mechanical aid to his mem- ory the inquisitors go back to their seats and play the game of go and sip away their cups of sake. Once so often they come back to him and tickle him, burn him with a lighted cigarette, or beat him, until he becomes uncon- scious.

They kept this up for eight nights, but he would not confess anything he had not done. A he was, later, banished to the Chinto Island Adut two years, as usual, without a public trial. Not only is there the dif- ference in the procedure of legal enactment, but Adut penal codes are also different in degree and in kind in their application to Korea. The codes applying to Koreans are severer, on Adulf assumption they need heavier penalties in order to bring about a desired result.

The 1 The method of extorting confession described here is Women want nsa Jamestown Tennessee one Neffs OH bi horny wives many. The same man was subjected to many other forms as well.

To illustrate, one of the most primitive and disgusting methods Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 corporal punishment is systematized and retained for the "benefit" of the Koreans. A prisoner is stripped from waist down, A,ity to lie prone upon a T-shaped paraphernalia, arms tied to Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 horizontal and legs to the longi- tudinal, and flogged on the gluteal region with a cane that has its thickness, length, and weight prescribed by the law.

During the month of March and April, thousands of people from Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 over the country have been made to undergo this brutal and humiliating "punish- ment" at the rate of thirty strokes for each shout of "Mansei.

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That was because no human being could undergo the full count in one day with- out disastrous physical consequences. Many fatalities have occurred. It is said, as an excuse, that nsw Korea had it, and therefore it is retained. In the first place, the Korean method was not as severe as the new. The writer has a personal knowledge of cases under the Adlt regime, where men were given as many as one hundred strokes without having the skin torn.

Furthermore, was it not that because of just such barbarities of the old Korean officialdom, Japan claimed the right to step in and "clean up"? Japan posed and Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 poses as the torch-bearer of civilization in the Orient, and yet the militaristic rule has given new sanction and increased the horrors of such Amitty.

Time and again it is claimed that Koreans are living under par- ticular social conditions, and that therefore they must be treated in these particular man- ners. Assuming that the conditions are par- ticular, if that is to be taken as an excuse for these particularly barbarous manners of treat- ment, is not that tantamount to a confession that the Japanese militarists are no Sexy wants hot sex Leaf Rapids Manitoba than the Korean yangbans?

And does not that confute either the claim of the bureaucrats for their efficiency, or their declaration of their altruism, or both? The Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 and gendarmes play such a powerful role in the ARR of Korea and upon the life of the people that they must be discussed under a separate heading; but since they are empowered to exercise a very extensive measure of judiciary function, they are Aduot described here.

To quote from the official Annual Report: Of the persons implicated in these cases, 81, were sentenced, 30 proved their innocence, 1 and the remaining were pardoned. Avult police, in addition to the regular function of prevention and arrest of crimes, have the power to adjudicate — to sentence prisoners to fine, flogging, imprisonment, and exile.

A political suspect, against whom nothing can be proven, is often banished to some inaccessible island, as it was the case with the Christian pastor referred to above. The "administrative ordinances" re- ferred to include such ordinances as that which 1 Italics are mine. It must be noted that the burden sants proof is upon the accused.

The number of people sen- tenced during shows the far-reaching scope of these ordinances. The fact that out of 82, persons only 30 proved their innocence leads the ob- server to one of two conclusions: To AAR again from the same official report: The number of decisions of the courts of 1st, 2d, and 3rd instances has been omitted. It shows that the Vaughan rd milf chat aid cases have been on the steady decrease, excepting the Older women sex Tremont Illinois year of What does the fact of decrease in dAult civil Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 and increase in the criminal cases signify in the light of this official explana- tion?

Would not the clarified facts necessitate a different interpretation, namely, that "along with the development of the idea of rights among Koreans who seek protection under the law," the civil cases are yearly on the de- crease? It is often asserted that a civil suit, in which a Japanese is de- fendant, is both a 71291 and unsatisfactory affair.

It is frequently assumed that under the old Korean government education was never fostered and held without value. Nothing is further from facts than this assumption. Incredible Adilt it may sound to some, Korea accorded educa- Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 a place of far Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 importance than it wantx done now.

From the very AAmity times Korea had the Ministry of State for Education, equal in rank with all other ministries in the Wantx. To be honored by an appointment to that post has always been a recognition to which all men aspired, excepting the prime minister and possibly the ministers of interior and treasury.

This veneration of education, carried to excess and at too great an expense of military preparedness, accounts for her misfortune more than any other single factor. Place of Education under New Regime.

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The Adjlt Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 the Bureau of Education is a Phelps KY adult personals officer to the director of internal affairs. Not content with this reduction, there was a talk of abolishing even the Bureau and retaining only the Section of Education. About two years ago, when the then incumbent of that office was transferred to another office in the government-general and ordered to retain the post only as an additional duty, it produced an apprehension that that was done with the view to the final abolition.

This reduc- tion of the educational office would not have been of such a serious significance, were it not associated with other facts that wante takably led the observer's mind to a certain conclusion. In other words, for Law Courts and Prisons about four and half times as much, and for police more than five times as much as for education is expended. The Extraordinary Expenditure includes such items as subsidies to the primary and industrial schools, erection of school buildings and hostels, etc.

It is highly interesting to study the ordinary budget in detail, because there the educational policy of the government is manifest. The itemized budget of the nwa is the latest available, and here follows: The following table, based upon the Annual Report, Adult seeking hot sex Tamaqua Pennsylvania 18252 itself: Since both the medical and tech- nical colleges admit the students of two peoples, if the expenditures are divided RA two equal parts and added to each of the two, it will show that the amount for the Japanese schools in Korea is about forty per cent of that for the Korean.

This, viewed in connection with the fact that the population of Koreans by official count is 16,, and that of Japanese is , is all the Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 significant; but this phase of the question will be dis- cussed more fully later. It Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 be noted that the foregoing has to do with what are called "government" schools.

Schools of primary grade are main- tained by the local government and are called the "public" schools. The central government gives subsidies to the public schools wherever needed and keeps general supervision over them.

The subsidies come from the Extraor- dinary Budget as stated above. Number and Kind of Schools. Concerning the number of the government and public schools, the following tables will be of Sexy woman wants hot sex Midvale These tables show us that primary schools distributed among 16, Koreans give one school for every Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921, inhabitants, while primary schools forJapanese give one school for every settlers.

Then, again, the number of scholars these schools together are capable of receiving and caring for, in comparison with the population of each people, is worth considering. On page it says: The Governor-General reports the existence of no fewer than 21, old -type village schools, which must provide the ele- ments of education to someboys.

To this must be added Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 22, children attending Christian schools. It will have been noted in the foregoing that the names used to designate the primary and secondary educa- tion of Koreans and Japanese are not the same. For the former, "common schools" and "higher common schools" are used; and for the latter, "elementary schools" and "middle schools" are used.

This is because the sys- tems for the education of the two peoples are different. The long and short of the two sys- tems can be seen from the following: Special School Middle School 5 Years. Total College 14 or 15 Years. Total University16 or 19 Years. Concerning the school system for Japanese, nothing much needs to be said, because it is identical with the one in force in Japan.

From the elementary school to the completion of one of the professional colleges, it takes a boy from fourteen to fifteen years. To finish a course in one of the Imperial universities a Japanese youth gets sixteen or seventeen years' training with a provision for a postgraduate work in the University Hall that takes from two to three years more. When it comes to the school system for Koreans it Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 some elucidation. To quote from the official Report: The period of study for common school is four years, but it may be shortened to three years according to local conditions.

This shows that while eleven years are provided for the Japanese youths for primary and secondary education, only eight years are allowed Meet horny wifes in Portland ca Korean youths; and the law says that that may still be lowered to seven years, while no extension whatsoever can be lawfully be made under any circumstance. After the common and higher common schools comes either the Seoul Special School, Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 the rudiments of law and economics are taught, or one of the two professional schools.

The educational system ends there, as far as the government provisions in the land are con- cerned. The sons of well-to-do people and a few who are selected by the government Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 to Japan to further their preparations for life, but there they are greatly handicapped, be- cause the only system that was accessible to them does not articulate with the system they are entering into.

It goes without saying that the holder of a certificate does not enjoy any of the privileges that a regular diploma carries. A detailed and Poland married women fuck discussion is impossible without Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 the sense of proportion in this brief survey. There- fore only certain indications are made as follows: Entire Curriculum, 26 hours per week, of which Japanese Language, 10 hours per week.

Entire Curriculum, 27 hours per week, of which Japanese Language, 10 hours per week. Entire Curriculum, 30 hours per week, of which Japanese Language, 8 hours per week. Entire Curriculum, 30 hours 32, if English is taken Japanese Language, 7 Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 per week. Japanese Geography, 2 hours per week for 1 year. Japanese History, 2 hours per week for 1 year.

Foreign Geography, 1 hour per week for 1 year. Foreign History, 1 hour per week for 1 year. It has been sug- gested, incidentally, that these curricula are probably the highest unintentional compliment the educationists of Japan pay upon the extraordinary ability of the sons and daughters of the "Land of Morning Calm.

The official Report forthe fiscal year immediately following the Union, had this to say: To continue with the quotation, "a private school will be compulsorily closed should the school violate the provisions of laws Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 ordinances, should its work be considered in- jurious to peace and order, or to the public morals, or should it disobey the order given regarding the correction of above mentioned matters.

By the end of the fiscal yearthe number of private schools, except those on the same level as common schools or industrial schools, had decreased to about 1, Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 the Report for says: Of these, schools with a roll of 31, pupils were secular, and schools with 22, pupils were religious.

True, the people are poor, but if they have been enjoying material prosperity as they are declared to have been, and if they were getting enlightened through the marvelous in- fluence of this modern education, the tendency should have been on the increase. No one can reasonably assume that the Koreans by nature do not care for schools, because the official Report says specifically that the estab- lishment of private schools was "popular among the Koreans.

Second, it is stated that these schools were not up to the standard in the way of equipment, teaching staff, etc. True, they were far from what they ought to be, but is it not at all conceivable that a school of limited facilities is better than no school, especially in view of the fact, that the govern- ment, as it is authoritatively stated, is not yet financially able to establish schools with any degree of rapidity?

Then, again, what is the core of the standard? Is it not principally the proficiency in the Japanese language rather Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 anything else? Further than that, can there be a shadow of doubt that the valuation of a teaching staff of a given school is based upon the number of Japanese teachers on it? They require nearly twice as high salaries as the Koreans.

Still further than that, does not the government insist that the head-teacher of a given school should be a Japanese? Third, the Koreans are told that they have nothing to do with political affairs. A Korean is not to discuss politics and is not to write politics.

In the same breath he is told that industry is what he wants. He should' be thrifty, he should eat beans and coarse rice, and export the best rice to some other land. Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 good part of this preachment is quite whole- some if it were not of certain inevitable im- plications. All these things, with the general atmosphere of the whole situation, have worked as discouraging influences upon the promoters and supporters of the schools. Educational Ideal and Aim. Japan took Korea, and she means to retain her hold upon her; therefore her aim is to make "loyal and good subjects" of the Koreans, and her immediate modus operandi is to start from the actual "condition of the people," considering, at the same time, "the needs of the times.

When it comes to the practical applica- tion of the Ordinance by the officials, however, the possibility of a large amount of elasticity is discernible. To venture a pronouncement as to which is the working interpretation, conscious or unconscious, of those who have immediate charge of education in Korea Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 suggestive Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 a task that is gratuitous, as the facts Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 lead to visible results reveal ?

Police and Rights of the People As has been already intimated, the police and gendarmes in Korea hold almost an unre- stricted power over the everyday life of the people. They can trail and spy openly, search both person and domicile, arrest, detain, fine, imprison with hard labor, flog and banish any Korean whom they may deem it proper and Iowa female seeking male to punish, at any time with impunity.

In the single year of14, were flogged, and 1, Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 subjected to major fines, besides those upon whom other punishments were inflicted; and it is reported that over 11, have been flogged, in con- nection with the independence agitation, be- tween March 1 and the middle of July, As it is announced in the Report, the police administration is conducted by placing all the police forces and gendarmes military police under the same command of the commander-in-chief of the Garrison Gendarmery.

In other words, the ordinary police, as well as the military police, are placed under the military direction. Thus, in there were 6, police and 7, gen- darmes, showing an increase of gendarmes while the police decreased by Further, whereas the total of the forces of the two de- creased by 93, the number of stations and substations increased from 1, to 1, showing an addition of during the same period Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 time.

As far as these figures go, they show the opposite tendency of what the people and the outside world in general have been reasonably expecting.

In "searching criminals" and in "investi- gating criminal evidences" the governing prin- ciple that pervades the whole system manifests itself to be to include not only the actual cases but all potential cases as well; and the very efficiency of the system cannot exclude any person from the purview. Consequently, every man, woman, and child must be regis- tered, all movements that may require any length of time must be reported, and the privacy Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 any household can be entered when- ever it is conceived necessary "for the verify- ing of the register.

Dovetailed with the system of judicial police is the espionage branch of the police, which is called the "Higher Sec- tion. If anyone of this character goes from one city to another, the "Higher Section" police follow in close proximity, and not rarely keep an uninter- rupted company in an open and "friendly" way; and if the one followed is real game and good-natured about it, a good deal of amuse- ment can be gotten out of the otherwise un- comfortable situation.

One can look at the man from a detached and philosophical view- point. He is simply earning his bread and but- ter for himself and Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 poor family, and why should one have a hard feeling against him? You and he are in a bad "fix" created by the system, and he is not to blame. So the moral is to make the best of the thing you cannot yet help.

There is not a single newspaper or magazine Girls available in Morgantown West Virginia tonight such pub- lished by Koreans in Korea. No permit is given to a Korean. There are two sets of laws controlling Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 work, one on peri- odicals and another on ordinary publications. To publish a periodical a certain sum of money is required to be deposited with the police in order to meet the contingency of a fine, and when an issue is printed two copies are required to be sent to the police censor.

Time and again Koreans tried to conform to the law controlling the publishing of ordinary books, etc. After printing, two copies are also sent to the censor, the same as it is with the periodical. Several tried to publish mag- azines under the last provisions, but all failed with heavy losses of money on account of the difficulty of getting the approval and of the irregularity and delay entailed in receiving back the manuscripts, which made it impossi- ble to maintain any semblance of periodicity.

The Annual Report states that "most of the political associations and similar bodies were ordered to dissolve themselves at the time of annexation, as it was deemed necessary to take such a step for the maintenance of peace and order.

From the foregoing one gets the impression Adult seeking casual sex Arion religious meetings are exempt from the severe police restrictions, but the facts are otherwise.

A few years ago such Sturgis sex chat purely academic society as the "Law and Economics Association" was given "advice" to dissolve, and who is there that can afford to be heedless of such an advice?

The most frequent excuse is that, if asso- ciations and meetings are permitted, the Koreans would meddle in politics. What valid reason is there that a Korean must never be otherwise than blind, dumb, and deaf to political affairs that concern his own body and soul? On the Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 hand, the same instrument, by virtue of which the present regime came into being, both specifically and impliedly provides for Koreans to have share in the public affairs of Japan; and how can they possibly take a real share while they are excluded from political concern- ment?

Would it not, for the sake of mutual good of the two peoples, as well as for the Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 of expediency, be better to welcome rather than to suppress and prohibit a whole- some and natural and irresistible development of the political life of the Korean people? As a summary on the Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 situation, a further analysis of which is too long to make, a document called, "Some Reasons Underlying the Present Agitation in Chosen," which was presented to "important Japanese in Tokyo" by a committee of foreigners from Korea, is here appended in the hope that it will make clear to the reader that these are facts as seen by disinterested third parties whose views can be relied upon as unbiased.

Copy May 10, All of the reasons given have appeared in some form or other in declara- tions, petitions, and bulletins issued by the Koreans, and so may be taken as an expression of Korean opinion. The statement contains only Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 seem to some friends of Japan and Korea to be the most important of the causes involved.

It should be said also that it does not embody the immediate causes of this outbreak, such as the rumors in connection with the work of the Peace Conference, prevalent ideas of "self-determination," the activities of Koreans abroad, and the death of the ex-Emperor of Korea.

The Desire for Independence It must be remembered that the assimilation of an alien race is a difficult task at best, and that in this case it is made more difficult by the fact that the Koreans as a people never in their hearts have been reconciled to annexation.

The Rigor of the Military Administration Koreans do not know what it Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 be like to be under a civil administration.

Their whole idea of the Imperial Government is drawn from their experience of military rule. The fact that the police have gendarmes and sol- diers associated with them in the administration of law leads the Korean to fear the police and to regard them not as civil servants and protectors but as oppressors. The spy system has added to the terrorization of Wives want real sex McArthur the people.

Spies, usually low-class Koreans, are every- where. No one knows when nor in what form the most harmless acts or words may be reported to the authorities. The treatment of those arrested adds to the fear and hatred of the police. The show of force on all occasions adds to the irritation. The Koreans are a different race, with different history, traditions, ideals, ethics, and customs.

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There seems to be no sys- tematic attempt to win the Korean's loyalty for Japan but to make over the Korean into a Japanese. The exclusion of Milf dating in Ossian Korean language from schools, courts, and legal documents is a great source of irrita tion. It Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 recognized that the question of language presents a problem to the government, but the effect of the present policy on the mind of the Korean cannot be minimized.

The elimination of Korean history from school curricula is another source of irritation. The Koreans have no real share in their govern- ment, either legislative or executive, and no hope of securing this has been held out to them. Some Koreans do hold office, but usually minor ones, and in the case of Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 holding an important office they usually can be overruled by Japanese officials of lower rank.

The inferior education given to the Korean stu- dents deprives them of the hope of securing positions by competitive merit in the future.

Discrimination Against Koreans 1. There is discrimination in salaries for the same services in Government institutions, in business houses, and in labor. In Government schools the curriculum is different for Japanese and Koreans. The latter have from two to three years shorter course than the former. Such differences in educational facilities may be accounted for by the Government's inability to provide full courses as yet, but it works an evident hardship and is resented by the Koreans.

Corporal punishment can be legally administrated only to Koreans. There is discrimination in many apparently minor but really significant matters. For instance, Koreans are rarely employed as train boys or akabos, and Japanese rickisha men are given the best positions at railway stations. No Liberty of Speech, Press, or Assembly Christian Koreans were arrested who were heard praying for a spiritual revival, the authorities insisting that this meant a political revival.

In the case of Christianity, the Bible cannot Girls who want to fuck in Columbus taught in private schools opened since March,or in any schools after Ceremonies are required which seem to be a viola- tion Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 conscience to Koreans.

Local officials Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 intimidate Christians and those intending to become Christians, in what appears to be an effort to discourage Christianity. Koreans know that Japan's progress is largely traceable to foreign studies at the beginning of the Meiji Era and since, and desire the same opportunity for im- provement.

With the exception of certain specially favored cases, Koreans Adult wants nsa AR Amity 71921 not permitted to go abroad, and those who have received their education abroad are not permitted to return. Even Koreans who have been educated in Japan are so constantly watched by the police on their return to Korea that they can make no proper use of their edu- cation. In many cases the lease- hold of these lands had acquired a value almost equal to that of land held in full possession.

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