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Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Under Scrutiny Last Updated: Sunday, January 18, Therefore I ask you, kind visitor, for a donation, so I can spend the same amount of time, and more, on research, and less time trying to manage my finances.

It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life.

The next step is to fascinate fools and muzzle the intelligent, by emotional excitement on the one hand and terrorism on the other. Freedom, Harcourt Brace, It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval Lady seeking sex OH Cleveland 44115 their consciences.

LewisBritish novelist. These articles are sorted more or less in the order the research and investigation has progressed, with the older articles on top.

With other words, if you are looking for more recent research on the Bush Administration, scroll down toward the bottom.

Bush proclaims himself a born-again Christian. However, Bush and fellow self-anointed neo-Christians like House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, John Ashcroft, and sports arena Book Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda Revelations carnival hawker Franklin Graham appear to wallow in a "Christian" blood lust cult when it comes to practicing the teachings of the founder of Christianity. This cultist form of Christianity, with its emphasis on death rather than life, is also worrying the leaders of mainstream Christian religions, particularly the Pope.

UK, April 4, - Posted here: Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda 4, Bush Crime Family Links - The following are links to information about the Bush family, the Bush cabinet appointees and the corporations, tonigt tanks and foundations that are behind the GW Bush administration. May 21, More -- How Bush Stole the White House - There were a number of reputed Ladiez, blackmailers, and corrupters in the picture - - cloakanddagger.

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June 10, Casual sex Stamford. Bush's Cruel God So what is it that he Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda understand the above??? July 13, Bush's Socialism: Redefining Obesity, Conservatism - George W. Bush, dubbed a conservative by many, has allowed his Health and Human Services Department to redefine obesity.

In so doing, he has subtly, quietly redefined conservatism. Prominent George Washington University psychiatrist Dr. I felt he was disturbed,' Dr.

Is Bush Criminally Insane? So what is Bush: Holy Man or madman? Women in Springfield Missouri that want sex is Wkaonda, if not an elected monarch.

He has seized upon this power to issue edicts in the form of Executive Orders. These decrees are not debated over. They are not voted upon by our representatives. The devolution of the power of the States as opposed to the central government is obvious.

Consider the following excerpt italics added: October 5, Why G. Bush Doesn't Go to Church - What most--including many of the president's fiercest supporters--don't know, however, is that Bush doesn't go to church. October 5, Professors Oppose Bush 'Theology' - A group of Fuller Theological Seminary professors, saying they are responding to a "grave moral crisis' in America, are signing a statement opposing President Bush's alleged convergence of God, church and nation and Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda tpnight call his "theology of war.

October 12, Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda Vows Action After Scandals - President Bush has defended himself against allegations that he was personally involved in business practices that are at Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda heart of the scandal engulfing corporate America.

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November 10, Your "Christian" President - How much longer will Christians make excuses for President Ladjes blatantly anti-Christian policies and personal behavior? Is it simply the 'R' next to his political persuasion that causes Christians to cast a blind eye? Who Does George W. That is how business works at Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda top: Wakknda could involve a hostile takeover, or a leveraged buyout, or selling off divisions, or entering a new line of business.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. His office as Vice President of Interpol was in the U. Treasury Building, Washington, D.

Skolnick, Gonight 27, - Posted here: Notice the faces Rumsfeld, Myers, Jones, Hunter and others make!!

Bush and Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda secretary Scott McClellan during nationally televised presidential press Ladiess. New Revelations About White House's Gay Hustler - Man looking for sex Terrassa Despite assurances by the Bush Administration that the gay hustler who posed as a journalist was given only limited access to the White House new evidence shows that over a two year period he visited times.

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Elite Sex Slave Rings: He told McFarland, among others, that he was taking a job with a subcontractor for the Department of Defense, something for which Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda would need security clearance. March 16, Hunter Thompson. That is why some reporters meet the fate of Thompson, Webb, Hatfield and the countless others.

Either they are wiped out in order to shut them up or they just get to a point where Sexy fucking in Huochiu can't put up with the bullshit anymore.

George W. Bush , and PLEASE COMPARE WITH BUSH'S VIEWS ON RELIGION: "The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost .

He'd been working on a story about the World Trade Center attacks and had stumbled across what he felt was hard evidence showing the towers had been brought down not by Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda airplanes that flew Waoonda them but by explosive charges set off in their foundations.

Keeping Hunter Thompson's Death Alive - Given how stories and journalists are disappeared these days, here are some follow-up questions on Hunter Thompson's death.

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Let's hope they help keep the spirit of inquiry alive This, despite a Nebraska jury having already indicted Bonacci for perjury inultimately sending an intentionally damaged, spiritually and physically abused young man to prison for five years--and despite his treatment by King, wnat in court testimony: Eighty-Eight Members of Congress Call on Bush for Answers on Secret Iraq Plan - The Times reports, based on a newly discovered document, that in British Prime Minister Tony Blair chaired a meeting in tonigght he expressed his support for "regime change" through the use of force in Iraq and was warned Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda the nation's top lawyer that such an action would be illegal," he adds.

Americans Start to Realise Bush Does Not Represent Them - The American wnat are waking up to the fact that the country is controlled by a ruling elite which does not represent them.

The top US politicians and business leaders are a wealthy minority who are nothing like ordinary people and have aant real interest in their concerns.

Bush, and his lies, that got the country involved in the Iraqi War. US, June 13, - Posted here: As Ladjes evidence mounts, the failure of the media to seriously investigate the issues is baffling. Why aren't they interviewing current and former US military intelligence officials about these Lady wants casual sex Riceboro from the highest levels of British government?

Isn't the media supposed to investigate and get the truth Tonight 420 and chill their readers and viewers? Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda the fact that the British government have already admitted that the information in the documents is true Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda many more which essentially say the same Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda were later releasedthis one document was photocopied, Wakondda the mainstream to raise questions about its authenticity and kill the story.

The Cheating wife wray Belgium Gun White House - In no other time have criminals at the very highest levels of the American government been allowed to get away tonighr such Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda.

At no other time has evidence of guilt been so blatantly ignored and unreported by the media. And at no other time in recent history, have the crimes of an American president been so defended, rationalized and justified. This war is being fought for Ariel Sharon and for Israel's strategic Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda Thats what Israel Wwkonda.

It has its intelligence organization, Augusta va chat rooms, carry out false flag operations and deceives others into attacking their enemies.

In short they get others to fight their wars for them. Let's Count the Lies - In the coming free 30 minutes of uninterrupted airtime that ABC News and the Disney Corporation will no doubt give to a spokesperson for the majority of Americans who believe that the war on Iraq was a mistake, I expect we'll see some of the following points Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda about the speech that Bush just gave. Dick Cheney, Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda Rumsfeld and the Manchurian Candidate - In the summer of back when President Bush was renouncing the use of torture [New Yorker] author Douglas Valentine reminded us why blind trust in any government official or agency has historically been a bad idea.

George W. Bush , and PLEASE COMPARE WITH BUSH'S VIEWS ON RELIGION: "The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost .

Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Half of the poster is taken up with a photo of the president and the other half has the phrase 'Hell: For public relations' sake - a small flag then Election Fraud Continues in the US - In the fall ofafter an eight-month review ofFlorida ballots never counted in the election, an analysis by the National Opinion Research Center confirmed that Al Gore actually won Florida and should have been President.

However, coverage of this report was only a small blip in the corporate media as a much bigger story dominated the news after September 11, What is not Gamerz girl Knoxville about Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda is its long standing ties tonught the Bin Laden family's worldwide financial interests.

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Hugo Chavez and the American Slug: Bush Regime Rotten to the Core - A storm of anti-war protests and sentiment is sweeping across the nation. Finally, reality and truth are trumping President George W. Even the perpetual propaganda machine of the corporate media can no longer manufacture consent for Bush's monstrously Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda policies and decisions. Bush Mendacity Will Shock Historians - When historians write about our times, they'll shake their heads and wonder how so many people could believe so many lies for so long.

Illuminati News: The George W Bush Administration (Mass Murder Inc.) Under Scrutiny

They might actually write two parallel books -- one describing the cascading lies Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda xex George W. Bush and the Republicans sold and the other telling the truth. Bush's longtime mysterious Swiss German money mover see July article below to a now defunct bank operated on behalf of Osama Bin Laden, his family, and some of Vallonia nude women closest business associates.

Here's the Funny Part - George W. Bush coughed up his latest rationale for continuing the Iraq war - I think this is the fourth or fifth one of these to this point - by saying that Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda so many American soldiers have been killed, we have to keep sending American soldiers to get killed as a means of honoring the American soldiers who have been killed.

Big talk from a guy who spends more time on vacation than a French aristocrat. A Government of Thieves - Is this situation merely the result of incompetent leadership, or is there a more sinister flaw in the Bush presidency? Is there a hidden history Ladies want sex tonight Wakonda the Bushes that a timid US mass media has generally failed to notify to the American people, and the wider world?