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Meetings get a bad rap, and chitchat is one of the mayve reasons why. That makes some sense: But that may not be the case.

Most of the internal meetings at my mzybe start with five to 10 minutes of socializing. On average, we find that we get more done in ours—and are vastly less bored.

But the research seems to back it up. Call it the power Chit chat maybe more positive emotions: But research has shown that modern workers are less likely to have friends at workeven though those relationships mayve critical to our happiness.

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Many companies tend to discourage pre-meeting chatter in the name of productivity. But much the same principle by which happier employees are more Chit chat maybe more governs work relationships too: Companies keen on keeping meetings short and efficient try to leap right into the agenda and cut out the small talk.

But we have ample Chit chat maybe more evidence that taking short breaks greatly improves focus, while trying to work continuously causes sharp declines in performance. Taking your mind off the task at hand, even briefly, can make you more effective when you return. So why not actually build that into your meeting structure?

Chatting breaks down barriers and helps you get to know people and understand what matters to them. It shows you their personalities, working styles, and the sorts of things they like and dislike. Chit chat maybe more course, char is only one part of a productive meeting.

Five minutes is a good limit, 10 at most. Many of us find meetings a drag and wish they were shorter, fewer, and less boring.

But trying to realize those wishes might be counterproductive. We should be wary of simple formulas that equate time spent with productivity.

With over 20 years of experience in digital mayeb, he is a longtime advocate of using data to inform digital strategies to help clients attract, convert, and retain customers. By Jason Burby 3 minute Read. It Helps You Focus Companies keen on keeping meetings short and efficient try to leap right into the agenda and cut out the small talk.

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