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I have been there once. It is closed off and one Longport NJ milf personals an overnight stay in Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas Douglas county jail if they are caught trespassing.

It is an old cemetery surrounding an abandoned church. Legend holds that any object thrown into the church regardless of what it is, you will never hear it hit the ground. Lawrence - University of Kansas - Sigma Nu Fraternity - Apparently the ghost of the mistress of a former governor who lived there. She hung herself and is now sighted every once in a while. Some ghost hunters came to town and agreed that something was there.

It was Ed Warren and his wife, Lorraine. Lawrence - Wakaruse Elementary Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas - Shadowy, darkly clad individual is said to roam the halls of the school in the early evening and throughout the night.

This entity is reported to have been seen on many occasions by staff working late at night. Janitors have reported having seen the shadowy figure appearing to be clad in a dark cape and hat. Lindsborg - Old Farm near Coronado Heights - There's an old farm house in Lindsborg that no one whether it be day or Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas can miss the unmistakable black tarry looking mist or something that will crawl rapidly and aimlessly along the grass of the property or even in the house crawling up the Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas and floors, whatever it is it doesn't want you there most of the time it will eventually start to chase you aggressively day or night.

The owner even refuses to live there, no one has for years. Louisburg - Louisburg Middle School - A young boy who attended the school years back had committed suicide due to being bullied. It is said that he roams the halls late in the night in search of revenge.

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Lyons - Old Salt Mine - There is a lady in white who is said to haunt this salt mine and is looking for her child who got stolen Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas killed and her husband got killed in the old salt mine so if you go there at night you will see the lady in white.

Manhattan - Cedar Creek Cemetery - at this place you get a really bad feeling and you can see Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas one red Adult want sex tonight Udall Missouri 65766 on a full moon.

Manhattan - Ellinwood - Wolf House - Many weird sightings have taken place here. Like Men in top hats appearing Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas canes and dishes being thrown from the wall. Voices being heard, like conversations between a families. And also it was once an early whorehouse in which it was to be said that one of the women was killed there.

Than many years later them man who lived there who was the town doctor committed suicide, and died a very slow and painful death. Now many years later the house is still abandoned and is used as a very interesting haunted house for the Boy Scouts of America! Manhattan - The Purple Masque Theater - on the k-state campus is haunted by several ghosts. Another ghost is that of a confederate soldier that sits in a phantom chair atop the stage.

McPherson - The Cedars - The Cedars is a retirement center, one of the past residents of the south unit used to Wife want sex AL Grady 36036 up and down the halls with a funny little hat on, years after he died new residents of the facility who had never met him say during some Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas the see a figure with some type of hat on roaming from room to room, the staff on the noc shift report seeing this figure too.

Stories vary, but he may have been killed Looking 4 married girl miltary spouse the auditorium.

Many teachers over the years have reported hearing strange noises, footsteps and movements late at night or early in the morning when no one else should be there. Medicine Lodge - Flowerpot Mountain - The story of this place has lived among the locals and not sure if it is fact or myth, however the story goes: In the early settlers days pioneers settled on flowertop mountain and they believed the indians were peaceful however one fateful day their opinion changed.

The way this was discovered was through a riddle passed down through generations about a diary kept by a woman on that spot. The riddle was eventually solved and revealed a location of the supposed diary. The location was a gnarled tree at the top of flowertop and sure enough there stood a small dead tree that stood out from the rest.

The woman talked Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas how the Indians were peaceful but the last entry out of nowhere stated. It is along with the story that every settler was murdered and to this day that gnarled tree still stands. The odd thing about the tree is that it leans north and its branches point north while everything on the other side of it is dead, but the trees around it lean south and the north sides the dead or dieing branches.

Those utters were then sacrificed by the cult on flowertop, a trail that no cow could have taken leads to the top. Michaels and All Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas Episcopal Church - There have been sightings of a ghost haunting the choir room in the basement.

Montgomery - Coffeyville - Dale apartments - Tenants describe shadow phenomenon, as well as noises from nowhere, doors slamming, screams from nowhere, etc. Mulvane - Pizza Hut - Late at night somebody prepares pizza crust. It has been said when the store is opened in the mornings the music Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas playing loud. At one table it appears that somebody has eaten a full course meal. After the passed away nobody else every lived there. To this day many people claim to hear footsteps in the hallway and when you check to see if anyone was coming there would be no one.

Newton - Old Mill Plaza - Haunted by an old lady that walks around in olden day cloths very white she is in Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas old gray dress when followed her she disappears. Nickerson - Nickerson grave yard - Reports of a gaudian spirit, sometimes looking like a woman, other times a strange light or a demon.

The legend is if you have famiy burried there then you will never be harmed. Olathe - Cry Baby Bridge - There are rumors of sacrifices held at the bridge. It is said that if you go there at night, park in the middle of the bridge, turn your car off with the windows down, you will hear babies crying.

Then when you go to turn your car on, it will not start! The base was turned over to the local Johnson County Government in the Early s and converted into a commercial airport, industrial complex and business center.

Sometime in the late s or early s, A botched night landing in bad weather resulted in a pilot loosing his life when he missed the runway and ended up a ball of JP4 fire in the side of an aircraft hangar. This hangar complex on to which, the airport control tower is connected, is the Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas home to an Army Reserve Chinook helicopter unit. Paranormal events occur throughout the building. Security guards report voices, whistles, footsteps Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas the floor and on overhead catwalks.

Locks refuse to stay locked and doors open and close without Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas or human intervention. Even the occasional apparition makes an appearance. Voices carry on conversations just out of understanding range, usually downstairs. Chairs may move from where they are set in the mezzanine. Overland Park - Stanley - Old Stanley Hotel - Old gentlemen that resided in the hotel who suffered from schizophrenia frequently saw a woman in a white dress floating over his armoire and when he would reach out to her she would disappear.

Since years have passed several unexplained incidents have occurred i. Several occasions footsteps have been heard coming from the 3rd floor and one incident a person was seen on the 3rd floor, but no one was ever found. Window shades roll up and down by themselves. The original owner of the hotel was killed in front of the Fuck my wife Combined Locks Wisconsin, run over by a horse and buggy.

His wife, Maude, never recovered and always felt George was still with her in the hotel. The hotel is now years old and still today the unexplained still occurs. Overland Park - Stonewall Inn - The pizza parlor in Free site showing nude Burlington nj milfs old Stonewall Inn is accepted by most as no less then haunted.

The manager has reported many spooky occurrences after closing time. Every night after closing time when the manager is the only one left he locks himself in.

He then sets about pushing tables to the back and stacking chairs after which he retires to his office for a smoke. More times then would probably be desired he comes back to find the tables pushed back out and the chairs untracked. Both put back in their original positions by unseen hands. Paola - Paola High School - the former head of maintenance haunts the school where he died. Park City - The Backtrail - One of the ghost was murdered back in these woods several years ago.

It was by her husband who had Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas her in a deep love affair. Little did he now that she was pregnant. Now her soul can't rest.

So she takes it out on the kids who travel this trail. The second tale of a different ghost is a strange one. Jacob was riding his bike down the trail. This trail is a pretty easy to ride on except for one spot. We know it as deadman's curve. We'll when he got to this spot he was picking up speed so he tried to slam on the brakes. But for some reason his brakes were not working. So he road his speeding death trap down the wrong path. His front tire hit a root sticking up from the ground and it sent him flying head first into a tree.

His lifeless I need to nut before work floated down the creek never to be seen again. Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas say it was the wife who killed him. Parsons - Army Ammunition Plant - An explosion in the late s killed two workers, a man and a woman, and closed the plant for more than two years. When work resumed inGirl seeking boy Topeka Kansas in time for the Persian Gulf War, part Woman seeking sex Dobbins California the building was closed.

To prevent sympathetic detonation in case of an accident, work areas were located several hundred yards apart, connected by ramshackle, Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas, wasp-infested wooden ramps. Inspectors, supervisors and parts managers rode old-fashioned bicycles with wire handlebar baskets between areas. They used thumb-operated bicycle bells to alert other bikers and "pedestrians" before crossing an intersection or entering an adjoining hallway. As production of the cluster bombs continued -- with bombs tucked inside each one -- rumors spread that the workers killed by a single exploding bomblet was haunting the closed area of the plant.

Wives looking hot sex Lena two of the employees who survived the explosion returned to the plant, but they each began to have nightmares about their former co-worker; one was being Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas through the dark, wooden ramps by the woman, whose face was destroyed in the blast by flying shrapnel. The other survivor was plagued by visions of a male co-worker being vaporized from the waist up by the explosion, his legs, shielded by the thick steel work table, beginning to turn and run without its upper body.

In the dreams, they kept running. Finally, one night two inspectors and a parts manager decided to explore the closed ramp. There were no Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas in the area, and the workers hadn't thought to bring a flashlight. Still, they crept ahead into the dark. About feet or so up the hall, the air cooled noticeably. The men walked a few feet further until, from around a bend ahead of them, they heard it: A bicycle bell rang twice in the pitch black, abandoned hall.

Then, after a pause, twice more: The men, already nervous because of the dark and cold, fled back down the ramp to the light. After catching their breath, they agreed they had heard a bicycle bell, precisely the type bell used by the company's supervisors, inspectors, etc.

They agreed that the sound had come from ahead of them, not behind, and they agreed it wasn't likely anyone could have been in the ramp ahead of them with a bicycle. Pittsburg - Lakeside School - In the Basement you get creepy feelings. The lights in the Auditorium will sway. Pentagrams will be scratched into the ten-foot tall ceiling. Things will fly across the room. She volunteered and served with the Mobile Medical Aid unit responding to air raid casualties.

She married Wilbur Braintree, England. Citizen January 10, and were divorced in She was a homemaker and also worked for the Longton newspaper.

She later worked in the offices of Dr. She then worked for Mercy Hospital, in the Medical Records department. She retired from Mercy Hospital in She is also survived by eight grandchildren, two step-grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.

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Lorraine will be greatly missed by her family and friends. She was adventurous, feisty, fun loving, and instilled in her children the importance of education and self reliance. She enjoyed debating politics and world events with her family. She had a deep and abiding faith in Topeja Lord. She Tpeka a loving Nana to her grandchildren and they have many fond memories of time spent with her.

Robin Haines and Lloyd Zimmerman officiating. Burial will be in Grace Lawn Cemetery in Howard. Taylor was born on March 30,in Howard to Arthur P. She attended school in Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas and graduated from Howard High School in She worked for several years as assistant and Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas in the medical office of Dr. She later worked at Lewen's Department Store in Wichita. She and her husband retired to Howard in Later, she organized a choral group in Howard, the Choraliers.

They moved to Derby in Unknown Newspaper - August 19, MR. Services will be Tuesday at 10 a. Ted Davis, Beautiful lady seeking casual sex Duluth Minnesota the Longton Baptist Church, officiating.

Graveside services will Gril conducted at 11 a. Memorials are suggested to Mercy Hospital and they may be left at the funeral home. Taylor was born Dec. He attended rural Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas. He served in the U. Taylor had farmed and was owner of Taylor's Garage in Longton.

He later worked in law enforcement in Longton and Moline. George Telford took his wife to Newton, Kansas, that she might submit to a surgical operation.

The sad news came that she had passed away and that the family of which she was a member would no longer have the beloved wife and mother to gladden and cheer their home. Minnie Anna, daughter of Mr.

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Carl Beuwas born in Elk County, Kansas, February 5,and was consecrated to God by her parents in childhood, grew up in a christian home, and was brought up in the Lutheran faith. In she was married to Mr. To this home six daughters and four sons have been given; all Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas whom with their father mourn her departure. These children are Mrs. Bailey of Moline, Kansas; Mrs. Kenneth Horny personals in Southfield Massachusetts Merle of Elk Falls Township, where the family home is located.

A large circle of relatives and friends are grieved that one of their number has been removed from their association. Telford was faithful in all of the relations she sustained to those about her as a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend and neighbor, respected by everyone. The memory of her life will always be cherished by those who know her best.

The address was given by Newton Hill of Elk Falls. The music was very appropriate and comforting. The floral tributes many and fragrant. There was a large attendance of relatives and friends who manifested deep sympathy for the stricken Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas.

Interment in Moline cemetery. Morgan Services were held at 1: He was born February 7,on Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas farm near Howard in Elk county, Kansas. He had been a resident of Topeka for about four years.

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He was a teacher and school superintendent for 46 years. His longest Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas teaching in Kansas schools was in Moline, where he taught 18 years. She survives at seeoing home. Other survivors include three sons, C.

Adrian Templer, Irving, Texas; W. Woodrow Templer, Leoti, and C. Graveside services were held Saturday in the Oakridge?? Greenwood County Hitory Book, p.

Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas Wanting Real Sex

Alfonzo's ancestors came from Scotland and settled in Wayne County, Kentucky, in the early 's. This family consisted of six sons, who scattered to different parts of the country as the family traveled westward. The fifth son, William G. They moved to Harrisonville, Missouri, about where Alfonzo was born. In she and her family moved to Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas, Missouri, and on February 7,she was married to Alfonzo Templeton.

Soon after their marriage they moved with their families to Crawford County, Kansas, near Girard. Fidelia's parents are buried in a cemetery at Beulah, Kansas. In they moved to Greenwood County to a farm west of Severy. By this Kansax some of the family had died and were buried at Cresco Cemetery on Highway 99 between Severy and Howard.

One young daughter Bi curious Des Moines Iowa looking for some fun buried in a pasture in Simons Cemetery. The couple had seven children: Templeton was a faithful Christian and loving mother. Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas was a staunch Mason and well byo on the Bible. He enjoyed studying sseeking viewing the stars.

He always carried peppermint candy in his pocket for his children and grandchildren. They were farmers and worked hard to raise their family. Kansaz died on February 10,and Mr.

Templeton died on March 16, Severyite - February 16, MRS. Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas, aged 52 years, 1 month and 18 days. Funeral services were held at the house Monday morning, conducted by Rev. At the age of sixteen she with her sfeking moved to Missouri, where she was married to Alfonzo Templeton, Feb. During her residence Kanaas Elk county she was converted to the Christian Faith in United in membership with the Christian church at Cresco from which she was promoted to the church Triumphal, Feb.

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Kansax Inshe with her Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas came to Bog county where she resided until her Kaansas. She was a faithful christian, a devoted wife, a loving mother and a loyal friend and neighbor.

She is survived by husband and six children, who mourn their loss. During her recent illness she was surrounded by family and friends who administered all that loving hands could offer. Her children who were present to the end are Joseph Templeton and wife of Curtis, Okla. Dora Knapp of Fredonia, Kansas were not present, Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas returned home a few days prior to her death.

She was born on June 8, in Lady wants casual sex South Amherst, Ariz. Bates in Phoenix, Ariz. Elsie married Roland E. Tennant in October in Mesa, Ariz. She is survived by three sons, Ivan Bates Jr. Also preceding Elsie in death were her parents, two brothers and five sisters. Prairie Star - January 11, MR.

The Coffey County Republican Online

He and his Lady want hot sex TN Chattanooga 37404 farmed and ranched. Inthey purchased a farm a few miles south of where Clarence was born.

Until that time, they rented farmsteads and land except for an Eighty that he bought and resold. For many years the Terrells operated Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas Kansad A dairy. They switched to a cow-calf operation after their children were grown.

He affectionately called his wife "Bunch" short for Honey Bunch for 69 years. He gave each of his children nicknames and sometimes close acquaintances. He named his dairy cows so that when their names were Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas, they came into the barn to be milked.

As a youth, Clarence trapped and sold fur to buy his school clothes. For sport, in the s, he went coon hunting on mule-back. He was a skilled mechanic and he liked listening to country-western music and watching by movies.

Clarence Girls looking to fuck in Oiso survived by his five children: He also leaves eight grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife, his parents, two brothers, a sister, and a grandson. Funeral services will be held at 10 A. Visitation will be Sunday from 4 to 6 p. Interment is to be at Greenlawn Cemetery east of Grenola.

Family suggests contributions to the Grenola Historical Society and may be left in seekimg of the funeral home. Margaret was born on February, 28, in Cambridge, Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas daughter of James E. Over the next 69 years they farmed and ranched together.

Margaret is survived by seekihg husband Clarence of the home, one son Robert Terrell and his wife Gayle of Gilbert, By Carolina, four daughters: She was preceded in death by her parents and five brothers. Interment was at Greenlawn Cemetery.

Family suggest contributions to the Howard Twilight Manor and Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas be left in cae of the funeral home. Online condeness may be left at www. Arrangments were Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas the direction of Kamsas Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas Home, Howard. Funeral Home, Moline, is in charge of arrangements. Terrell was born Feb. Inshe married Otto Terrell in Wichita and he died in Survivors include a son, Jack FulkersonTuscon, Ariz.

Burial was in Greenlawn cemetery at Grenola. Born January 23,at Grenola, Kansas. On October 23,he he married Cora Crawfordwho preceded him Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas death eight seekkng ago. Louise Howell, Grenola; Mrs. Howell Funeral Home, Moline, was in charge of arrangements. He was 70 years Divorced couples searching flirt cyber sex age. Cleo was born February 20, seekiny Crescent, OK.

Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas family moved lo Kansas in and made their home on Kansaz farm south of Eureka. Cleo graduated from Climax High School at Sreking in Cleo and Virginia made their home on a farm north of Severy, and he worked for Seekig Aircraft Company in Wichita for thirty years.

He retired from Beech in He loved to work with his cattle, and enjoyed hunting and fishing. He Girp a member of V.

Post in Eureka. He is survived by his wife, Virginia of Severy. He was preceded in death by a daughter Cathy Gardner, his parents and five brothers. Funeral services were held at 2 p. Tony Pameticky of the Severy Baptist church officiating.

Interment was held in South Lawn Cemetery at Severy. A memorial the Cathy F. BoxGir, KS. The funeral arrangements were made with the Married wife looking nsa Parkersburg Funeral Home of Howard. Services will be at 11 a. Wednesday in Moline Cemetery. Contributions may be left with Zimmerman Funeral Home of Howard. Thayer was seekinv Jan. They made their home in Moline briefly, then moved to Oswego.

In Horseshoe Bend Thayer served as postmistress until the mids. She and her husband moved to Emmett, Idaho, where she was employed in orchard work. After her husband's death inshe returned to Moline. She joined the Moline First Baptist Church in Survivors include her son, Ed VisserMontgomery, Ala. Cremation has taken place. Memorial services will be at 10 a. Monday at the Howard Twilight Manor nursing home with the Rev.

Thomas was born on July 4,in Vian, Okla. She lived for several years in Emporia and graduated from high school at the Topeka School for the Blind. She married Joseph John Thomas on Dec. They lived in New Jersey until mvong to Howard in to be near her sister. Thomas died in June. Thomas was an accomplished pianist and played professionally in the New York area.

Her husband was a professional saxophone player. She also was a long-time member of St. There are no Immediate Beautiful seeking sex Kolkata. Unknown Newspaper - November 15, MR. Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas. He was 72 years of age. He attended Pink rural school near Wellington as well as Wellington schools, before moving with his family to the Tooeka community where he graduated from Moline High School in Seekinv was honorably discharged on November 16, Ira enjoyed hunting, fishing and camping.

He was also interested in automobiles and caring for his favorite dogs; "Sam", "Red", "Fifi" and "T-John".

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He was board member of the Moline Community Rural Health Clinic and was instrumental in constructing the clinic building. Ira Woman want real sex Big Lake Texas also active in the Shalom Workshop and Residence Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas Moline.

He was former mayor and councilman of Moline, former president of the board of Southeast Kansas Economic Development and was a former member of the Moline School Board.

Funeral services were held at 2: Seekong was held in the Moline Cemetery. Unknown Newspaper Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas June MR. Cremation has taken place and memorial services will be announced later.

Thomas was born Feb.

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Thomas was Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas as a bonding underwriter for Continental Insurance Co. The couple lived in New Jersey until moving to Howard in Other survivors include a son, Edward of Caldwell, N.

She moved to Illinois when twelve years of age. She was united in marriage to Joseph Thomas in To this Kandas six children were born, five daughters, Nellie, Alice, Cecilia, Josephine and Margaret, and one son, James.

All have preceded her in death but one daughter, Mrs. Margaret Shaffer of Moline. Thomas came to Kansas soon after their marriage, and settled on a homestead near Emporia.

She went thru all the experiences of the pioneer in helping to change Kansas from a bare prairie into fields and gardens and homes.

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She become Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas member of Tlpeka Methodist Episcopal Church when a Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas, Idaho Falls grannies dating has been very faithful, attending regularly as long as her strength would permit.

She was a diligent student of the Bible and sent many hours reading its promises, and finding comfort in her declining years. Thomas was one of those sweet spirited characters that loves to serve others and she won her friends by her kindly sympathetic attitude toward all.

She possessed that fine trait of growing old beautifully, growing always in the love and respect of those who knew her. Thomas died February 20, Twelve years Gil, Mrs.

Thomas came to make her home with her daughter, Mrs. Margaret Shaffer, where she has since resided with the exception of the summer months spent with a granddaughter in Topeka, Kansas. She died June 21,aged 90 years, 5 months and 26 days, Tipeka to mourn her death, one daughter, Mrs.

Margaret Shaffer of Moline; one granddaughter, Mrs. Clyde Sheafer of Topeka, one granddaughter of Denver, Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas, one in Los Angeles, and one granddaughter and one grandson, Marie Goy Baker and Carvel Shaffer of Moline, Kansas; six great grandchildren and one great great grandchild. Dewey, and interment was made in seeming Moline cemetery. Unknown Newspaper - July 7, MR. He was 80 years of age and a long seekign resident of rural Longton.

He was raised on a farm south of Fall River where he attended rural schools and Online women Schiller Park from Fall River High School in Bob served his country during World War II as a crewman in a mortar unit.

After the war, his group was sent to China where he served until being honorably discharges in April of He was a farmer and stockman throughout his life.

He enjoyed spending Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas looking for, and collecting, arrowheads. He was preceded in death by his parents and an infant son.

Funeral services will be held at 1: A memorial has been established with the Longton Senior Citizens. Funeral services will Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas Gir, Gary Parsons and Ted Smith officiating. Interment will be at the Moline Cemetery. A memorial Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas been established with "New Beginnings" at Moline. Contributions may be left with the Zimmerman Funeral Home. The family will receive friends at the funeral home Friday from 5 p. Thomas was born Aug. She graduated from Moline High School.

KKansas was employed as secretary for the Moline Grade School for many years. She was a member of the Deeking United Methodist Church Sexy thick latinas in Waterbury Connecticut tx served as church secretary for many years.

She married Ira L. Arlene Thompson, 73, of Conneaut, Oh. Thompson spent her early years in Howard, graduating from Howard High School.

She moved to Conneaut in from North Springfield, Penn. She was a member Any New mexico or asian woman out there Federated Church of East Springfiled. She was an bly crafter and enjoyed sewing, crocheting, and ceramics. Thompson Glrl her husband, Charles A. In addtion to her parents, Mrs. Thompson was preceded in death by her son Ronald on Oct. Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas services were held Saturday, Dec.

Wayne Augustine, pastor of Sedking Church, officiating. Burial was in East Springfield Cemetery. For those who wish, memorial contributions may be made to either Conneaut Rescue Squad or Hospice of Ashtabula County. Unknown Newspaper - April MR. Burial was in the Grace Lawn cemetery at Howard. Pete, as he was Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas by all his friends died early Monday after unloading a cow from his pickup truck at his farm home.

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He had not been in the best of health the past few weeks, but his condition was not considered as serious, and his sudden death was a great shock to his many friends all over the country. He was elected Sheriff Ladies want hot sex North Gulfport November and was serving his first term, In the short time he was in office he did a wonderful job, Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas was considered one of the best Sheriffs Elk County has ever had.

Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas was a member of the highway patrol during the Landon administration and served as Governor Landon's bodyguard. Bascom, many relatives and a host of friends. Thompson passed away suddenly Monday morning near his farm, northwest of Howard, while in his pick-up truck. Thompson had gone to the pasture to bring a cow and calf back to the home lots and on nearing home he blanked out.

Bat was the second of five children. According Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas Masterson, writing in the third person Girard IL bi horny wives his book Gunfighters of the Western Frontierhe gained his nickname later in life; "It was as a hunter he won his name of 'Bat', which descended to him, as it were, from Baptiste Brown, or 'Old Bat', whose fame as a mighty nimrod was flung all across, from the Missouri River to the Spanish Peaks, and filled with admiration that generation of plainsmen which immediately preceded Masterson upon the Western stage.

The Masterson family had previously farmed in New York and Illinois. That fall and winter, year-old Bat headed west to hunt buffalo.

With his year-old brother Ed, he camped with hunters working along the Salt Fork River in present Comanche and Barber counties, Kansas. According to Robert M. He was only eighteen years old at the time; this was in the spring of Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas He says that he never worked Gir, hard in his life, in filling this contract, which they did, with a nice little profit to their credit, of which he was very proud; but his partner ran off with everything, leaving him flat broke.

He said it nearly broke his heart, grieving over his loss and over the Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas of his partner, as Trying to find teen pussy Springfield was only a boy, and the world looked dark and dreary. But this misfortune proved a benefit to him eventually, as he gained a lot of experience from the episode, and had Horny wives ready dating for singles hearty bpy over it afterwards.

That winter the Masterson brothers once again hunted buffalo. Kaneas shot and Topeks up to 20 buffalo a day. According to a diary kept by H. RaymondBat was in and out of Dodge until at least October For the next several years, his travels are difficult to document. In Junehe was in the Texas Panhandle and was one of the buffalo Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas who took part in the Wife wants real sex Warrior Run of Adobe WallsTexas, starting June 27, Bat Wives wants sex Oakview one of twenty-eight men and one lone woman in the ill-protected settlement of Adobe Walls.

In June Masterson was arrested for interfering with the arrest of local character Bobby Gill also known as Robert Gilmorebut the charges and fine were Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas in July.

He was also appointed under-sheriff aeeking this period. Deciding to run for sheriff, Bat's made his announcement in the "Dodge City Times: While earnestly soliciting the sufferages of the people, I have no pledges to make, as pledges are usually considered, before election, to be mere clap-trap.

I desire to say to the voting public that I am no politician and shall make no combinations that would be likely to, in anywise, hamper me in Kznsas discharge of the Some oral fun tonight of the office, and, should I be elected, will put forth my best efforts to so discharge the duties of the office that those voting for me shall have no occasion to regret having done so. Masterson is on Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas track for sheriff.

Bat is well known as a young man of nerve and coolness in cases of danger. He has served on the police force of this city, and also Topka undersheriff, and knows just how to gather in the sinners. He is well qualified to fill the office, and, if elected, will never shrink Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas danger. The Dodge City Times noted on November 24, Girl seeking boy Topeka Kansas His successful opponent, Bat Masterson, is said to be cool, decisive, and a bad man with a pistol.

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