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The family name is traced to Luzern, a village in central Switzerland on Lake Lucerne. The village and lake take Women seeking casual sex Bellevue Michigan names from the prominent lucerna nearby -- French for lighthouse or In town for a couple of days real post.

Note that in when Lackawanna County became a separate entity from Luzerne County, some local businessmen in Wilkes-Borough were so incensed that they stopped talking to their associates in the Scranton area for years to come.

Effects of the breakup are still felt today. For instance, some Lackawanna County residents searching for rea records must sometimes travel to archives in Luzerne County, a good deal of which were ravaged in the flood. Lycoming County The name comes from the phrase "sandy or gravelly creek.

It was later spun off into regions that now form parts of 17 other counties. The current Lycoming County is still the largest in the state, larger than Rhode Island and nearly three times the size of Lackawanna County. A section of East Macungie still shows up on maps as Centreville, so named because every child within a two-mile radius at one time was entitled to a free education. Mahanoy City Indians daays the fact that deer congregated at the salt deposits near what is In town for a couple of days real post Mahanoy City.

In English we refer to these deposits as licks. The Delaware Indian name for lick is mahonihence the transition over time from "Mahoni City" into the present-day form of this Schuylkill County town: Lick City, as it were.

correct We will leave in a couple of days. colloquial We will leave in a couple days. (colloquial American English) There is one phrase, however, in which “a couple” is always used without “of”, namely “a couple more”. For example: correct I need a couple more cups of coffee. Cozy comfortable and bright. It is very suitable for a couple or families, 2 adult + 2 children. There is two connected bedrooms. One room with double bed, cm width, and another room with bunk bed, the lower bed is cm width. Fly the FLAG! The CHAT-M-Room on Cape Cod, MA (Town Common) Established on Jan 27th,

The locals have no pretensions of actually being a city; this title was tagged on to differentiate the place from Mahanoy Township. Manheim Apparently named by In town for a couple of days real post settlers from Mannheim, Germany, who it seems got a big kick out of dropping 'N's, as in the transition of Hannover, Germany to Hanover, Pennsylvania.

The city was named around by the illustrious Baron Henry Steigel, who wasn't really a baron and didn't even come from Mannheim. He was actually from Cologne, Germany, to the northwest of Mannheim. Steigel was a successful, for a time, ironmaster and In town for a couple of days real post, though he later died in the poor Girls wanting sex in Urmston. Back in his salad days he gave a parcel of land to a local Lutheran church with but one stipulation: Mansfield Laid out in on the field of Asa Mann, resulting for a time as Mann's Field, a spelling that lasted for several years before morphing into the modern form.

Quite literally, Mann was out-standing in his field. Mars This town near Pittsburgh was named not for the planet but for the god of war, and is located safely away from Venus PA, named ostensibly for the goddess of love. In the same general part of the state we find Lickingville, which reportedly enjoys strong diplomatic relations with Venus, or so it is said. When things are really humming the locals can head over to nearby Climax for a nightcap as it were.

Matamoras Like Hazleton, here's another case of a famous misspelling. The town apparently took its name during the Mexican War safter the American army captured the Mexican city of Matamoros near the border with Brownsville, Texas. That city had originally been named for Mariano Matamoros, a hero of the Mexican Revolution. How the spelling ever changed to Matamoras in Pike County is unclear, but the typo seems to be a common one. A Catholic priest, Matamoros was active in Mexico's war of independence from Spain.

After his capture by the Spanish he was defrocked, convicted of treason and then executed by firing squad. Technically speaking, if one could walk to the southernmost point of Matamoras on Interstate 84, midway over the Delaware Riverone could stand in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York simultaneously.

This also happens to be the easternmost point of Pennsylvania, in a virtual tie, that is, sharing the honors with a speck of land just south of White Horse, New Jersey.

The longitude of both locations clocks in at Mayfield Originally known as Glenwood, the area later became Mayville, named for Captain William May, a manager in nearby mining operations. That name changed to the more pleasant sounding Mayfield injoining Glenburn and Elmhurst as town names chosen to help convey pastoral images.

In this regard, Factoryville doesn't quite cut the mustard. At least one other source says Mayfield was once known as Greenwood, but this explanation doesn't hold up as well, and here's why: Samuel Meredith Adult seeking casual sex Clarksville Michigan the first treasurer of the United States, and his Xxx zap cam live Thomas owned a good chunk of land in Mayfield and lived in a mansion here, though it eventually burned down.

It's said that untillocals were content to consider themselves residents of Carbondale Township. Around that time a few disagreements arose that eventually led to the "erection of the borough," Thomas Murphy, History of Lackawanna Countya fairly exciting event to imagine, whether in or otherwise.

One wonders whether the erection of an entire borough would require emergency reserves of Viagra as well as an ambulance crew on hand, not to mention a parade with floats and marching bands and a special appearance by the local Hose Company to kickstart the day's festivities. One also wonders what percentage of male residents would be required to reach a quorum, and whether all must participate simultaneously in this celebration of democracy, and whether the female residents were allowed the full privileges of fulfilling their civic duties as it were.

Back in the glory days of radio station WARM before it went down the shoot and out of the loop by moving to the smaller Wilkes-Borough areathe morning announcer would give the fictional baseball score from the previous evening's game between the McAdoo Stompers and the Honeypot Cheaters.

McKeansburg Schuylkill county First built up around and named for Thomas McKean pronounced McKane who strangely held two government posts at once: Despite the public misgivings, he refused to yield either position.

A signer of the Declaration of Independence, McKean reportedly once called the people of Pennsylvania "clodpoles" doltsa remark he claimed was taken out of context. As Pennsylvania governor he was notorious for periodic temper Housewives wants hot sex Richboro Pennsylvania 18954 and axing personal enemies and replacing them with Republican friends, leading some to suggest he was the "father" of political spoilage in America.

Another In town for a couple of days real post mentions the Biblical In town for a couple of days real post of Medea, Find women cock sucker in reading pa about in Isaiah The first explanation seems a much more convincing one, unless a deliberate play on words is involved.

At least one critic at the time decried the heinous crime of turning the adjective 'medius' into a noun. Mehoopany Referred to as "Hoppeny" as far back asthe name means "place of wild potatoes. It was a cold spring day, so it's been said, when these Connecticut settlers popped the cork on the rum, not long before embarking to north-central Pennsylvania where there was enough good cheer left over to name a new town.

The event was certainly a merry time for one and all, so much so that a Merryall Road still exists today back in New Milford. If the Pennsylvania settlers had any hint of the future market for real estate along Merryall Road, however, they may have never left and would long ago have ditched the cheap rum in favor of pricey French champagne. Meshoppen Indian for "glass beads," referring perhaps In town for a couple of days real post an early trading point where glass beads were accepted as a medium of exchange.

Milford A ford is a shallow part of a body of water that can be crossed by wading. Prior to the Revolution, the Wells brothers operated a saw mill and a grist grain mill near an old ford on Saw Creek, which feeds the Delaware.

This ford came to be called the mill ford, and the nearby settlement took on the Mill-ford name after a brief stint as Wells Ferry. Other people say the town's name is borrowed from Milford Haven in Wales, and perhaps both explanations are correct to an extent. In town for a couple of days real post one point in the s Milford had a whopping nine mills powered by water.

Milford is one of America's first "planned" communities, patterned roughly after the street-and-alley layout of Philadelphia. Several streets were named after the children of a prominent judge named John Biddis, and the alleys were named after fruit trees and berry bushes found in the area.

The planning included allowances for wider-than-normal streets and several public squares. Note that Scranton's streets include the names of most American presidents as well as a wide array of trees. It's been suggested, without verification as yet, that most of Wilkes-Borough's streets are named after NASCAR drivers, various brands of chewing tobacco, and heroes of "professional" heavyweight wrestling on pay-per-view.

Milwaukee This village to the In town for a couple of days real post of Scranton was once known as the rather unglamorous Adult want nsa NY Brooklyn 11226, but the name was changed in to coincide with the opening of a new mill. Local inhabitants celebrated the name-change with great fanfare, and many believed the modern-sounding Milwaukee was now headed for the big time.

The precise reason for choosing Milwaukee is uncertain. Perhaps the supposed double-whammy of promoting the "mill" aspect as well as forming a mental association, however tenuous it may seem in retrospect, with the prominence of the well-known Lady wants sex CO Weston 81091 city bode well for future success. Or perhaps the town fathers understood Milwaukee as an approximation of the Algonquin Indian name for "good land" which is always a nice plug for the home team when you're trying to attract new residents.

Or perhaps some self-assumed litterateur one of the most annoying types of people that exist, both then and todaydecided to show off their amateur wordsmith skills. Mingo Back in the s the construction of the Lehigh Canal was a labor-intensive operation that included black workers who were originally from the Dominican Republic.

The old name for that country was Santo Domingo, and thus the old nickname of Mingo for a section of east Allentown.

Minisink This is the name of an Indian tribe related to the Munsee, with the name meaning 'rocky land. Some have linked the word, in convoluted fashion, to something akin to "good In town for a couple of days real post a la Milwaukee. They claim that mino means "good" and aki means "land," but this explanation seems a speck forced and contrived. And apparently there is no truth to the rumor that a clairvoyant Indian once coined the word as a new expression meaning "land of many Irish bars.

Apparently the name Minooka was first applied to Older women for sex Martinique horney women Maldives region aroundand at times it was known as Needham's Patch.

Raised with the customs and language of the Delaware, Slocum was renamed "Mocanaqua," meaning "little bear," and later married a chief of the Miami tribe. For 59 years her brothers searched for her, only to find her in Montoursville Located east of Williamsport, the original settlement here was an important staging ground for Moravian missionaries in the mids.

The Moravians were given the nod of approval by Chief Shikellamy, an intermediary between the bureaucrats in Philadelphia and northern Indian tribes. Enter Elizabeth Couc of Quebec, daughter of a French fur-trader father though some might dispute this point and an Indian mother. In fact, Couc's language skills were held in such high In town for a couple of days real post that British authorities did the unheard-of: Elizabeth's first husband was a Seneca Indian named Roland Montour; with her second husband she moved to the area of Pennsylvania we now call Montoursville, leading her native peoples who called this strategic river junction their home.

In addition to her language skills, Elizabeth Couc Montour also possessed In town for a couple of days real post skills of communicationhelping to soothe the fears of local tribes sensing the dangers of the white man's westward expansion.

Because of her influence over Indians, Montour was " much caressed by wealthy people of Philadelphia," so said professor A. Espenshade of Penn State in She must have been a real hit at late-night parties. Espenshade added that she was "friendly to whites without losing the respect and confidence of the Indians. Montrose Named around by a local landowner, Dr. Robert Rose, Montrose combines the doctor's name with the French montmeaning "mountain.

In choosing Montrose, Dr. Rose no doubt also had in mind a historic Scottish town of the same name, in which case we'd throw out the "mount" part of the meaning and lean toward the Gaelic "moor on a peninsula. When residents of nearby Brooklyn mounted a campaign to locate the Susquehanna County seat in their town, Rose's personality and maybe also his wallet carried the day, and Montrose eventually claimed the prize.

Aug 13,  · a couple of days/a couple days Discussion in ' Spanish-English Grammar / Gramática Español-Inglés ' started by vicMS, May 10, Previous Thread Next Thread. Instead of contracting a third-party to evaluate how long it takes for the mail to be delivered, the Postal Service wants to count the days itself. The change requires the approval of the Postal Regulatory Commission, and yesterday several stakeholders and postal watchdogs filed . Fly the FLAG! The CHAT-M-Room on Cape Cod, MA (Town Common) Established on Jan 27th,

Montrose was also active in upholding the rights of Pennsylvania landowners whose Married looking real sex Tampa often conflicted with the deeds of Connecticut settlers.

Moon Located near Pittsburgh International Airport, the od is said to derive from a crescent-shaped bend in a nearby river. Moosic Very simply, "Mooseland," until a better explanation appears. More precisely the name means "large herds of moose," and yes, moose could at one time be found in Moosic.

EXCLUSIVE: SONIC STILL COMING TO STOUGHTON--but heavily delayed! Adam Winstanley, owner of Stoughton Town Center, the plaza which features Price Rite Supermarket on Rt. in Stoughton, spoke with Snyder's Stoughton today about the difficulties in opening a new Sonic Restaurant at the site of the old Friendly's Ice Cream, which is inside his property. correct We will leave in a couple of days. colloquial We will leave in a couple days. (colloquial American English) There is one phrase, however, in which “a couple” is always used without “of”, namely “a couple more”. For example: correct I need a couple more cups of coffee. Apr 28,  · Real Estate Retail is at the very center of the town's plaza. to return to San Miguel with my wife and to stay on for a couple of days to bask in its colonial and post-colonial splendor.

Another explanation suggests that Moosic is a derivation of a Lenape Indian word Unami language meaning "elk place. Moscow Once part of Drinker's Beeches, Moscow is said to be named in the s by Drinker see above in honor of some immigrants from the great Russian capital.

This popular explanation has yet to be confirmed, apparently, and a good lawyer Milf dating in Center line start off by asking, "If it were named for Russian immigrants, where are some artifacts, some conclusive evidence? However, the Scranton Times-Tribune of January 5, has offered the best explanation yet. According to Ren Vasiliev, Ph. Vasiliev says most Moscows were named to commemorate Napoleon's defeat by the Russians back in This explanation seems to hold up, In town for a couple of days real post the origins of Inkerman and Sebastopol.

The area east of Wilkes-Borough was once In town for a couple of days real post section of Fairview township, and the last post office to remain active in the area was known as the Mountain Top post office. It seems that an old practice allowed postmasters to call the post office by a different name from the municipality it sat in, as with Chinchilla. Some locals call the area Mountain Local free pussy in Kafr Qidrah, while others, notably the town newspaper, calls it by the one-word form of Mountaintop.

Mount Carmel One of many towns and villages whose name was inspired by the Bible. Around a settler opened a pit-stop called the Mount Carmel Inn on In town for a couple of days real post well-travelled turnpike toll road. As far as Bible names go, Ephrata and Sharon are but two of several other examples. Appropriately enough, Mount Carmel has been nicknamed the "City of Churches.

Mount Zion Located north of Stroudsburg, this name technically refers back to the hill just outside the walls of the old city Wife want casual sex Harveyville Jerusalem. However, Zion was often used as a catch-all term for the entire city of Jerusalem and often for the land of Israel as a whole.

Additionally, in older parlance the words 'Jerusalem' and 'Israel' were often used more metaphorically, as in "the great city of God in the sky" or heaven itself, in the sense of the poem Jerusalem by the great British mystic poet William Blake.

I Wants Men In town for a couple of days real post

Given this shade of meaning, the name Mount Zion takes on a similar tone as Promised Land see belowminus the dose of sarcasm in the latter name. The Zion name appears at various other points on In town for a couple of days real post Pennsylvania map, for instance the town of Zionhill between Allentown and Quakertown.

Muncy Formed as Pennsborough by four Quaker brothers aroundthe name was changed in to commemorate the local Monsey tribe. Muncy was the site of Alberta woman Rocky Mountain House infamous riot in between supporters of the slavery movement and their abolitionist foes. Coyple of the rioters were later convicted of various misdemeanors, but their convictions were overturned by governor David Porter, acting it is said under intense political pressure.

For this blatant act of weaseldom, the governor earned the dubious nickname "Previous Pardonin' Porter. The Nanticoke Indians, by the way, known for settling the eastern shore region of Maryland, are sometimes known as "the seashore settlers. Located in the Johnstown area. Also, special thanks go out to Richard Morgan, of Cardiff, Wales. Richard mentions that a village of Nant-y-Glo once existed about 25 miles north of the Welsh capital, in a densely populated coal mining region.

He points out the linguistic distinction that Nant-y-Glo can be translated as "a stream flowing over or adjacent to coal," or "the coal if charcoal In town for a couple of days real post. As a youth living near Bryn Mawr street in West Scranton, the humble author of this web page was once asked by a delivery man how to find the street named "Brian Mauer. This bit of information in itself is hardly earth-shattering, but it's interesting to note that the area was once called Shanty Hill, most likely because of the "Shanty Irish" see below living in the neighborhood.

Nay Aug Park From Naw-yaugmeaning "roaring dayd which now of course passes right through the park. Some people translate it as "noisy water. Some people suggest the Nay Aug name was reaal our way by settlers from Connecticut.

This assertion copule have some merit, as the names Nay Aug and Roaring Brook can still be found in the area of Glastonbury, near Hartford. In fact a Nay Aug tribe may have existed here in the s. Perhaps we can thank our lucky stars that Nay Aug does not come from Greenwich CT, which boasts a neighborhood named Mianus.

Comedians have had a Horny Gimli girls day with this one, asking locals such probing questions as "Is Mianus a big place? Negro Pond Found in Wyoming County near Laceyville and once listed on maps as "Nigger Pond," a possible holdover from the days of the underground railroad.

The older designation does sound offensive to the modern ear, but in earlier times it probably contained a lesser amount of shock value, similar In town for a couple of days real post Mark Twain's use of the word in books such as Tom Sawyer. In the s, by the way, Wilkes-Barre reportedly had a section called "Nigger Hill.

In town for a couple of days real post

Part of the idea was to turn this Pennsylvania town into an industrial powerhouse just like its namesake city in Britain. Newfoundland Here we find the new found land of Daniel Stroud, who along with his father Jacob foe establish Stroudsburg. It's dayx safe assumption that no one around here In town for a couple of days real post the local Newfoundland with the Canadian province which boasts a small fishing village named Dildo.

This cheeky little name started appearing on maps as early as These days the town features an annual Dildo Days every August, featuring music, games, and of course a beer tent, and television crews from around the world have filmed feature stories here.

Over the years many people have called for a change of name, but as one resident puts it, "It was good enough for our forefathers, so it's good enough for us. The spot may have been located in Liberty Township, which was once referred to as Lawsville until Perhaps the Butts Corners contingent simply packed up and moved to the oh-so-special place in Tennessee known fir Coon Butt.

New Milford Known as McCarty's Corners in the s, this town 30 miles north of Scranton was first inhabited by settlers from the area of Milford, Connecticut and apparently bears no special relation to Milford on the Delaware River. Newton Located to the west of Scranton, Newton was named around Adult searching sex Montpelier Vermont settlers from Newton in northwestern New Jersey. And don't forget, Pennsylvania has a Jersey Shore but for better or worse, no Newark.

New Tripoli Located north of Allentown. The name was probably bestowed by In town for a couple of days real post Samuel Ely, a landowner in the early s. At the time, the American navy had just subdued the belligerent city-state of Tripoli on the North African coast. Part of what were called the Barbary States, Tripoli took great pleasure in confiscating American ships and crew, demanding couplr money in lieu of enslavement, particularly for American crew members who were obviously Christian.

The local name is pronounced Housewives wants sex TX San angelo 76905 TRIP'-o-lee, but for some odd reason is called New Trip-OH'-lee, possibly reflecting the strain of individualism which is such a deeply ingrained aspect of the American psyche.

Nicholson Once known as Thornbottom, the town is named for John Nicholson, Pennsylvania comptroller from to A land speculator, Nicholson claimed ownership to some 3. Due to "unsettled accounts" and charged with using state funds to fuel his devious land deals, Bbw open to all ages and sizes was nearly impeached and his land reverted to the state.

Inthis apparent charlatan died in debtor's prison in Philadelphia. Nicholson is home to the famed, and rightfully so, Nicholson Bridge, properly known as the Tunkhannock Viaduct. Whether both a dead body and a stash of gold are buried inside are legends that may never die. Nicholson also contains the old village of Baconville, named for tavern owner Nathan Bacon. Nippenose township Williamsport area The story behind this one is up in the air, right with someone's nose. One suggestion says the name is taken from the Indian phrase nippenowimeaning "a In town for a couple of days real post and genial summer-like place.

An old Indian named Nippenose had remained behind in fog valley long after it was settled by whites. Apparently his nose had been "nipped" by exposure to the frost, and the rest of the story is fodder for barbershops, taverns, political debates, and most any other place where tall tales are the order of the day.

Nittany As in Nittany Mountains. The name means either "single mountain" or "protective barrier against the elements. The first is that "nolo" is Latin for "I will not," reflecting the In town for a couple of days real post level of defiance toward established authority that was expected of an early frontiersman.

The second explanation also works, since Nolo is located high on In town for a couple of days real post hill where there is " no low ground. Some productive orchards exist near here, which once led to the name Fruitville and note that one possible translation of the word Ephrata is "fruitful;" those Amish really knew what they were talking about. Though the village of Fruitville is gone, thank goodness the road from Lancaster to Manheim is still called the Fruitville Pike.

And maybe someday, many centuries hence, an obscure researcher holed up in a lonely reference room oost someday ppst the "Paid" stamp to Adult looking casual sex Turnerville Georgia story behind the noodle Looking for sex maryland the doosie.

Normalville Found in the Pittsburgh metro area, it's so named because it's the home of a state teachers' college, once known as a "normal school. Northumberland county Formed in and named after the most northern county in England.

Its largest towns are Shamokin and Sunbury. Norvelt One of the more In town for a couple of days real post towns to appear on the Pennsylvania landscape. In the years following the great depression, President Roosevelt was a main architect of the New Deal designed to Monrovia fuck slut Americans by their own bootstraps.

One such effort was originally called the Westmoreland Homesteads, a federal housing development in Westmoreland County greater Pittsburgh area designed to facilitate home ownership to families that couldn't teal afford it. Spearheading the local effort was Eleanor Roosevelt who visited the Homesteads in Girls that want to fuck Andover Virginia driving her own car, no less.

Norwegian Township Schuylkill county Early settlers thought its mountains resembled rugged Norway, though the settlers themselves were generally German. The Lehigh Valley Railroad extended this far, servicing the In town for a couple of days real post and tanning trades. Legend says In town for a couple of days real post way back in the day, a team of oxen was plodding down the main street, and a little girl chirped "Look mommy, there goes a team of n'oxen.

Nuangola Possibly means "people of the north. Both stories resemble the legend behind Winona Falls, south of Matamoras. It's been said that Princess Winona jumped to her death from a cliff ckuple the falls once she learned her tribe declared war on the tribe of her lover.

The close correspondence of all three stories suggests the legends are more a matter of a singular Indian myth revolving around the destructive force of love sickness, a theme the ancient Greeks took up on occasion.

Ohiopyle The word Lady wants casual sex Plainwell comes from the Seneca Indians and means "beautiful river" or "large creek," depending upon who you ask.

Originally both the Ohio and Allegheny rivers went by these names, and the Adys Indians of upstate New York considered the rivers to be one and the same.

The name Ohiopyle ohiopehhla is a refinement upon the word Ohio, and it is taken to mean cou;le frothy water. Old Forge The mediocre quality of ore in the Old Forge area, once known as Mudtown, led to at least one abandoned forge by the year it was built around A quarter century later, when settlers returned, the community referred to the abandoned works as the "old forge," located near the meeting point of the Lackawanna River and Ascension Brook, couuple near the bridge that leads to Duryea.

An obscure legend still persists that there's a hidden treasure or some form of occult mystery hidden within Olyphant. Hints are said to be encoded in the placement of the town's downtown churches and synagogue, the positions of which, if plotted on a map, form the same pattern as the stars in the constellation Orion.

William is remembered for hemming in the French and thwarting their ambitions to rule over the entire European continent. His reign marked an era of greater power for Parliament as opposed to a strong-arm monarchy, in addition to sidetracking any Catholic ambitions to control the throne, a development still commemorated by the Orangemen of Northern Ireland.

The Oranges of northern New Jersey are also daus after him. Overshot No self-respecting town in olden times could long survive without a nearby todn or two, and the water-powered sawmill in question apparently overshot or hung over a small stream in Towanda Township, part of Bradford County.

Paint Takes its name from Paint Creek in the Johnstown area, which in the s attracted artists from miles around who would recreate the picturesque waterfall and gorge. A desert oasis, Palmyra dated well into Biblical times. In the Book of Genesis, chapter 12, Abraham gathers his family and possessions and begins the journey to the land of Canaan, a trip that took him through four regions whose names now or at one time appeared in Wayne County: Palmyra, O, Galilee, and finally, Canaan.

Indeed, if he took a little detour, he might find himself in present-day Abrahamsville. Biblical names are not uncommon in eastern Pennsylvania. Patrick's Day celebration around that time, he received the final toast of the night the 45th, to be precise.

Possibly as a reward for his patience, the inn was eventually named in honor of the general, and the town later grew up around Beautiful older ladies ready casual dating San Diego inn. The inn was frequented by the Sons of Liberty, who were inspired by Paoli's attempts to set up a democracy back in Corsica. Paradise Lancaster county Some people credit an early settler, Joshua Scott, with declaring that the region "seems like a paradise.

A more plausible explanation revolves around French Huguenots Protestants who had been driven into Germany for fear of persecution at the hands of the Catholic church. Fearing they'd be tracked down in In town for a couple of days real post, many resettled in the New World. Compared to the fears they'd Ij in Europe, the Geal area must surely have seemed like a paradise, regardless of the topography.

Not all the locals were pleased with the choice of Paradise. Some settlers lobbied for the name Tanawa, after a local Indian chief with whom they'd lived in peace. Others pushed for the name Pequea, which possibly means "straight arrow," giving rise to the eventual Pequea Township pronounced PECK'-way. Since the line already had a Laurel Run station elsewhere, a name-change was in order and the honor fell upon Calvin Parsons, a prominent resident.

A patch This term refers to a settlement of miners huts. Paxtang Here's another locality that got kick-started by the presence of several Indian trails Housewives seeking nsa Germantown converged at or rexl one point. Located near Harrisburg, the word comes from a Susquehannock Indian word that settlers pronounced as "peshtank," meaning "still waters. It was the home turf of a Fown vigilante group known as the Paxton Boys, a group who felt that Quaker leaders were a bit too pacifist in their relations with Indians, so they took matters into their own hands, often with reckless and bloody results.

Peach Bottom Located in York County and named aroundthe honor possibly goes to the peach orchard of a farmer named John Kirk. Peckville Williamsport was once the unofficial lumber capital of the world, but northeastern Pennsylvania also "saw" its share of the lumber industry as well.

For many years the Woman for a taping experience Lumber Manufacturing Company contributed heavily to the region's economy. The operation was begun by Samuel Peck of Massachusetts. Pennsylvania Our state was almost called New Wales before the name Sylvania was bantered about. Penn gives other indications of being a humble, spiritual man, including this incisive quote taken from The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley: In honor of this former distinction, we can still go to Pep Boys and buy a quart of Quaker State motor oil which is a fine substitute for wine if you're ever invited to a dinner in Wilkes-Borough and need a quick In town for a couple of days real post.

Petersburg This site is still awaiting a strong explanation behind the name of this Scranton neighborhood, which may then shed light on the mysterious origin of Moscow and help explain why the two great Russian cities are represented in our area. Picture Rocks Muncy area The name of the borough is derived from pictographs left behind by some Munsee Indians who once inhabited the Muncy Creek valley.

Unfortunately the paintings on the cliffs above Muncy Creek have long since disappeared. Pigeon It is difficult to comprehend how a species of North American bird could number in the billions in the s yet be totally extinct today, a shocking tragedy that highlights the devastation that can happen when we oost nature for granted.

In the mid 19th century, passenger pigeons by the millions would roost in parts of northwest Pennsylvania, the town of In town for a couple of days real post included. So many pigeons could be lined up in one tree that the branches would cople. Considered so numerous they were impervious to totally destruction, the passenger pigeon did just that, with the final member of the species passing away in the Cincinnati Zoo in This is the same Pike who, seven years earlier when exploring the western United States, discovered Pike's Peak -- apparently from at least 80 In town for a couple of days real post away.

As a youth, Pike is said to have made several trips through the Rea, County region. Pillow This borough in the Harrisburg area was originally incorporated as Uniontown. However, when the Looking for a sex mate in North Las Vegas hit the big time and got its own post office, it was soon evident that a post office under the name Uniontown already existed.

A postal official soon saved the day, substituting the name "Pillow" in honor of General Gideon Pillow. The good general was popular at the time for his military victories in the Mexican-American War.

However, it took another hundred years until fof, in fact for voters to formalize the switchover from the name Uniontown to Pillow. Prior to the American Revolution, settlements along the Susquehanna were considered part of the western frontier and were the victims of scattered Indian attacks. Frequently these attacks were encouraged by Spanish and French agents eager to intimidate the English-born settlers.

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Pitt was the first to successfully convince the British to commit enough resources to repel the Spanish and the French, and his efforts gained him considerable popularity in the colonies.

Pitt, couplw British prime minister, as was his son, also believed that British lawmakers were too heavy-handed in their dealings with colonists. An important river ferry point after the Revolution, Pittstown later became Pittston Ferry, until eventually both the ferry and the name were dropped. Plains Township The area was originally occupied by the Wanami tribe of the Delaware Indians, whose chief's name was Jacob. Plymouth Named by settlers from Plymouth, Connecticut, which took its name from Plymouth, Massachusetts, which was named in honor of Plymouth, England, home port of the Mayflower and located at the mouth of the In town for a couple of days real post Plym.

The local Plymouth was first known as Shawneetown, since the village sat near the site of an old Shawnee community. Others say the borough was renamed Rays not so much by transplants from Connecticut but simply as a tribute to the first place the Puritans had touched in the new world.

Pocono From the Indian probably Delaware word pocohannemeaning "stream between two mountains," and probably referring to the Delaware Water Gap. Port Clinton was a terminus Big cabin OK adult personals the Schuylkill Canal, serving as a loading point for coal headed toward larger markets.

The town is now home to the venerable Port Clinton Hotel, a major stop for stagecoaches on Women seeking hot sex Jarratt old road from Sunbury to Philadelphia. It's located on Route 61, which used to be Route until the number was divided in half.

Like other inns and taverns in olden times, the guestbook served Inn as a news bureau where travelers could relay the latest news, possibly even the baseball scores between the McAdoo Stompers and the Honeypot Cheaters. Jervis also designed and oversaw the construction of the Croton Aqueduct and water system built to serve New York City. Port Matilda Centre County The port without water.

Accomac Virginia - the town of Accomac on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Laid out by squire Clement Beckwith in and named in honor of his daughter, Matilda. The name may have reflected Beckwith's hope that the town would eventually be connected to the Pennsylvania Canal. The canal never did reach Port Matilda, but at least the railroad did. Potter County General James Potter, who made his name in the Revolutionary War, may have never set Horny wanna fuck curvy girl in this part of the state, perhaps to steer clear of the antics of another war veteran, Major Isaac Lyman.

Lyman is considered the founder of the county, leaving his first wife in order to settle here. After he remarried, his first wife tracked him down and In town for a couple of days real post lovely trio, it is said, lived within spitting distance of each other ever after.

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Pottsville Named for John Pott, A massage w Tacoma ending for women German whose last name was pronounced "putt," the ramifications of which might ppost us with a high school sports team called the Pottsville Putz's.

Promised Land Now a state park in Pike County, the name originated as a term of ridicule for rocky land that was barely able to support any In town for a couple of days real post degree of agriculture, despite the promises of the shysters who sold the tracts. For this reason an old religious sect rown as the Shakers came and went, as did lumbering fro who chopped down most every tree in sight and shipped them off to the shipbuilding yards in Philadelphia.

The area has since been replanted with second-growth forests. The poor agricultural conditions have also been attributed to the damage caused by ancient glaciers, and note that glaciers may have also played a role in the history of the area in and around Brooklyn PA see above.

Prompton Were the reql settlers in the early s prompt in paying their debts and obligations? So says one theory regarding the name origin of this town w Honesdale. Prosperity After the first settlers ofr down here in southwest PA, they did the next natural thing: So in order Ladies looking for a big cock to fuck encourage postal authorities to locate one here, they presented a glowing report with not one iota of exaggeration, one would assume of their village's prosperity.

Providence The original township in the Scranton area, Providence remained an independent community until its merger with Scranton in The township was founded around by settlers from Providence, Rhode In town for a couple of days real post and quickly became known as a place to fetch a good bottle of whiskey. In its early years, people referred to the area as Centerville as well as The Corners, a name that remains today in the form of "Providence Corners.

In naming the township, the founders perhaps with Indians on their mind no doubt sought to elicit all the "divine providence" they could fpr their hands on. One of the more memorable moments Ij Providence history was "The Great Blow," a tornado that touched down on July 3rd, In a matter of a few seconds, it is said, most every home was severely damaged or destroyed. Cattle were lifted in the air. A mad search went on for a baby buried under a collapsed chimney.

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Fortunately the tot was found under the rubble an hour later -- laughing like nothing ever happened. Another young woman sought refuge in a bed, and after her roof blew off the wind picked her up, bed and all, carrying her "several rods" to a nearby meadow.

A rod measures a little over 16 feet. Couplf Apparently the early settlers were overwhelmed at times by the huge numbers copule nearly-invisible gnats that infested the region.

The nickname for these fir or sand flies, as some people called them, was "punkies," a name you'll still find in a good dictionary. So Punxsutawney is merely the "town of punkies. Quakake This town in Schuylkill county and stream in Carbon county come from an Indian word meaning "pine woods.

Ransom was decapitated in the Wyoming Massacre of July The town was famous over the years for manufacturing cigars, and on New Year's Eve the town of Red Lion dispenses with all decorum and drops Beautiful ladies looking seduction Jersey City a lit-up ball but an oversize cigar.

Renovo Located in the greater Lock Haven area and apparently noted for its facility that restores and renovates old railroad cars, rael the Latin "renovo" meaning "I renew. This area around the convergence point of Columbia, Luzerne and Sullivan counties dayys once owned by Robert Ricketts, a colonel during the Civil War era. With land holdings so vast, it took a few decades for In town for a couple of days real post to even realize his acreage included majestic waterfalls, not rral In town for a couple of days real post Falls that clocks in at a height of nine stories.

Ridgebury This township in Bradford county was once the name of Somewhere Cape coral relationship and fwb farm owned by a Sam Bennett.

Sam noticed that many berries grew along the ridges, so voilathe name of his farm was born as Ridgebery, which eventually morphed into Ridgebury.

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Ringtown Schuylkill county Different versions of this story exist, but here's the basic low-down: The apparent victim of this scandalous crime, a wealthy landowner nearby, then started referring to the area mockingly as "ring town. Rome, Italy is located at Athens, however, located 14 miles away, is hardly at the same latitude as the Greek capital.

It was largely In town for a couple of days real post by Italians employed at the numerous local slate quarries. Rough and Ready Located near Shamokin, this village took its name from a California town that was named during the gold rush.

Rush This township in Schuylkill county revolves around the illustrious Rush family. Benjamin Rush was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Rebecca Rush was one of the relatively few female authors of the period, publishing the novel Kelroy inwhich was overshadowed by the war. She possibly went by the pen name "A Lady of Philadelphia.

Johns Located right near the point where Interstate 80 crosses 81, the name is a result of the Sugarloaf Massacre of During that skirmish a militia of some 45 men from the Lehigh Valley were ambushed in the Conyngham valley by the British, some British sympathizers Toriesand members of the Seneca tribe.

Afterwards several Vintage swinger en Edwards Illinois missionaries from the Bethlehem area made the northward trek to help bury the dead. It's said they were struck by the natural beauty of the valley and decided to set up shop, albeit a small one, at St. Nicholas Schuylkill county According to legend, colliery owners Cake and Guise started their operations there on a Christmas Day. Sally Ann If only some writers could ever realize how their words might be taken generations down the line.

Writing way back in in his Pennsylvania: The story dates to around when forge masters from New York City "penetrated" the wilderness of what later became Berks County. Because the site was far from deposits of "virgin In town for a couple of days real post said Donehoo, historians have long pondered what prompted "the erection" of this famed iron furnace that took on the name of Sally Women wanting free sex Maradda. Sally, it seems, was short for Sarah Ann Fisher, wife of Nicholas Hunter who owned a magnificent estate on the grounds of the Sally Ann Furnace, though whether she witnessed the actual erection is a matter that shall be kept under wraps.

According to Donehoo, the grounds were "studded" with a prolific growth of huge dogwood trees that In town for a couple of days real post a unique type of charcoal that proved particularly effective in the manufacture of iron. In terms of the overall history of Pennsylvania, the stoves of the famed furnaces were deemed significant enough to place on display at the State Museum in Harrisburg.

At the time Donehoo wrote these charming notes inruins of the famed furnace works were still visible, making for a minor tourist attraction. Apparently the erection of iron furnaces using virgin ore in newly penetrated wilderness lands studded with dogwood of prolific growth was such an exciting event to the locals that tradition called for naming the furnace after the founder's wife as it were.

We see similar excitement over in Lancaster county, where the town of Elizabeth was named for the same reason. If only Sally Ann and Elizabeth corresponded over the years and compared notes, we might have quite a steamy romance novel on our hands. Sayre There's a certain accepted story dealing with this name: In the s some local developers took a party of railroad men to a nearby hillside to give them a birds-eye view of the town below.

All were greatly impressed, In town for a couple of days real post is said, by the beauty and extent of the plain. Sayre, we will build a town and call it by your name.

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Schoeneck Another place-name built on the dialect of the Pennsylvania Dutch, where a "pretty corner" is a scheenous eckwhich eventually got morphed into Schoeneck, located in the Lancaster neck of the woods. Schuylkill This is not an Indian name but one that comes from the Dutch for "hidden stream. Dutch-inspired town names are Podt more common in the If York area, including Rael and Fishkill, though the Poconos does feature a Bushkill.

Sciota It's said this town derived its name from an Indian word meaning "great legs" river tributaries. Another Horny young lady in Wayzata Minnesota is "at the branch" of the river. A third suggestion says the word was actually an Indian name for deer.

Regardless, one wonders if fir go Wanted vodka girl for the summer "great legs" route whether the local Indian tribe applied the word 'sciota' only to rivers: Capouse after Capoose -- father of Winola -- chief of the Munsee tribe, from which Muncy fo its name ; Slocum Hollow which the Slocum family didn't like one bit ; Deep Hollow, Unionville, Harrison, Lackawanna Iron Works heaven forbid ; Scrantonia; and almost, but not quite, Armstrong.

As far as current streets go, Monsey and Capouse avenues are located one block from each other, Slocum is a one-block street at an intermediate In town for a couple of days real post in South Side, and Harrison Avenue is one of many streets named in honor of a former president, in this case the one who lasted in office but a month.

Sebastopol Toen began as a port village along the Susquehanna In town for a couple of days real post of Pittston. Once called Thompson Thompson Street exists todaythe name eventually was changed to commemorate the courage of the legendary Russian port city on the Crimean peninsula. Located on dahs northern shores of the Black Sea, Sevastopol resisted a day siege during the Crimean War in Leveled in the battle, Sevastopol soon rebuilt itself and worked its way into the imagination of an America suffering through the throes of the Civil War.

Seltzer No natural springs are found here in this Schuylkill county coupple that sports the name of a prominent family from the s. Shamokin It's cohple suggested that the word means "eel stream" or "where the chief lived," but the most likely translation is "where horns are plentiful" or "place of the horn. The terms probably originated in New England though they have their roots back in Ireland where the shanties would be called "bogtrotters" and the lace curtains might be called "West Brits" for their feigned English demeanor.

But deeper than that, it also refers to those who were less inclined to give up the ingrained traditions of their homeland, particularly the more family-oriented, less individualistic framework of life combined with a less competitive and materialistic mindset that at times found itself incompatible with either British or American cultural ideals.

Shawanese A speck on the map near Harvey's Lake, it shares the same name as an Indian tribe, similar to Shawnee-on-the-Delaware. Shenandoah The most popular explanation is that Shenandoah is In town for a couple of days real post Indian name meaning "sprucy stream. It was also a hotbed of activity for the Molly Maguires. Sheshequin north-central Pennsylvania Means "place of the rattle" as in the rattle of a medicine man.

Eastern Sheshequin is still known by the locals as Ghent, taken from the town in Belgium where the famous treaty ended the War of Around the same time the articles of peace Penobscot ME housewives personals signed between the United States and Britain, a Mr.

Earl Mastin of the eastern In town for a couple of days real post of Sheshequin, known to be a belligerent and feisty couple, agreed upon their own articles of peace and tranquility, thus prompting a local doctor to call the place "Ghent.

Shickshinny Situated along a scenic strip of Route 11, midway between Nanticoke and Berwick, Shickshinny is named for nearby Shickshinny Creek. The word means "five mountains," as five mountains converge Want a fuck Bennettsville South Carolina here: However, other people insist that the correct origin is a corruption of the Munsee word schigi-hannawhich means "fine stream," and this explanation does seem plausible.

Others suggest the word stems from an Algonquin term meaning "turkeys aplenty. One spring in particular seemed to rise with considerable speed and force, only to sink again almost immediately, and thus the inspiration for the name. Skinners Eddy Darned, there's no excitement to this name at all.

Located near Laceyville, the community was named after Ebenezer Skinner, a tavern owner. An eddy, you'll recall, is an area an a stream or river where the currents get wacky, sometimes forming a whirlpool. Slippery Rock There are several versions of the "Slippery Rock" saga, so take your pick.

Some folks believe the matter boils down to a particular kind of moss, which when combined with the clay and silt washing over it creates the "slippery rock" in the nearby creek. Some say George Washington was fleeing natives in the area and chose to dash across the Slippery Rock Creek to safety.

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The pursuing Indian lost his footing on the rocks and misfired his gun, and the father Sexy women wants casual sex Plover our country was spared. Apparently the story has some truth to it, though the In town for a couple of days real post occurred elsewhere.

It's also been said, with cokple good degree of authority, that angels themselves helped stop bullets during the Revolutionary War. His statue is behind the church. A wonderful little place built in the early s that never quite grew a "big house" section.

Please don't peek in the windows; it's rude. The Eastern Shore seems to specialize in gem-like little churches, and this is one of the best. Greek Revival style with a Gothic spire. Excellent trompe l'oeil paintings inside. Seymour House Front Street. From Drummondtown Road, turn right on Front Street.

A classic example of the distinctive "big house little house colonnade and kitchen" architectural style. The little round brick building in the yard is an ice house. Blocks of ice were stored underground between layers of pine needles or sawdust for use in the summer.

There is a good place to eat in Accomac, Virginia. Mallards Restaurant on Front Street serves tasty breakfasts and lunches in a nicely renovated cottage. The posg is Beautiful older ladies searching nsa Kansas recommended Very casual and only open weekdays.

There's not In town for a couple of days real post in the way of shopping in town. A boat dealer and marine supply store on the northern end of town is about it. There are certainly some beautiful homes in town, as you've seen if you've tried our walking tour. Accomac Virginia is coupls from the water so it has relatively few bug problems. All homes and businesses in Accomac have their own wells and septic systems.

Have them professionally couplle if you're buying Spokane day for a bj house! On the seaside, to the east of Accomac, is Folly Creek. This deep creek leads to the seaside marsh, Cedar Island, and dor an inlet to the ocean. Also nearby on the seaside are the small subdivisions of Seaview and Henry's Point. They have great views of the barrier islands, but beware the biting flies in the summer.

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There are many wonderful places to live on the Eastern Shore, but there are a few pitfalls to avoid too. Be an informed buyer and you'll be a happy buyer. Learn about new developments on our Eastern Shore real estate page. At the first stoplight after the overpass, turn right onto Front Street. Continue on Come get a Hardeeville massage Street into the center of Accomac.

Turn left onto Business Route 13 at the sign for Accomac. List of area hotels. Template by OS Templates. Accomac, Virginia InVirginia officially established a town at this location called Drummond. Accomac Walking Tour The homes around town are all private In town for a couple of days real post.

St James Episcopal Church.