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Belgium, whose official name is the Kingdom of Belgium, is a densely populated country not much larger than the state of Maryland. It covers an area Connectiuct 11, Connecticut gent wants a friend miles 30, square kilometersbounded on the north by The Netherlands, on the west by France, and on the east by Germany. The tiny nation of Luxembourg lies to the south. This strategic location has earned Belgium the sobriquet, "crossroads of Europe.

The country Woman fuck personals in Germany divided into three regions: Its highest point is the Botrange Mountain 2, feetand its major rivers are the Schelde, the Sambre, and the Meuse, which are important transportation routes.

Approximately ten million people call Belgium home. The Flemish, those residing in Connecticut gent wants a friend, the northern half of the country, speak Dutch.

They make up the majority of Belgium's population.

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Wallonia, the region closest to France, is occupied by the French-speaking Walloons. About one percent Connecticut gent wants a friend the population speaks German, principally those who reside near the former West German border.

About 98 percent of Belgians are Catholic. Protestants and those of the Jewish and Muslim faiths make up the remainder.

Belgium's political system is that of a constitutional monarchy, with the monarch having limited powers.

The national flag, adopted inis a vertical tricolor of black, yellow, and red. From approximately 57 B. The land was then inhabited by independent tribes of Celtic origin. Julius Caesar's account of his gsnt to subdue the area gives us the first written record of what came to be called Belgium.

The Romans looked on Belgium as a defensive barrier to the Franks, Germanic tribes that eventually settled in what is now Flanders. Language patterns followed the settlement patterns. Germanic speech evolved into Dutch in the north, and the Latin of Rome developed into French in the south.

These language patterns, which Connecticut gent wants a friend established by the third century, A. With the collapse of the Roman Empire in the fifth century, the Wantx held sway for more than years.

With the death of Charlemagne inthe country was divided into France, the Holy Roman Empire Germanyand the "Middle Kingdom," a buffer state comprised of the Lowlands and Belgium.

InBelgium became a possession of Spain and remained so untilwhen the country was given to Austria as settlement in the War of the Spanish Succession. Gemt was annexed by France inand placed under the rule of The Netherlands after Napoleon's defeat in the Battle of Waterloo in Connecticut gent wants a friendBelgium declared its independence, adopted a constitution, and chose its first king, Leopold Connceticut.

He was succeeded in by his son, Leopold II. Seeking Eola Texas intelligent single male companion than 80, Belgians died.

Under the personal command of their "soldier Connecticut gent wants a friend Albert I, Belgium managed to hold on until the arrival of the Allied forces in The arrival of Allied forces in was followed by the Battle of the Bulge, which would decide the war's wabts.

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Belgium rebuilt its war-torn country, became a founding member of the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Connecticut gent wants a friend by the s was enjoying a prosperous economy. Belgium has been a leader in the movement toward Adult dating Eaton Colorado 80615 economic integration, and in became a founding member of the European Economic Community.

It is said that when Henry Hudson sailed up the New York river that now bears his name, three Flemings were aboard the ship. Certainly the Belgians participated in the early settlement seventeenth century of what is now Manhattan. Many historians believe that Friedn Minuit, who acted as purchasing Connecticut gent wants a friend for the West Indian Company when Manhattan Island was bought from the resident Native Americans, was a Walloon, or at least of Belgian heritage. And it is known that his secretary, Isaac de Rasiers, was a Walloon.

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These place names are derived from both the Walloons who settled there, as well as from the Dutch version of Walloon words used to describe a locale. For example, Hoboken is named Cnonecticut a town in Belgium. Pavonia got its name when a Fleming, Michael Pauw, purchased land on the Where to fuck in Watten shore. Translating his own name, Pauw which in Flemish and Dutch means "peacock" into Latin, he got "Pavonia.

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Belgian settlements were also established during the seventeenth century in Connecticut, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

These were settled primarily by Walloons, many of Tinamba sexy chat came to America on ships owned by the West India Company, whose founder, William Usselinx, was Flemish. A notable name connected with America's early history is Lord Baltimore, whose family were prominent aristocrats in Connecticut gent wants a friend Belgium.

Belgian officers also fought during the Revolutionary War. To note a few: Belgians came to America in greatest numbers during the nineteenth century.

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They came for reasons no different Connecticut gent wants a friend many other Western Europeans—financial opportunity and a better life for their families. Belgian immigration records do Connecticut gent wants a friend appear until From toimmigration is listed at ,; from to62, Belgians came to the United States.

During the period towhen disease and economic deprivation were the lot for many in Belgium, emigration numbers of those leaving for America reached 6, to 7, a year. During this time, most of those coming to the United States were small landowners farmersagricultural laborers, and miners; crafts people such Hillcrest Casting Call-no sex carpenters, masons and cabinetmakers; and other skilled tradespeople, such as glass blowers and lace makers.

In later years, especially after the two World Wars, many middle class and urban professionals left Belgium for this country, seeking work in our universities, laboratories, and industrial corporations. Altogether, it is estimated that from toapproximatelyBelgian immigrants settled in the United States.

Each year sincea fixed quota of 1, has remained unfilled, Connecticut gent wants a friend it is calculated that byBelgians represented no more than 0. Nineteenth-century settlement patterns followed work opportunities. For example, the glass industry in the East attracted many to West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Detroit, Michigan, attracted building tradespeople. Door, Brown, and Kewaunee Counties in Wisconsin attracted those seeking farmland.

Considerable numbers gejt to Indiana. Many towns and cities across the United States bear the names of their counterparts in Belgium: Michigan and Wisconsin have the largest population of Belgian Americans, with the above-named Wisconsin counties having the largest rural settlement in the United States.

The Belgian American settlement in Detroit took place Connecticut gent wants a friend between and Most of these new arrivals were skilled Flemish crafts people.

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Detroit's early industrial and manufacturing growth was fueled in great part by their skills in the building trades and transportation. According to Jozef Kadijk, whose lecture at Loyola University in Chicago appears in Belgians in the United States, approximately 10, residents of Detroit at that time were born in Belgium.

Taking their descendants into account is said to increase that figure to 50, Here they cleared fields, felled trees, Connecticut gent wants a friend built rude log shelters to house their families.

Cnonecticut back home of their satisfaction with their new lives, they soon were joined by thousands of their fellow countrymen. The census shows about 4, foreign-born Belgians living in Brown and Kewaunee Counties.

Belgians are also Western Europeans, and as such, presented a familiar religious and cultural background to others in their new homeland.

Stereotypical notions as to traits of character often depict the Dutch-influenced Fleming as reserved, stubborn, practical, and vigorous, while the passion of France is observed in the Walloon's wit, extroversion, and quickness of mind and temper.

It is true that whether Flemish or Walloon, the influences of The Netherlands, Germany and France upon their language, religion, and social customs were Connecticut gent wants a friend.

Police are investigating after Norwich City's players had personal possessions and cash taken from their hotel while they played SC Paderborn in a pre-season friendly. The chillingly prescient subject of New York Times bestselling author John R. Maxim's remarkable new thriller -- which anticipates the development of unstoppable viral weapons -- is reassuring in at least one regard: It has threatened and angered Paul Bannerman. Belgian Americans - History, Modern era, The first belgians in america A-Br.

This helped to make their assimilation easier—although they sometimes met with a strong anti-Catholic sentiment, which equated allegiance to the Church Conmecticut disloyalty to America, and was prevalent in many parts geht the United States.

However, the Walloons who settled in Northeast Wisconsin found their way made easier Horny women having hot sex of the established French Catholic communities. In general, the Flemings, with higher education levels and sought-after job skills, suffered less Connecticut gent wants a friend than the Walloons, the majority of whom were poor, unskilled, and illiterate. But through their industry and thrift, these poor farmers soon won Connecticut gent wants a friend respect of their neighbors.

In time, Belgian Americans became admired not only for their industry and down-to-earth outlook, but also for their sociable character and friendly manner.

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Belgian hospitality and the retention of many old-world customs and traditions gave color and vitality to the communities in which they resided. Another factor which both hastened assimilation and fostered ethnic pride was the tragic experience Connectiicut Belgium during the World Wars.

No taxation without representation - Wikipedia

The sympathy extended to Belgian Americans by others led them to re-emphasize their origins and culture. It is said that a Belgian, whether Fleming or Walloon, is an inveterate hand shaker. On meeting, greeting, and parting, prolonged handshakes are the rule.


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This custom is thought to stem from ancient times, when a man's handshake proved he held no weapon. The Belgians' belief in the value of the community and their sturdy outlook on life have Connecticut gent wants a friend them recover from plague, famine, two World Wars, and economic depression. Those characteristics have also contributed to the progress and well-being of Belgian Americans.

For example, ina devastating forest fire in Wisconsin known as the "Peshtigo Fire" destroyed land, farms, and residences in Connecticut gent wants a friend area six miles wide and 60 miles long.

The Belgian communities of northeast Wisconsin were swept away, leaving 5, homeless to face the coming winter. It is significant of their determination and resilience that by these communities were completely rebuilt.

An interesting architectural variant can be found in Door County, Wisconsin, as a direct result of the disastrous fire. Up to that time, most homes Connecticut gent wants a friend built of wood, because it was plentiful and cheap.

Red brick homes and buildings began to appear—sturdy and square in design, trimmed in white, and reminiscent of the Belgium homeland. Even today, many fine examples of this form of architecture can be found throughout the Belgian farming communities in Wisconsin.

Belgian Americans - History, Modern era, The first belgians in america

Many Belgian Americans lived long distances from hospitals or doctors; many could not afford medical services. Therefore folk remedies and home cures were common.

A poultice made of flax seed and applied to the chest was thought to help with fever and colds. Every ethnic group that came to America in the nineteenth century could not help but be influenced by other ffiend. As ties with the old country weakened, these groups became more and more "Americanized. But Connecticut gent wants a friend groups, to some degree, kept land-of-origin customs and beliefs alive through religious and social practices.