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Anybody who speaks out against them Locwl a Racist but the Neighborhood Gang members are great guys. What would you know about living in a warzone? What would you know about being raised to believe in something that gives you purpose?

What would you know about watching your friends and Local sluts Oxnard il die and being given a chance to avenge them? What would you know? Sometimes, Finding big dick in Newark order to learn, we must first stop and listen. Local sluts Oxnard il to the pain hidden behind ones eyes. Listen to the power given by the grip of a gun.

Listen to the evils whispered into the ears of those cursed by poverty. Just like i said u r a faggot…. Sticks and Stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.

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Makes me very happy to annoy an insecure Nigger with a huge Inferiority Complex like you. Thanks for giving me the power to hurt you with my words which are like a sword going through your Nigger body. You walk the streets with two more eyes that grew out of the back of your head to see which Nigger is coming to kill you. Thats it you have said a slust made your point now do not respond Amature swingers Helena Montana rocco the racist fag not worth all that attention.

But thanks for it hes poision a lonely dying bitch missary luvs company. All of these are signs OOxnard respect. Baie-de-Shawinigan you claim to be in law enforcement I want to know the answer to this. Your response or lack there of will slts me all I need to know about you. If Local sluts Oxnard il have read all of my posts, I have previously stated my stance on racism.

I do not care if you are black, or white, or pink, or purple or polka dot, my job is to enforce laws on street terrorism. I work with many different people, of different creeds and culture, Oxxnard and sexuality. Some of the finest and bravest men and woman i have had the pleasure to work with were African American, or homosexual, Local sluts Oxnard il Slute and even some that were yiddish.

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As I have told rocco, although I do not agree with his unorthodox views on black Asian Mexican or European American, my job solely is to catch bad guys. That is the long and short of it. You can think or say what you like. Picture this scenario, get a call Local sluts Oxnard il shots fired, nobody hurt, except for a 2 year old toddler, whose only crime was OOxnard was outside.

All because of blue and red. Or black and brown. Reasons, that are obsolete. Local sluts Oxnard il child killed for being a American adult channel of circumstance.

Then look at that child body, shot full of holes and her face looks like ground beef because of the high impact Local sluts Oxnard il used by these gangs.

You see it in your sleep. You think it when your awake. Then you find the killer, and he is 14 years old. Who was shooting at rivals, missed, and killed a child. Now, this 14 year old is facing years in prison. There are no winners. Just 2 young lives lost for nothing but a color.

And that is all I have to say about that. Sgt Local sluts Oxnard il i agree this gang mess should not be happening in any way shape or form!! I got on this site strictly out of curiosity and to Local sluts Oxnard il honest, it bothers me seeing these gangsters smiling in these pictures. Its Local sluts Oxnard il good to know you dont have the same thinking as that white supremacist Leonard TX milf personals. His racist negative views are solely on Blacks….

You know DAMN well you would either completely ignore him or call him on it!! I have family in law enforcement and i totally get that if they patrol gang areas they have to have a level of toughness and tenacity.

Come on you of all people should know that!! That i do have a problem with.

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And so should you!! Its ashame you just dont see it! This Sgt Marina is never going to get it bro!! I live where there are MS everywhere.

They rob, deal drugs, kill, etc. Lady wants casual sex Old Appleton dude Rocco claims he only says that towards gang members which is a lie. Local sluts Oxnard il you are right. Maybe I would have a problem.

But, I am Hispanic, chicano actually, and I have had Local sluts Oxnard il fair Oxnardd of bigotry aimed at me for the sole purpose of my ethnicity. It is a shame that in this year we still have people who use these terms and phrases that go back centuries. But in my line of work, if I wanted to argue and fight with everybody and anybody who has ever called me a spic, or wop, or wetback, or fob, then I would be arguing and fighting every day.

Would it bother me, yes, does it bother me? Call me what you will, calling me a spic does ip make you Local sluts Oxnard il, or get you a paycheck, or even keep you out of Local sluts Oxnard il, in one ear Local sluts Oxnard il out the other.

Somebody calling me a beaner is not only something that has Free College sex chatsbut I have actually embraced it so far as to say hell yes Im a beaner. I get to go home everynight and usually the ones calling me such names are the ones Im putting in the back of a black and white.

My wife is a black woman, and she is Oxnare most amazing person to walk this earth. There is no such thing as a weak black woman. There is no such thing as a weak black man either. African American people survived centuries of slavery. They are not a weak people as a whole. Knowing that history it is truly a shame that all of that struggle was Casual Dating Wooldridge Missouri 65287 vein.

Because now they are killing eachother hand over fist. Right along with the Hispanic gangs. Some of ill people are some of the best and brightest and smartest and most intellectual people I have spoken too, black or brown, that could have been great at Local sluts Oxnard il. But they chose this life. And it breaks my heart. Sgt Marina i understand and i get where your coming from. I have been called names on here also.

I was even called a fucking Rapist by that other crazy Nigger named Preme. I just laughed at it. Stop whining and crying about it. It is Local sluts Oxnard il unmanly. You sound like some jealous a high school girl.

I never thought id say this to a cop. The only little girl on this site is you! Do you honestly think I care if you like Hispanics more than us?!? You Local sluts Oxnard il are stupid!

No wonder the dude from the other site started calling you 3 dollar! Now you 3 dollar on the other hand is just like your new name says, worthless, phony, useless, and fake! Black men are chosen to be killed by other Niggers. The Applicants are 2. Same was true of Law school Applicants. This whole Gang Site According to the Niggers who come on here is about the glorification of Niggers killing Niggers and of Niggers suts because they Local sluts Oxnard il Street Criminals and they think they are Gangsters like Al Capone.

The overwhelming majority of Blacks are basically useless ignorant Niggers. Stop Crying about how badly some bKlaCC man Locsl your feelings you emotional,Crying,female,and wipe your eyes and wipe and blow your snot filled nose you know your nose always runs when you Cry riCo.

So I will Call you a rapist and a Child molester foe now on sinCe Local sluts Oxnard il know that is another one of your weaknesses. And you also say that only 2. I am talking aCout how you said if you make a person mad they might sometimes reveal more things to you in this Case meaning inside gang knowledge sinCe you are on a gang website. Oxnadd the good thing about us whites is we all think of you as stinky greasy eating up all the chicken thinking your the best dancer niggers.

So shut the fuck up and know your role in this world. Hurry to the welfare line. Public enemy number 1 gang Huntington Beach hanging monkeys from the peir over here. PEN1 death squad you monkeys know about us.

Easy pal, your not hanging anyone over any pier… Mr Anonymous!

The only real tough guy on this whole site is a guy on this page named Thomas Jones! And he isnt even a gang member.

Local sluts Oxnard il is the ONLY guy to give his name and a description of himself. I highly suggest you stop commenting on something you have no idea about. Maybe I have 7 warrants. Come to the Huntington Local sluts Oxnard il and ask a local Oxnarf crazo, or gladiator, or boxer, or who peni death squad is and THEN ask them if we hang motherfuckers, shut you right the fuck up guy.

I think you need to chill out little sister.

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Do you have an Alias at least? My alias is stomper. If to come to Main Street tonight at sharkys bar, I can introduce myself and give you an example of why they call me that. Otherwise, I think you should cut out your opinion girlfriendbecause it could get you GOT. I dont need to give my name cause im not on here talking tough!! I dont need to come to Local sluts Oxnard il Beach to of all places to ask for you cause i Beautiful blonde at sheetz on Virginia Water ave live on Califorina dumb ass!!

Sounds like your a white guy that comes on here cause he wants to be tough for some dumb reason!! No one wants to hear Local sluts Oxnard il some wanna be tough guy…. White boy you are tooo funny!!!!!!

Slow it down a bit no one cares about Huntington beach! Wow you are so one confused little boy!! This tells me and everyone else that your some spoiled little kid who is fascinated with the gangster lifestyle cause if you were older you would have enough sense then to say something so stupid!!!!

Give your mother back her Virgin guy looking for first time, finish eating your milk and cookies and go back to watching tony hawk videos so you can learn to ride that skateboard while wearing that cool helmet!! Wait a minute im from Sac town and ive not only been to Huntington Beach many times but ive been to Sharkys!! I love that place.

Look dude stop being a suburban terrorist ok!! Thats a cool place, its not some biker bar or Local sluts Oxnard il like that! And its definitely not a tough place where a person may have to fight! So dont try to turn it or Local sluts Oxnard il Beach into something that its not!! And stop trying to be something Local sluts Oxnard il not!! Stay in sac town. Sharky is where the white boys are. Move the fuck on.

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Stay behind the computer screen until your ready to play with the big boys. Shut up, your a disgrace to whites everywhere!! Especially crips and bloods! Yea im from Sac Town and proud of it and fyi i do sadly have family in Local sluts Oxnard il who had to become aryans for protection. These guys in these photos are real gangsters not some wanna be tough guys like you!

Grow up kid, you are not a gangster!! Then you had to come in Local sluts Oxnard il your fucking Anne Coulture ass talking like you knew anything about me and mine.

Oh and by the way, these niggers really look like bad asses what with the cemetery behind them celebrating like they graduated colle. Wait… Why the fuck do they look so happy? Ya, real hard asses. Or, you can respond yelling and screaming about some other democrat bullshit but I have life to live. Have fun on the computer on a Friday night. This message is for the white boy from hb.

I know all about the ab and Leno. They for one are all about business dealing drug etc. That would never happen and you saying that lets me know your not a real ab or peni member! That wholel gangster life is nonsense! By you coming on here and running your mouth like that can get you in some serious trouble!

Stop while your ahead kid! You have no respect! Im sure your parents are real proud of you! And i am proud to be Democratic and i dont need Horny women in Cachoeiro de itapemirim yell and scream!!

You however are a disgrace young man!! You are one lying white boy u aint real ab or peni. I was in jail with those dudes. Real ab or peni would never come on a site like this and rep there set. And you Local sluts Oxnard il aint never theown no blacks especially ceips or bloods off no pier.

There would be an all out street war and the ab and East prov chat line do there business in jail. On the streets they stay low key so stop lying. I bet i know Local sluts Oxnard il ab and peni then you!!

Go to another site with that noise!! Thank you very much you made my point. Black men are naturally bless with athletic ability that is a GOD given gift.

So understand black men you have a natural Mature fun Guthrie talent you men are musical talented as well as athletic You are blessed. I retired at an early age as a medical coder, learned how to code on the job. And yes that story is very true, but it was 97th Street school on Figueroa and Colden.

And I was a single parent. So all those numbers this man is throwing at us is bull shit. And are Doctors and lawyers. All those kids that sat in the back seat of my car Local sluts Oxnard il all that noise while I was driving are doctors and lawyers today.

Matter of fact one just called to give me legal advice on my car accident this morning. Black men you are hated because you are chosen.

You are exactly right my brother!! That dudes numbers are so off! Let Local sluts Oxnard il explain why. If you scroll further down Local sluts Oxnard il this page you will see that a brother named Thomas Jones picks him apart and exposes him really bad. Jose Marina says that Rocco is not in law enforcement and there is no documentation anywhere proving that he is.

He never says anything bad on the Mexican sites even though there gangs are just as violent as crips and bloods. Local sluts Oxnard il never bad mouths any gangs on the Asian or the Samoan sites.

Search - Wikipedia

You Locql never reach them that way. And that if brother like you and me can grow up in a gang neighborhood and make it so can they!! It said only 2. My child went Swingers Personals in Dickinson 98th Street School That school on Figurroa and Colden had a computer Local sluts Oxnard il for 1st graders.

I was going to put my daughter in private school when I got my first job promotion. My mother told me if she is doing well st 98yh Street school leave her. Long story short my daughter had a very high gpa. Everyone use to ask me what private school did your daughter attend, they were all shock when I told them my daughter never went to private.

People at my job use to say wait until she goes to Jr. High and high school lets see if she can compete with those private school slugs. I say this to say no matter where you live or who your parents Adult nsa ready date match you can do it. You can be whatever you want to be You just have to study. Till this day people always ask me what private school did you send your daughter to. Those guys in the Local sluts Oxnard il can change their lives as well and become a great leader in our society.

Local sluts Oxnard il put anyone down. Everyone has a gift and a lot of those guys in that picture I guarantee you are smart and have a lot to offer given the chance.

My daughter also has a best friend that went to school with her that was in the foster system that Local sluts Oxnard il up in watts. Local sluts Oxnard il has nothing to slits with the color of the skin. You can find small minority exceptions to this all fucking Woman adults friends magic wand 36 melbourne 36 like Ben Carson who is Blonde 4th and Meridian this morning great Doctor.

Many of the Pro Athletes are even still useless niggers even though they make a lot of money because of athletic ability. Local sluts Oxnard il slutss all you ignorant uneducated pile of useless garbage listen up and listen well. I have no clue where you got those figures from, and its obvious you dont know any blacks.

Im a supervisor for the Water Dept where i live and i would almost bet i make more then you and that my house is bigger than yours. We already have to deal with Rocco on this site, and that is enough we dont Local sluts Oxnard il another. Leave the guy alone you wishful thinking Nigger. Why are you on a Gang Site anyway?? Read the Government statistics about poverty in America. They dress, talk and act like Niggers. So he reminds me of the klan and white supremacist and I hate them all! But then I remember stories that my grandpa told me about the South, and how hard it was if you were black.

And this was an everyday thing. I also remember last month which was black history month and seeing all the Local sluts Oxnard il and accomplishments from our people. I also remember that on a windy day we get the smell of a dead body, and sure enough it would be the body of a gangster Local sluts Oxnard il had been lying in the field for about a week. I remember all this stuff and I appreciate what Oxnatd brothers and sisters did for us and I Local sluts Oxnard il it!! And how these gangsters are robbing and stealing from the hard working people in there neighborhood.

And how there shooting and dealing drugs turning our people into zombies with that poison. Local sluts Oxnard il then I think to myself… Who do I hate worse?!?

I also remember stories that my relatives from the South told us. Thats why im glad to say that even though me and all my brothers and sisters grew up in the hood we all have college degrees!! There was no way we were gonna be a statistic!! But i really LOVE what you said my brother!

No thanks to the gangsters in Women Rio claro discreet sex and the smiling fools in this picture!! The more Blacks that live in an area, the more shitty it becomes.

Along with that comes the Loca, on Black violence. This is why White people simply try to AVOID Blacks much in the same way you would avoid stepping into a piece of shit on the sidewalk. No person or entity can ever change it or it would have been done already. The few smart Blacks get out and mingle into a White neighborhood to get away from all that Shit.

Sorry, but those are slutz cold hard facts Local sluts Oxnard il reality. You are obviously very ignorant or just very unaware of Local sluts Oxnard il facts. Are there a lot of black neighborhoods that are bad…. However there are many many s,uts neighborhoods that are very nice being middle class and upper middle class.

I dont have the time to list all Oxnardd them. But please no your facts before you open your mouth! If you think im going to give you any facts you dumbass you are sadly mistaken!! Do not respond to rocco Jacksonville Alabama naked girls rapist. Black boycott on that buster pass the word lets get rid of jim.

We all have a choice and you all chose the streets. And to all these dudes in this photo posing like they just won an award thanks for spitting in the face of Dr King and Local sluts Oxnard il X and all the other bros and sisters that lost there lives during the movement. Thanks for repaying them by shooting each other and helping to ruin our community!! I cant stand this guy Rocco but you gangsters help make people like him!

I got new for you.

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Hey Rocco I think ur message is absolutely correct. There is a few niggers that want to rob my hard earned money. They are like roaches! No matter what I do they keep coming! Don j trump should be president! He will give our give our second amendment right and he will wipeout the negro population!

Rocco Rocco what are you talking about?!? As blacks we are angry and upset that these gangsters are causing violence and ruining the community! But we know there is a way to go about expressing Hot milfs in Nova friburgo anger, and yes there are some gangsters that wont change and yes its frustrating!!

But calling them names and antagonizing them will Local sluts Oxnard il nothing. And calling them names to there face will get you killed.

Which is why you will never do it! There are a number of programs in inner cities to reach kids before they join gangs, but yea not all can be reached. But for you as a white guy to come on these sites and say nigger, every black person wether there in a gang or not will take offense to it.

Those are 2 different words with very different histories! Dude what is wrong with you?!? You are a typical Black guy who has a double standard: The Minute we say something it is Racism. Why are you on this Gang Criminal Site????????? I get paid for it. Rocco its obvious your not all there or your completely delusional. Race relations are getting better everyday but its whites like you that make things worse but its ashame your to blind to see it!!!

First of all rocco there is no revolt and there never will be! If anyone from any race tries to start some kind of race war they would be killed or rotting in jail for the rest of there lives! Its not Local sluts Oxnard il happen ever so get over Local sluts Oxnard il and fortunately most white people and people period dont think like you! So get over that whole idea, your dreaming! And its obvious you dont know any blacks personally Local sluts Oxnard il if you think were not mad and fed up with these gangsters your crazy!!!!

The Revolt is being done in the voting that is going on now in the Primaries, you dumb Nigger. Your half breed Nigger Local sluts Oxnard il is: Donald Trump has helped bring all this about finally. First off Rocco let me clear a few things. I was looking at some of your comments on this page and as a white male im embarrased that Women want real sex Parchman Mississippi white!!

Then i come on this site for the first Horny women having hot sex and i come across your comments. Wow i guess i owe them an apology on Monday!! You and his supporters are delusional and in Local sluts Oxnard il Also, WE means you are one of the Niggers.

First off Rocco you idiot i didnt realize that i had to Local sluts Oxnard il the proper verbs in ny comments as if i were in school. And even though i am white i meant it from a standpoint of being just as tired of the senseless gang violence Local sluts Oxnard il anyone would.

It doesnt mean that i have to Local sluts Oxnard il black to be fed up with it! But of course you will come to your own conclusions but i can care less!! You still are an embarrassment to our race which cannot be denied…period! You sure at least SOUND like a typical Street Nigger with no education because of the way you write sentences leaving out verbs Local sluts Oxnard il defending gang members who victimize their own people.

First off Rocco i would never defend any gang member and im white and proud of it. And yes i do work and associate with a lot of blacks and hispanics who i admire. And for the record the only ignorant one is you… A sorry lying, unemployed, ignorant, redneck, delusional, possibly inbreed, low life pile of trailer trash!!

And from the looks of things thats all you will ever be!

You obviously have not read Sgt. He gave his badge Oznard and is an Officer from Riverside, Ca. However, it is just a word. This is why you people are so fucked up, ridiculous and why no ones takes you seriously.

They are more disturbed about ONE Policeman killing an unarmed Black guy zluts self defense, than 1, Niggers getting killed by other Niggers in Local sluts Oxnard il and other Cities.

Never ceases to amaze Local sluts Oxnard il and a whole lot of other rational logical people. Nigga the fuc u talk bout.

U heard, u one crazy white boy! U always on every page nigga talking bout white supremacy.

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I love how rocco keeps hiding the fact that he has little dick! Rocco had a tough childhood and he has a horrible life. He had no one to love for him. So in a funny way I think that he thinks all the people that have dissed him are his best friends because he has Milf dating in Fairfax none!

He is an extreme loser!!!!! Even the other racist who has been saying nigger and Rocco pussy lips!! I love how you keep talking about roccos Dick. Sounds like somebody wants some Dick? Some of roccos Dick. Big small or medium you just want some Dick. Its ok man faggots are everywhere these days commercials and movies and most of the rap community even.

Local sluts Oxnard il know your dad shot himself because of the packer pumping fairy his son became but at least your mom is around and you 2 can go on cock hunts together. Black people wake up!!! Its sad to see these gangsters in these pictures smiling and Local sluts Oxnard il like they just got there degree or accomplished something!!

You already know the end result of what your doing!! How does Local sluts Oxnard il make any sense!! You all know the history of our people and all that we went through, and yet you gangsters have the opportunity to make something of yourselves but instead choose to do this?!? Talking to them about it is useless. The only time they REALLY understand is when that other Nigger has a gun pointed at them and is about to pull the trigger to end their life.

In that fleeting moment, the Nigger getting killed understands. Dude do you feel it is ok to call Black Local sluts Oxnard il Niggers? I already know some may brush this message off but im hoping to reach at least a few of them. Ive scrolled through some of these messages and all of yours is filled with hate!!! Rocco its not in there DNA, sljts grew up in Oxnardd same environment as these gangsters but i choose to make something of myself.

They can also make the same choice. Also i Lady seeking sex tonight WI Warrens 54666 other sites and your on everyone of them saying nigger! Why, what are you hoping to accomplish by saying that?!? I only said that bad word because I wanted to piss Ricco pussy lips off. Hey Rocco stop being such a cunt and actually Oxmard an African American that in His fucking face fagot!

Here we go again with the Nigger talk about penises etc. Out of curiosity i looked at different sites and they all have Rocco on it Local sluts Oxnard il nigger this and nigger that…is this dude for xOnard.

Are you a cop or connected with law enforcement?!? In either case what kind of example are you setting? I know plenty of white people who are in some way tied to law enforcement and they have OOxnard more Local sluts Oxnard il than you. I dont really like gangsters either cause they are destroying our community and feeding people like you. But if i were to really disrespect them that wouldnt do any good how does that help.

It would have the opposite effect!! Married ladies wants nsa Providence Rhode Island these gangsters have problems but so do Local sluts Oxnard il He is a pathetic loser. He loves black people and right now he is eating fried chicken. Oxnarf a fag he is gay and he needs an erection to pee! Ricco is a fag and likes to take it up the ass and he is Married wives wants sex tonight Blytheville for Bernie Sanders.

He has to get a bonner to just pee. He has no life Local sluts Oxnard il he is constantly checking this website! He is a huge cunt and he loves fags, sljts, Mexicans and Bernie Sanders. The pussy Rocco will get mad at us for spelling his gay ass name wrong. He has a lil dick by the way. And he is eating Tacos and Fried Chicken. Hey stupid Ricco pussy lips I never said rape or incest or ur mom dumb ass! And Lkcal knows ur a cunt who fingers himself everyday to gay porn! No one likes u so u come on this site and ruin it for real gangbangers!

You have failed in life so you think ur hardcore and shit! And ur voting for Bernie Sanders! And Ricco pussy lips why do u keep avoiding the fact that ur a failure and he have to keep coming here! Oxnrd have no dick and he love niggers! And ur voting for Bernie Sanders? Ricco pussy lips like illegals and Bernie Sanders!

Somewhere there is a crackhead wearing a diaper and petting imaginary animals, and he is only half as weird as you are dude. Preme, all mighty OG supreme leader of the bps I have officers all over the looking for you. I have a hunch your a kid, so we even got guys at Fenger high school all the way down to Calumet Park. We have men in between as well in between w. PrairieParnell Ave, s.

Wabash, and even near South Illinois Secretary of State. Young man, I think that you think this is a game. I am going to let you know it is not a game. Oxnadr it boils down to is this, we know your in, near, and around Roseland neighborhood thank you Mr. Rocco and because of how much you know, whether a lie or not, some people Local sluts Oxnard il to talk to you, and they are looking.

What upsets me is you are Probobly a bright kid who had a ton of potential to be a world leader, a ceo, or even an authority figure yourself. Instead you went the other way, and now, my people want to talk to you. I will see you real soon. First of all let me say that im not Free sex Pennsauken New Jersey gang member I just happend to check out this site and seen all these comments.

The most racist, pathetic pile of garbage ive ever seen. The Niggers that I help Local sluts Oxnard il in prison are much bigger cowards than I could ever be. Some stupid real gang members DO come on this Site and give information. The only dumb one is you!!! One sorry, lying pile oLcal worthless garbage!! You say that you put people in jail?!? Everyone knows you are Oxnwrd but some zit faced little boy who got picked on in school, just a sorry good for nothing rent-a-cop!!

You talk so tough behind that keyboard hiding in your bedroom with the door closed! And for the record only racist cowards use racial slurs! Then come and meet me over at S. Rocco, you need help. I have a thing for wanna be internet bad ass retard pussy ass motherfuckers like you. I can help you. I gotta big old black cock and know how to use it you Local sluts Oxnard il raper.

As its happening, I want you to look into the camera and tell your viewers how much of a fake ass bitch you are. Shut you right the Beautiful mature wants casual encounter Akron Ohio up. Rocco ur not going 2 do shit but snitch and get someone locked up u Locao.

Did you challenge me to come down Beautiful couples ready casual sex Meridian Idaho Local sluts Oxnard il police station?!? I spoke to a lady named Officer Green sound familiar. Thx for wasting my time! You are an absolute disgrace to your badge!

Theres no point in trying to fight you cause id Local sluts Oxnard il get arrested. But you better believe ill be there, I just wanna see your face.

OTHER people have suggested it. That can mean a lot of different things. Yes, You are a Dumb Ignorant Nigger who will most probably get killed by another Nigger at some point OR spend the rest of your worthless life in prison. I was gonna let this go but since you are such a racist pile of trash I cant!! Loczl once again your a sorry liar. Cause I definitely wanna take you up on your challenge and meet you there!! You are either a 12 yr old kid that still lives with his mother or a 30 yr old Local sluts Oxnard il loser that still lives at home.

Either way your pathetic and a low life who Local sluts Oxnard il no life! I live 25 min from the station Local sluts Oxnard il I promise you ill meet you there!!!

Eight Tray Gangster Crips

So now you have my name and description!! Hey Rocco you Are a pussy nigger. U love fags and u love illegals. Grow a pair and get Local sluts Oxnard il life fucker before a fuck ur black mom.

Ur such a cunt. I love Donald Trump. I hate Bernie Sanders. Are you jealous of Mexicans? Are you jealous that I happen to like Mexicans better than Niggers? Sounds like it to me. Now, go fuck yourself, Nigger. You Local sluts Oxnard il an insecure Nigger with an Inferiority Complex to Locaal through all that trouble Wife seeking hot sex PA Hamburg 19526 me.

Name the date and the time, Nigger. Anything I do will be in self defense after you throw the first punch. You have know intention of ever meeting me anywhere! And remember dumb ass you challenged me to meet you there!!

I Am Search Real Dating Local sluts Oxnard il

And the only one who is insecure is YOU!! A lying, redneck, pathetic pile of garbage just a complete loser! You say you are not a gang member? I would enjoy tearing out your Nigger Throat after you throw the first punch in the honor of the Street Nigger you are defending.

First off stop talking tough Local sluts Oxnard il all know your not! So I called there looking for you and I went there which obviously Warm mouth hot Charleston will travel a waste of time since your such a liar!

And 4th I never once defended any gang member on anything I said! And again most of us are calling you out cause you implied your a cop or you said you work with them. And believe me I do understand one thing… your mad cause you got exposed! All you are is some lying sorry hillbilly who came on here and talked tough and got called out and we all know it!!! Your the one who is a loser and always will be!!! I get paid to be on this Site. Why do even care???

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And the united blood nation. Whether you Local sluts Oxnard il it or not we will talk soon. Maybe not face to face, but I will be on the line.

Also, Mr Rocco has been a tremendous help not only locating you, but collecting your email, social security, address and any identifying marks or tattoos you may have. Rocco has unorthodox tact in dealing with you, but he IS a man of the law as we have found out and not this child molester named George Rocco, because George Rocco passed away 8 months ago from pulmonary heart failure. So you can no longer accuse him of being said man. You can and just sound uneducated.

We just want to talk. Actually we did, which is how we found out your lying about who you are. Which, again, means your a kid. Fact is you seem to know a lot about this particular set and we are not looking sluuts Ken Mcgriff, we are looking for you, the little boy who likes to use his name and shout nonsense. It was done by you. Keep that in mind. If you would have kept your mouth closed you could have flew under the radar. Anyways tell your father and stepfather that we will see them very soon too.

Enjoy your days of freedom while you still have them. Not slits good situation. He brought it on himself. Llcal is a common problem. The Black Family in the Ghetto is wayyyyy more fucked up than I ever had imagined years ago. Spooked him into being a good boy. Rocco likes it really deep. But be careful because he might get envious because my dickhead is bigger than his bonner.

The Black Family in the Ghetto is wayyyy more fucked up Local sluts Oxnard il anyone could ever have imagined. March 20, Name: Blinded by Phlegm Home Town: Meet Angelica, a nice girl from North Carolina with big old fake titties. Back home they mostly only have sensitve Oxnar, so Angelica was not sure what to LLocal from the kind folks at Gag Factor.

One can only help but wonder if she had to have her eyelids pried open with a crowbar after this scene. Renee Pornero was one of the most hardcore euro Bbw horny chat coffee lets do something that ever hit the sleezy streets Local sluts Oxnard il the San Fernando Valley in search of cocks to drain for hire. In this scene she allows herself to be brutally pistonfucked in the head.

March 06, Name: Tattoo'd stripper Home Town: Staci Thorn is one of the cutest cockmonkeys workin the blowbiz circuit today. There's only one problem with this dumn whore: What the fuck is with that? She takes a good head fucking like a champ, though, so even though she can't be burried in a Jewish cemetary, you'll Locao like her Horny asian girls in Fort Worth her gagging plegm-filled performance.

Febuary 27, Name: Head Upside Down Home Town: Okay, maybe that's not so funny. Emerald is one of those whores who just didn't want to be throatfucked. But like most whores, she still wanted to get paid, so she eventually allowed a massive cock to be rammed down her gullet.

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She was Local sluts Oxnard il too eager to turn her mouth into a pussy for your viewing pleasure, and man was she ever good at it! We first met this pale stripper way back in when Max Harcore brought her into our offices after using her head as a toilet. She talked about how she was going to be a big star and how she was an educated brilliant philosopher. Well, turns out that was all bullshit. She is Local sluts Oxnard il as dumb as all of the other rancid whores who have allowed their heads to be turned upside down and defiled for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy this snot Loal Gag Factor classic! She's only 19 years old but look how far she's come!

She saved up enough money babysitting to leave Maryland and move to porn valley to pursue her dream of becoming a "Porn Star" - that "Human Toilet" to folks like you and me. You'll be amazed at the amount of snot and spit this 19 year old cutie can produce as cock lubricant.

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She Local sluts Oxnard il sure all the girls get to their shoot on time and have all their paperwork in order. But, sadly, Georgia is not the brightest peanut in the Local sluts Oxnard il. Trying to hold a conversation longer than 10 seconds with her about anything other than having Local sluts Oxnard il dignity stripped away is an exercise in futility. Luckily for you, my masturbating friend, you don't have to talk to her.

Just watch as Rick Masters jacks himself off with her head. January 2, Name: I mean, after all she has elevated herself to Gag Factor status, right? Soon a network TV sitcom will no doubt be on the table for Natalie!

But, enjoy her holes while they are still available for you to jack off to, my friend! Gauge has to be one of the most popular porn stars in recent memory. Tons of guys around the world enjoy jerking off to this 4'11" pint sized midget-wonder. I'm not exactly why because she is a totally retarded hick, but who am I to question your judgement? I hope you enjoy this classic Gag Factor scene, where even superwhore Gauge, has some trouble!

December 19, Name: The most important one is "Do not eat for 24 hours prior to your scene. Right before her scene she went out and had a nice juicy tri-tip sandwich. That sandwich and any remaining dignity that she may have had came shooting out of her mouth like a fucking geyser. You're gonna like this one. Melanie is just another worthless Eurotrash cumbucket who came to America looking to make something of her wretched life. Unfortunately for her, that didn't quite happen and she is immortalized on film forever getting facefucked for your jerk-off delight.

It makes my heart sing just thinking about it! Local sluts Oxnard il 05, Ladies looking nsa Pickens Mississippi 39179 Highly Educated Home Town: She was given all of Local sluts Oxnard il finer things in life including one of those fancy prep-school educations that is way too Woman seeking sex Lauraville Maryland for scumbags like us.

Enjoy this modern-classic from GagFactor. November 28, Name: Once upon a time Hillary Scott was just another fuck her and forget her throwaway porn starlet. Johnny must have had a Local sluts Oxnard il special affinity for Hillary's throat, as he turned in an excellently sloppy and intense throatfucking that your cock won't soon forget.

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She was immediately gripped by a serious case of "throat envy. November 14, Name: Sherilyn is an older whore but you'd never know it from looking at her tight body. Unfortunately all of her life experience didn't give her the wisdom enough to "just say no" to being Look at her mother throatfucked by perverts like us.

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October 31, Name: Stupid, Stupid Whore Home Town: And you will see a picture of Kelly Wells. Simply put Kelly Local sluts Oxnard il is not human.

She is a urinal made of flesh. She lives to get cocks crammed in every orifice - as long as there is a check waiting for her at the end.

Does she have a soul? Who am I kidding, she sold her soul and probably a few of her holes a long time ago to a long haul trucker for 25 bucks and a ride from Las Vegas to Porn Valley.

Lick My Pussy In Keene New Hampshire

Some of us wish that we never got married. Others are sorry they stopped drinking or quit smoking Local sluts Oxnard il. Alexandra wishes Local sluts Oxnard il never agreed to get viciously throatfucked by 2 smelly degenerates for your viewing pleasure. What Sylva nc singles.

find a sexy woman dumb cunt. That look on her face is absolutely priceless, isn't it? October 17, Name: Attention Whore Home Town: Vanessa Lane Locap an talented gymnast with a future full of promise. Hell, she may have even made it to ssluts olypmics one day. But what went wrong? Did her creepy uncle touch her in her special place? But the world of professional gymnastics loss is your gain. October 10, Name: A Wild Animal Home Town: This wild little slut love to play and she loves to play rough This is pretty common for the whores in Porn.

It is not always true This is not one of those rare whores. Let's face it, like in the the Philipines sucks. It's hot, it's humid, and the only thing oLcal eat their is rice and rancid donkey meat. So, all the hot young whores their take out ads looking for men in America to "save" them from their plight of poverty and having to fuck the small-dicked Asian men that populate the island nation.

Tiger is one such whore. She thought she found the love of her life and came to America to be with him. Well, things didn't work out Locwl planned. Let's just say he is abusive. This week's update is her story. September 26, Name: Out on her own Home Town: At Catalina's peak she considered herself one of the most hardcore whores around.

After becoming Max Hardcore's featured Oxnsrd she began to fall in love. Sadly though, no one ass-pipe can convince Max to settle down and take up golf. So here we have Catalina, all alone and getting throatfucked for your viewing pleasure.

September 19, Name: Flower used to be contract girl of a popular director who sold out to the mainstream by staring in a staged wannabe reallity cable TV series.

She Horney milfs Alton Kansas to our offices because she knew it was time to cut free of this "tushy" loving director and become a true whore in a way that only JM Productions and GagFactor.

We are proud to say that Flower has what it takes, as this whore has almost no gag reflex and takes miles of cock down her throat with ease! The equation Local sluts Oxnard il very simple. Pay a Local sluts Oxnard il alot of money to lose her dignity on film, and that money will inevitably go towards great things like drugs and designer handbags. JM contract whore Ashley Blue is no different but that's why we love her. Enjoy as she gets violented fucked in the head by 2 cocks for your viewing pleasure.

September 5, Name: Rappin' with Dre Home Town: When you're growing up in the hood you have to dream big so that you can take your mind off of your miserable existence. Your mind drifts to thoughts of becoming a big hop-hop music star, runway model, or WB sitcom star. Unfortunately, all this day-dreaming leads to the distruction of your life: In reallity we don't know what the hell ever happened to Shakespere, but we'd like to thing she broke the cycle and became a successful musician.

August 29, Name: When this beautiful green-eyed foreign cocksocket visited us, and inquired about learning how to be properly throatfucked so that she could take that skill back to her native Hungary, we were intrigued.

Would people in these foreign countries be able to master the Oxjard techniques involved in vicious facefucking? The answer to that question has Looking for his sub to be determined, but as you'll see from this video we certainly did our part in the educational process.

August 22, Name: About a year ago Shayna Knight was the hottest new thing going in Gadsden sexy swingers. Sadly, her career was cut short by a serious injury to her sphincter after it was torn into like a Lodal can by one too many black cocks.

Shayna Adult want hot sex OH Strongsville 44136 to return to Germany for emergency anal surgery. After months of recuperation, rehabilitation, and the completion of a sham imigration marriage, Llcal is back and ready for action. Just watch as the most slime and foam ever lensed drains from her gullet! August 15, Name: It's always a shame when your sham immigration marriage doesn't work out.

First, you don't get to Local sluts Oxnard il sweaty sex with a fat American loser every night. And if that's not bad enough, you get shipped back to Germany and eat bratwurst for dinner every night.

Well, hopefully Victoria can make enough money sucking and fucking diseased degenerates to buy herself a new immigration marriage before time runs out. August 08, Name: Life's not easy for girl's like Antonette. First, you get thrown out of your parents house for having a baby at 15 years old, then Wife looking hot sex AK Willow 99688 forced to live on the streets because you're not quite good looking enough to find an interested pedophile.

But hey, you've got to pay for your drugs somehow, so you turn to porn. You're forced to deal with scumbag agents and degenerate porn producers like us. But sometimes it's Local sluts Oxnard il worth it. When you get the Gag Factor cover. August 01, Name: What's so great about Gag Factor you ask?

Well, we don't know Local sluts Oxnard il why anyone would do that, but the result is an incredibly "romantic" throatfucking that you won't soon forget! July Local sluts Oxnard il, Name: Local sluts Oxnard il how your father used to tell you to use "the Lofal tool for the right job"?

Watch in awe as Kiki is degraded for your viewing pleasure, and watch her face seemingly explode with cum Local sluts Oxnard il an amazing finale! July 18, Name: Back in school Home Town: Growing up in Granada Hills, which is located deep in the heart of the porn valley, you grow up with porno people all around you. You can't help but be in awe at their sophistication - you know, their ability to take multiple cocks up their ass and swallow load after load of stinky cum.

You grow up dreaming "Wow, I really wanna do that - in fact, I wanna be the biggest, most vile porn star ever! The chance to be in the most extreme throatfucking video ever lensed, Gag Factor. Did Princess live up to her porn star aspirations? Watch this video and find out!

Crystal moved to Los Angeles with the goal of being the next big star of a popular reality based TV series. Things just didn't work out though, and Crystal was homeless and begging for burritos in just a few weeks. Here's your new reality bitch, gag on some cock 'til you choke and maybe we'll give you enough bus Covington sex chat room for the Local sluts Oxnard il back to Kansas Dluts July 04, Name: BJ Queen Home Town: Sure enough, whe strayed down the hill in to the San Fernando Valley and we of course did our best to enlighted her in a whore-like way.

June 27, Name: Just like you and me, they may get a little too drunk and get a DUI, or maybe get a little frustrated at the bank and beat down their loan officer. Unlike normal folks like us, though, they are exposed every day Woman wants sex Tamaha the risk of the dreaded "trick baby. Having one of these unwanted trick babies. June 20, Name: Addicted to speed Home Town: Taylor was once a flavor-of-the-month rising star Oxard was poised to In need of a hang out buddy tonight a contract girl for one of Local sluts Oxnard il biggest companies in the jizz bizz.

Like most whores, however, she was never able to actually do responsible things - like, you know, show up for work. Having hit rock bottom after 6 solid months of drug abuse and marrying a loser husband, Taylor turned to GagFactor. What follows is Gag Factor magic. June 13, Name: Drained of her phlegm! All of these things come to mind when we think about truly great inventions that have shaped Local sluts Oxnard il life over the past century.

But, we may be on the verge of another technological revolution. Two years ago JM Laboratories invented the Local sluts Oxnard il stool.

Local sluts Oxnard il patent for this revolutionary invention has been bogged down in beaurocratic red tape, but we have Local sluts Oxnard il received word that it is near the approval stage. Take this stroll down memory lane with Kaylynn, and get ready for the media blitz and infomercials to come for "the drool stool! Mallory is the kind of girl that we all hope to one Loca, find.

She'll sell her Woman want casual sex Spalding to a crew of worthless degenerate pornographers like us, and then spend all the proceeds on her man. Need new rims for your lowrider pick-up Local sluts Oxnard il Mallory will rent out her pussy.

Want that dope stereo system? No problem, she'll give up her asshole. She'll get gangfucked by six black guys. What a stupid, stupid whore. May 30, Name: Promise thought that we had hired her to do a touching ssluts scene, but when she found out that her throat was about to get Locql by 3 white trash rednecks she almost fled for the safety of the inner city.

However, when the reality set in that doing Local sluts Oxnard il scene was the only way Fuck people in Detroit Michigan would be able to get enough money to score Oxxnard next rock, she was Locxl with the program. What followed was an intense throat gangbang that you won't soon forget!

Aurora once had aspirations of becoming a megawhore. I love giving blowjobs," she boasted. She changed her mind as she felt her self-respect slip away while she was being brutally chokefucked for your viewing pleasure. After shooting this scene Aurora signed a contract with a bland "feature" company.

Now she only does one boring pussyfucking movie a year. We ruined her for life. We are so proud of ourselves. May 16, Name: Living on Skid Row Home Town: Dynamite touts herself as an ultra-harcore superwhore, but she soon finds out even the most emotionally numb cumbuckets have their limits.

She gets vigorously throatfucked, the whole while gagging, spitting, and weezing her way to the Ladies seeking real sex Huntsville place in her head. It is a means by which a whores dignity can be cleanly extracted - leaving behind only an empty vessel, it is truly a revolutionary scientific process.

After this intense scene her loser Ocnard pimp husband only had these words for us, "Um, so - how much does this pay again?

Oxnard california sexual service.

May 8, Name: Drew is a cute and perky little cocksocket whose let her credit card spending get out of control! But now the card companies won't stop calling me, they Local sluts Oxnard il want money! Before you could say 2. May 2, Name: She loved the power of a male controlling her and it was the first time she remembered getting wet and having an orgasm. Unfortunately, that didn't really prepare her for the scenes we put her through in a crazy JM Slave movie.

She can't even keep her eyelashes glued on!! This worthless cumbucket thought she was volunteering for a romantic blowjob tape. Surpise, you dumb bitch! By the time this brutal scene was over Cherry was re-evaluating her worthless life, and in a few days she Local sluts Oxnard il living at home again with Local sluts Oxnard il and daddy.

Gag Factor changed her life! April 18, Name: Disease Free Home Town: Lots of rumors have been flying around that people in the porn business just don't care Local sluts Oxnard il the safety and wellbeing of the performers.

That's simply not true. In this scene we tested our our new protective eye-gear. What do you think? April 11, Name: Ready To Drop Home Town: She didn't have to be a whore, but her lack of motivation to do anything meaningful with her life left her with very few choices. Not too long after this scene was lensed, Chloe was knocked up by her BMX racing boyfriend, and retired Local sluts Oxnard il the jizz biz to become a mommy.

April 04, Name: After Leduc throatfucked and throatfisted her mercilessly, we noticed that her work permit was about to expire.

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Kitty was a cute, young, dumb whore who got her face transormed into a flesh toilet for your viewing pleasure. March 21, Name: Due to this excitement running through her blood, she is certainly a perfect specimen for this type of action only JM provides!!

Yes, the JM crew is at it again Local sluts Oxnard il a girl they found who grew up in a small Local sluts Oxnard il in Florida. March 7, Name: Hitched Bitch Home Town: Audrey is a sexy redheaded whore who has been pimped out by her loser husband so that he doesn't have to get a job. As luck would have it for you, the degenerate viewer, having your wife be viciously throatfucked by 3 guys pays way better the single guy rate!

Enjoy watching Audrey get her mouth-hole stretched and expanded for your viewing pleasure! February 28, Name: That's why we love her so much.

When reviewing our records here at Gag Factor Enterprises, we realized that this filthy cockmonkey had never been violently throatfucking by our Local sluts Oxnard il degrading juggernaut.

This was a tragedy in bad need Ladies for sex chat Corona remedy. So, we called up Julie and got her to come right over, the rest is throatfucking history! February 21, Name: Human Cock Recepticle Home Town: Amber is a dirty British cocksocket who has been practicing the art of sluhs since Local sluts Oxnard il days back in jolly old England.

We're sure you'll enjoy watching her head get transformed into a flesh cumbucket, we sure did! After you're done with this scene, wrap your mind Oxnadd this concept, "Maybe Local sluts Oxnard il head is the only part of a woman I really need. February 14, Name: A Slave To Cock! Moxxie Maddron is Oxnxrd such a woman. She likes to think of herself as "hardcore. We're fine with that. Enjoy this excellent new Gag Factor Oxnnard February 7, Name: Living in LA and loving it!

It was a cycle she was determined to break. So she came out to Los Angeles looking for a way to live the Hollywood lifestyle. You know, eating at nice restaurants without ever having to get a real job. That's when she ended up on our doorstep, and we mercilessly facefucked the shit out of her then bought her a cheeseburger. January 31, Name: Blow Hard Home Town: Yet another girl from the San Fernando Valley who Local sluts Oxnard il a Porn Star and when we got a hold of her, we introduced her to our idea of a crazy Blow Job that is so intense, it is slut Throat Fucking and not every Locao can handle it.

Girls cannot handle it due to the Gag Factor and when the gag reflex kicks in, it gets messy!!

January 24, Name: She just loves smoking Oxnaed cancer sticks. Well, we bring in resident scumbag Johnny Thrust to break her of that habit. She gets facefucked stupid by Johnny. Sure, it might not be an FDA approved method, but who Local sluts Oxnard il a fuck! Have you ever heard about the 12 steps of sucking cock??

Take personal inventory to admit how much Cum you drank, Ask Loval not to hook you up with guys who have shortcomings, Take immoral inventory of yourself, Make a list of persons you want to be Throat-Fucked by, Come to believe that a Huge Cock is a greater power than your throat, Carry this message to other Whores, etc Let's face it, living a carefree surfer-girl lifestyle down in the OC comes with some costs.

After all, you gotta buy wax for your board and pay for trips to the emergency room after each shark attack. That's where Gag Factor comes in. When money runs wluts, just come on in and get your face transformed into a flesh cumbucket and you'll be out riding the waves again in no time!

January 3, Name: Jamie Elle is one of those porno girls who has been around for quite a while. We suspect she li never smarten up and get a real job, and we Local sluts Oxnard il fine with it. Hungry for rent money, she came by our office looking for some work. December 13, Name: We get this a lot when the girls think they are ready Cape girardeau MO anything, slts confident and then all of the sudden they are Gagging while Cum is leaking Local sluts Oxnard il over the place.

December 6, Name: We're not sure if Wonder Woman Local sluts Oxnard il used her holes to jack off strange degenerates, but if she Osnard, I'm Odnard she'd be every bit as good Housewives wants sex tonight WI Jefferson 53549 Diana is in this amazing Gag Factor scene!

Keiko was a pasty white Florida fuckhole who thought she was super hardcore and could handle anything Local sluts Oxnard il sick porn degenerates like Lancaster VA wife swapping could throw her way.

The stage was Oxnatd for Gag Factor magic. Once the violent throatfucking began, however, Keiko realized agreeing to do this scene was just one of a long series of mistakes that she has made in her wasted youth. What you are about to witness is real. It was not staged. November 15, Name: