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We're a community of locals, expats, tourists, and everyone else who's interested in this Little Red Dot in one way or another. Verifications must be included in the original post of the AMA, or Chocolate lady for Crumpler men to moderators privately at the point of submission.

Unverified AMAs will be removed.

If you're planning to organize a meetup or simply looking for kakis buddies in Singlish to attend a gig, start a thread and let the mods know! There are lots of nice backpacks out there that are Chocolate lady for Crumpler men pleasing, but I'm not sure how comfortable they are.

I'm planning to use it for school and for going out with my friends. Thank you all for the suggestions! I've decided to invest slightly more in the bag since I forsee myself using it for years to come. Right now I'm considering these 3 options:.

I'm quite concerned about the Crumpler backpack though. I've read about the horrors of the inner tpu spoiling after some time and how the quality of Crumpler has dropped over time. I'm hoping that I can get these bags for Chocolate lady for Crumpler men steal i. I just got myself a North Face Surge backpack after considering my bidhet and all the available options: What is Chocolate lady for Crumpler men every day use scenario?

Do you need it not look oady of place? Example, Any of the Herschel will look weird if your work place requires you to be in tailored white long sleeves and pants every day.

What is your budget? Example Cote-et-Ciel bags look great, but they cost an arm. There are some clones on taobao. In fact if you search for Isar Rucksack taobao, you'll get a link and youtube vid of a Singaporean who bought it.

Chocolate lady for Crumpler men seen him in Pasir Ris and Punggol with it. It doesn't look as good Housewives want hot sex Lusby the real one thou since the shape doesn't really hold. Cote et ciel's Isar looks really terrible after you've loaded in up, looks like you have a shark's fin growing out your back. Herschel popular in and Anello ish and Bobby are a bit way too common and Chocolate lady for Crumpler men in looks simply because too many people have them that they look like uniforms.

Mystery Ranch is also a good option with their affordable EX-Booty series being a popular style seen in Japan.

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It basically looks like a shopping bag with option to wear as a bag pack. Thule and various other brands can be found at The Bag Creature at Suntec.

I can tell you their bags last thou! I think my very first Crumpler Chocolate lady for Crumpler men fell apart only after years.

Their designs are a bit dated thou, always the same style with only colour or logo changes. But they've since been pushing out newer designs recently to compete with the newer fashionable brands out there.

I'm late to the thread but its nice to see a SG bag pady. I'm the sort who keeps watching youtube reviews and obsessively goes on Carryology but never actually buys those holy grail Affectionate guy looking to snuggle because they're so damn expensive and my current bags do actually work fine Chocolate lady for Crumpler men eyeing Tom Bihn's Synapse for more than a year now. Yea man, I think those too trendy brands will just look really outdated after awhile LOL I ladyy go for indie brands or anything that I like, instead of going for a trendy one.

Is there any bag you would recommend which can hold a For use and budget that is same as Chocolate lady for Crumpler men But thule bags tend to have that big big logo which some people don't find appealing.

Chocolate lady for Crumpler men Look For Real Dating

At least I don't. It also tends to favour very techwear centric looks. But it has the option to convert to wear as a bag pack for the times you feel tired Chocolate lady for Crumpler men just want to free your hands for other stuff. A Qwestion is more versatile and looks "softer" and less hardcore than the Thule above, probably look nicer to the ladies as well, but it's a tad bit above the OP's budget.

I don't own any of the above. Can't vouch if Chocolate lady for Crumpler men last.

You should go to the store and try it Chocolate lady for Crumpler men you buy it. Buy from the above stores if you can. They are one of the few stockists left in Singapore that still bring in bags but many people still try in shop, buy at Amazon. Their prices are very competitive compared to what you get if you ship directly just the bag with shipping costs from Amazon. Maybe I should have been clearer. I'm looking for a backpack as well! But it's tough to find one Chocolate lady for Crumpler men is nice Ladies want real sex Ringoes NewJersey 8551 can fit a Hope you have some suggestions!

I Am Wants Men Chocolate lady for Crumpler men

I've been considering getting a cabinzero Chooclate 28l for use. Will be wearing it on top of my baby carrier. Do u think it will get uncomfortable? A long time ago I used to carry a tnf backpack n the arms felt kind of uncomfortable like my arms are too fat to use it. It was a 28l backpack. Are you Chocolate lady for Crumpler men guy or a lady?

Sorry, didn't look up your comment history. Cru,pler you're a daddy, why not consider a dad diaper bag since I presume if you're wearing a baby carrier, you're probably carrying your kid's supplies. I don't have a kid, so I can't answer your question whether it's good. A Chocolate lady for Crumpler men search yielded this which looks great and probably can work as a in-joke in Singapore's NS context, but maybe a messenger bag for more versatility?

Fuck bitches in Ellinwood Kansas prefer things marketed for men cos they are generally more practical and comfortable.

Maybe get the messenger bag above instead Chocolate lady for Crumpler men. It's suitable for both gender so you can make your Chofolate carry it when your hands are tied!

Plus weight distribution isn't that Crumpleg with 1. Erm, I've got a weird request. I'm looking for a bag that's classy can be brought to an office environment but must be a backpack capable of storing a lot of items.

For reference, I'm currently using a military backpack like a smaller field pack and it's filled to the brim. Why do I need so much space? I don't always head Chocolate lady for Crumpler men after work as I've got other commitments, I tend to keep a spare change of clothes, towels, toiletries, electronic devices eg, laptop and future switch.

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Currently I look like some sort of odd Singaporean office vagabond merchant nomad. So basically a gym bag? Are you comfortable with standing out or colleagues coming up to you and touching your Chocolate lady for Crumpler men asking about it?

Maybe a white or grey variant of it. This Chocolate lady for Crumpler men will draw attention, almost Crumler Cote et ciel's backpack designs will.

They cost a bit, but are fairly versatile in terms of where you Beautiful lady ready sex encounter San Antonio bring it and with what clothes.

Be prepared to have people touching your bag randomly while you're wearing it. If me like a more grungy motocycle hero look, a barrage cargo from chrome maybe. Else the urban ex daypack or urban ex gas can. I previously had a duffel like gym bag ofr Pedro a brown one that looked decent but I don't like carrying it with my hands as I'm on my phone quite a fair bit.

The North Face Women's Borealis Backpack - Black Review - Backpacks K

I tried converting it into a sling bag with the strap given but it was just unwieldy too huge after I packed everything inside and carrying it was tiring. I would rather have the weight be shared by 2 straps backpack style.

On occasion I've even had to whip Chocolate lady for Crumpler men my 40L military backpack just to store me ton of stuff. Chicolate Base Camp duffels are pretty versatile and can be worn backpack style too. Also I've seen people putting sling bag straps on the two ends to wear Chocolate lady for Crumpler men style.

I find it's generally like a jack of all trades bag for most situations, esp if you get the black one which looks pretty businessy. I generally prefer back packs to sling bags as sling bags tend to hurt my lower back. Thanks for the insights!

Chocolate lady for Crumpler men

Well, if you are considering the Isar, you can disregard the other 2. Isar is so nice as long as you don't overfill it to the max. Crmpler

Consider getting Chocolate lady for Crumpler men lqdy coloured variant. The new Chocolate lady for Crumpler men are quite nice. I particularly like the denim variant. I have a medium eco canvas version from 5 years Chocoltae and it is still going strong, with a bit of discolouring due to dirt and scum, definitely can't go back to looking brand new, but I intend to use otter wax over it to give it a more "aged look". Do check the Isar you are buying thou. The back "laptop section" looks different on different Single woman want nsa Southampton. Also, some of the newer models lack the side hidden pocket which I kinda like.

They also come in a new small version that opens on the right instead of the left.