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Monday Funtime nsa m4w i am looking for girls under 40 to hookup anytime tomorrow.

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A pretty film this is not; everyone is pale and puffy, stuffed into Sex dating in Ahmeek and buttoned-up regalia, Lady for some fun red-faced as if they have been crying behind the scenes.

Nudity is frequent and flagrant, with plenty of bloated, hairy, untoned bodies. Eyebrows are unplucked, eyelashes are unadorned, fingernails are unpolished and uncut, and bare feet walk slappily across marble floors.

Incongruously, laid overtop all this unsightliness, are the magnificent visual touches that define the era: Throughout, notice the perfection in lighting and plot pacing. Majestic scenes unroll unevenly against hard, bland hues of beige, taupe, ivory and slate.

Characters are fot up starkly and simply Lady for some fun monotones. Amid all their churlish bedevilment, these women gleefully gerrymander their monarchal mileau.

As Sarah notes, dun verbally skewering one of her male minions mid-movie: Sunday, February 24, Login Contact Us Subscribe Advertise. Sports Calendar — Feb.

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