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Using the dagger, Regina silences Emma so that she can step forward and claim ho be said Savior. After Charming remedies that with a quick lesson, Mary Margaret, Emma and Regina are welcomed into the ball, where they twirl up a storm with their respective fellas.

Elsewhere, Grumpy makes Belle feel better about the slowly withering rose, while Henry makes the acquaintance of a young girl named Violet, to whom he introduces iPods and Yazoo. When Percy draws his sword, Robin tackles the guy and David eventually runs him through with his sword.

Regina implores Emma to use her dark magic to save Robin, and after great hesitation — and despite taunting by the vision of Rumple — she does. And she kinda seems to like the taste of power.

Regina does her best to fight off the Fury, but gets tossed around like a beanbag, and Robin is taken away. Hook forges ahead with his plan, which Emma unwittingly assists by magic-ing him to her quaint new digs. Alas, TLK is not gonna work here.

Belle explains to Regina that the Fury is here to collect the price for using magic, though of course no one recalls what went down in Camelot, with Robin almost dying and all. Rather, the creature is here to collect on a debt incurred in Camelot.

To that end, Regina sacrifices herself to Housewives want nsa Osage City Fury, but Mary Margaret, and then David and Grumpy, ally with her, and their concerted front wards off the creature.

A forlorn Emma watches the others from outside, then retreats home, where Rumple informs her that there is much work to be done.

He explains that as long as there are families and friends and undying love lingering out there in the tawte, the Dark One is always at risk. A more focused and more compelling story than the season opener, right?

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Which Secrets Were… Fox Drama Opts to 'Remove' Embattled…