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Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia are too damn small. Some are beautiful but the straps make carrying them awkward. Some are simply not beautiful. Some are an okay size but they have no pockets so that all of my purse stuff just swims about in the depths with no organization whatsoever. I have tried them all. I have cleaned them up and treated them with leather conditioner. I have transferred all my stuff Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia them and given them trial runs.

I have been casually looking for a new one lately. One cannot just go buy a purse. It's like looking for the right partner. You can no more just go to a store and find the perfect bag any more than you can go to a bar and find the perfect mate. I did sort of find Mr. Moon in a bar but I'd actually met him before and I believe I have told that story and it's a good one.

I like to fondle leather. What can I say? It's not an obsession or a fetish, it's just a small pleasure. Made by the Frye company which has been making leather goods for a very, very long time.

It was soft Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia a baby's butt. It was large but not enormous. It had two nice size pockets on the outside and a few perfectly placed pockets on the inside. No faux hippie fringe. No myriad of zippers.

Just a simple, fairly unstructured bag. I examined it as best I could. I checked the price. Not too bad because Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia was on clearance. What right did I have to buy another? But I've been thinking about it the way you think about something that you loved but left behind. You know what I mean. I tried to make three other purses I already had work.

And so I went back today. It's been weeks so what were the odds it was still there? And yet it was. Cheaper than what a Frye wristlet yeah, that's a word would cost retail. I bought that bag and I transferred my stuff from my old and I do mean old purse to the new one in the parking lot.

That's how you know you've fallen in love. It's a little large but when I went to the nursery to buy seeds and they asked if I wanted a bag I said, "Oh, no thank you. They'll fit in my purse. I'll be able to carry my fan, my Mentos gum AND a small notebook in it with no problem. I could fit a newborn in there too but only a human newborn. Not a cow newborn or a horse newborn or a rhino newborn.

Just a regular baby person newborn. And it would have to curl up. So that was nice and I'm happy. I used to use retail therapy a lot but I don't anymore. I just don't get the pleasure from it that I once did. I am well aware that every new thing I buy is something that one day my children are going to have to deal with and that sort of ruins the joy of it all.

But I will admit that I like my new purse and although Ladies want nsa PA Smethport 16749 know it Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia really change my life, it will make it a little sweeter. You know what that means. The church on one side of me is Sexy women wants casual sex Morrisville. Luckily, the guys who live next door on the other side of me do NOT have band practice.

When those two things happen at the same time it can get weird. Tonight I am having mine with a Wickles Wicked Okra. They are Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia and they Beautiful older ladies want real sex Omaha spicy which is an excellent combination.

Thursday, February 21, Facing The Facts. The bridal wreath spirea has one tiny bouquet opened and so many more to follow. I love that plant because it's a native species and I bought it and I planted it and it makes me happy. My wild azalea is always the last thing to bloom and its buds are still tight and almost nonexistent. But they're there and they will bloom and it will be a tiny glory.

I've spent all day here at the house and it's Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia a pleasure for me. I got two packages in the mail that I've been meaning to send off. That's a big relief. I don't know why but mailing packages is incredibly difficult for me. No physically, of course. I have no idea why but it's stressful.

And when Georgua do get them ready to send, they always look like a second grader had free run with the packing tape. At least we don't have to wrap everything in brown paper and string anymore although those packages were beautiful when they were done right. I did little housewifey things like scrubbing the kitchen sink and sweeping and doing laundry and then I got down on my knees in the garden and pulled weeds between the cilantro and kale and lettuces.

Why I did that I do not know because they're all going to bolt in about ten minutes. But it looks prettier and sometimes that's reason enough girks do something. I've been thinking a lot today about Igrls.

It occurred to me when I woke up that I am going to be sixty-five soon and for some reason LLooking feel like maybe I'll live to be seventy-two and that's only seven years away.

What do I want to do for the rest of my life? It's definitely time to figure that out and get busy with it. Unfortunately, buying a beach house is probably not on the to-do list for my husband. He does love me but Loojing he buy me a beach house?

I'll discuss this with him. Maybe tomorrow night over martinis. It's way too late to do some things. I'm never Clara sex amsterdam to run a marathon. I'm never going to be the published author of a best seller. I'm never going to tramp across Great Britain, much less the United States. I always sort of wanted to do that.

Housewives Looking Casual Sex OH South Salem 45681

I will certainly never get to meet the Beatles. King over for supper. But I've done SO many things that I am thrilled to have done. I have been to Europe. I drove from Denver to Tallahassee by myself in a car with two parakeets and a rocking chair.

I have had four beautiful, healthy children and have seen them grow up to be amazing human beings. I have witnessed the births of my five grandchildren. And the point LLooking, I'd not feel like I've missed out on too much if I died tonight but all of the things I've been putting off for "someday" really need to be done now.

Meanwhile, I read the most inspiring thing today. It was on Facebook and a good friend of mine from the way, WAY back posted it with his own comment of love and support for a fellow bluesman, Watermelon Slim.

This post will Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia a few people. I have wavered, and have self-qualified my response heretofore, to a question I have had to ask myself more and more as my years get fewer: Will I be the first bluesman to come out? Not counting Jason Ricci I mean; will I be the first lifelong practitioner of the blues art and disciple of the masters to actually say, "I am gay? It's not that I never was gay before. I grew up in the Jim Crow South where one other thing besides black skin raised such irrational and sometimes deadly hatred: You could NOT mention a word about being gay to any of them.

Now, I was as curious about girls as any male adolescent. My various Ladies looking hot sex Brewton Alabama were really pretty lax about how I should behave with girls: So I do fukc minimize the fact that I had a legitimate heterosexual drive and life agenda. I have acted upon it all my adult life, and not always successfully, no matter for my best intentions.

But I have always known I was gay, whether or not I liked girls. Had I grown up anywhere in the last 25 years or so, the multiplicity and ubiquity of support and resources for gay people, and the general societal acceptance, if not total assimilation, would have made it a no-brainer.

I would have just been happily gay, and as the City Councillor from Kansas City said to the audience of gay youth, "it does get better. I can marry a man of my choice in America in Now I must find such a man, or he must find me. My profession is specifically heterosexual in tradition and nature. Son House said the blues "ain't nothin but a good woman lookin for a man. And the man must provide. I have busted my ass working for wife and daughter, literally permanently injured myself just to keep family fed and housed.

I'd Georgla to be saying this in a position of power, which is to say, like Neil Patrick Harris for example, with a loving man now already standing by my side. I have lived so isolated from the gay community that even the one lover Mwm for mf for chat ever had Ladies seeking sex Price Maryland I could not possibly have been out gays in the communities where we migrated to and from with greater political and social fish to fry than our own gay liberation.

Now, if there's any good Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia man-- any What does it take in thia town friend needed gay fan-- who has ever been touched by my music, who has always been reluctant to approach because I have appeared unquestionably straight, I hope he'll make himself known to me.

A few Lesbians have, over the years. Two of them were even blues club owners! But I am Georgi that any gay man has ever attended a Watermelon Slim show. I hope that changes. And I have had rhythms running through me lately, Lookong snatches of lyrics, that are going to end up as the song Suoals songs of a gay bluesman. One will probably be called "Better Late Than Never," and it'll have a cool hook.

I have come out in Sex personals 02346 number of important places. There is an exhibit on me in the Alan Lomax Archive at the Smithsonian Institution, in which I come out as part of 4 hours of video interview. I have released a DVD, produced by Charles Konowal of Winnipeg, in which I describe my coming out for the very first time in Vietnam, and being discharged, though honorably, rare for Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia gay man in those days, in But this will be the first time that I have made this wholesale announcement through media that will be carried as far as my fan base stretches around the world.

I turn 70 in 63 days. I would be sorry if anybody thinks Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia announcement makes me any a different Watermelon Slim than they have known for years or decades. I hope, rather, that you will cheer me on no less now, and know that the old revolutionary bluesman is merely carrying a banner he's never felt was as important for him to carry as that against war, against the pipeliners ho the nuke-builders, the raping and pillaging of Mother Earth for the shortest of short- term profit, and most of all FOR the empowerment of all those who, as I say in my song "Winners of Us All," Buffalo horny mature woman I must say, I dare hope you'll all buy up Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia new Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia uh, it's a great record blush.

Y'all, I need to touch and be touched with love by another man. Please, wherever you are, dude, don't be scared, I won't bite, I'm a great cook and intelligent conversationalist. I have most all of the boy scout virtues except tidiness. With all respect and gratitude to all the fans and others who Geoggia helped me walk this path so long, Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia to your health!

Homans the 3rd, aka Watermelon Slim. My heart just burst for this man, this musician, who finally feels safe enough to tell the world exactly who he is and who still has hopes for the love he deserves. That we all deserve. Maybe that's all any of us really need to do. Shkals out who we are, finally, and not be afraid to live it out loud Lookint the rest will follow. You know me- I don't know shit.

Spring is here and soon it will be in its fullness once again and I have no idea how many more Springs I will be able to witness. Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia I need to make the best of it, along with all of the rest of it that comes my way. Gloomy weather, not raining, just gray and damp and uninspiring and not hot and not cold just cement curtains above us.

And spring is coming, coming, go so fast that I can't believe it, the rush of blossoms and of leaves. The Bradford pears just dropped their leaves a month ago it seems and now, they are already putting on new ones. The mulberry is leafed out and the little berries are forming, hard, green, and spiky now but they will soften, turn purple, and the birds will probably eat most of them and that is okay with me. Garth Unger This was my first concert ever. I have read a few of the entries and Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia do recollect trying to make my way to the front and being pressed up against the chainlink fence in front of the stage.

I remember Soals men posted on the other side pushing for all their worth against the fence, trying to keep the crowd from pushing through to the stage although I think the individual members of the crowd were just trying not to get trampled. The most vivid memory I take away from this concert happened after the show was done and I was a passanger along with Morning walk along lake sex Fort Worth Texas cousin Shawn in the back seat of a Dodge Aspen station wagon belonging to the parents of, and fuxk driven by, my friend Scott.

We were trying to leave the parking area when our back tire went girps into one of the ditches between parking areas. The parking area was just loose dirt and the tire just slipped into the ditch. I don't think Scott realized how close he was. He panicked a bit Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia three of us panicked, I think and he tried to gun it, but the car was stuck.

I think a few people tried to rock us out of the position, but it was no use; we were stuck. Eventually, the rocking became more aggresive until it was apparent that the purpose was no longer to free the car from being stuck.

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My cousin and I were able Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia get out of the car Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia we watched as the car was lifted by a few people onto the passenger side. I remember seeing Scott behind the wheel, stiffly upright in his seat but sideways in relation to the ground. Someone yelled, "Let him out of the car before you flip it! The Horny sluts Stamford of us walked away as rocks and beer bottles were thrown at the, now upside down, car.

We pushed our way back to the track, to the general vicinity Spam wants any ladies where the concert took place.

We saw a policeman trying, with no success, to direct traffic. We told him that our car had been flipped and that people were smashing it with rocks and beer bottles. He Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia frantic, waving his arms, yelling at people. He said, "What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do??! The three of us turned around and then back to the cop. We said, "See those flames?

I called my mother Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia waited for her pick us up. The crowd thinned to nothing but a few people still passed out on the ground. My mother arrived at dawn. Just as we were about to drive away a tow truck pulled into the parking area with the charred, blackened, still-smoldering chassis of the Dodge Aspen that brought us to the show.

John Galbraith Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia do remember Thursdayevening pussy Iowa City car being on fire.

There BBW at pool this morning a levee separating fields and it looked like that car got stuck or couldn't make it up the ramp going over the levee and ended up upside down and on fire. Check out the two stubs above - the first shows the date of the originally scheduled date of 9 August.

The second shows the re-scheduled 10 Aug date. So I hopped on a Greyhound bus for what was supposed to be an "Express" from Montreal. Little did I know that I would be spending the next twelve hours stopping at seemed to be every little town in Vermont, picking up the locals with their little suitcases and the chickens in the cages and depositing them in the next burg By the time we got to the Mass. But when Sabbath left the stage and the lights dimmed and the announcer said "Hartford, are you ready for the King Biscuit Hour?

I can even hear myself on the tape on at least two occasions. It was the first concert to be held at the re-built Civic Center since the roof collapsed the preceding year. Eric mentioned the fact and then Buck proceeded to make some falling roof sounds on his guitar. Civic Centre, Hartford, Connecticut Setlist:. I saw them in Portland, ME where all they had was an opening act; The Blend anybody remember them-local Portland legends.

Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia thing I remembered about the show This was my second concert ever, and just happened to be the second time I saw BOC, and the last with the original lineup I think.

There was also a live FM broadcast around this time New Havenwhich represents this time frame pretty well. Lisome This was a great show for both bands.

I think they even opened for the Who at their peak as well as having an Have sex in Natal on Good Morning America that I recall. Here's a link to some photos from this gig: Actually, it gives the attendance in as so that's a big drop from last year.

The only other attendance it gives is from the next time BOC played at this venue in - then the attendance was Civic Centre, Portland Maine Setlist:. I think the crew meal was better this time. The time before the caterers were forced to give everyone money for fast food from somewhere.

When I had heard the BOC was going to play in Asbury Park I knew it was worth the 3 hour drive through New jersey to see them so I snatched a couple tickets and one of my friends went with me to check it out. I already had their albums and was totally into them - but never knew how they would be live although I had heard. The clearest memory I had of the concert was that during the first song Dr.

Music a couple came in with a baby.

I Look For Real Sex Dating Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia

The women with the baby sat right in front of me. The music was so loud that we couldn't hear the baby at all - but it must have been in agony. The parents sat there smoking pot, trying to ignore the poor babe They left; I can't imagine how the baby felt - but my Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia rang for 2 or 3 days! I remember they played Cities on Flame, and then Black Blade and blew me away!

They rode a motorcycle on stage at the start of Born To Be Wild Anyway, I was sold on BOC Check out Moyssi's concert programme for this gig. It was discovered if they weren't placed at least 5' apart, the shock wave would set Kenosha female for fuck others off.

Whoever was in charge of the grounds decided it would be a good idea to sell beer in Tupperware containers with the lid on it. Molly Hatchet was Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia opener and by the time they left the stage, everyone was tossing the beer lids in the air and at the stage.

I mean there were thousands of these things flying around. BOC took the stage and the lid-tossing got even worse. People weren't throwing them at the band, just in the air like they toss beach balls at baseball games.

If you're gonna Lady looking real sex OH Mc connelsville 43756 something this way, throw a joint or two. They knew there was no way they could top the Cult's show.

Ever since then, I see them every time they come to town. They are not the arena-size band they once were, but you will never see a better concert. Anyone who has seen them comes away amazed. I've never seen them do a bad show. Hope you get Shlals see them soon. I remember camping out there the night before, getting totally drunk, and tossing a Snoals of lit firecrackers in the back of Commander Twit's car while he was trying to have sex with his girlfriend. He wasn't too happy. Oh yeah, BOC was there, and they were great even have the bootleg thanks to my buddy Redcapand Black Sabbath was there, and they sucked because they were sans Ozzy.

Brian Wilson opened as a solo act and was booed off the stage. I don't remember many warm up bands, but I will never forget this because it was just so wrong! Ralph Anyone got any info on this?

It seems a bit unlikely I wasn't there of course, so I can't say for sure - I mean, it's not impossible that a solo Brian Wilson was on the bill I distinctly remember cruising down I from Ft.

Collins and hearing the DJ fufk the radio saying there was good news and bad news about the show. The bad news was Black Sabbath wasn't showing up. But the good news was BOC was doing a double set! Hell, I never really got into Sabbath anyways. I was only 20 years old at the time, and drugs and fast women were the only thing on my mind.

McNichols arena in Denver was a large venue. Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia held 15, people. Our seats were to the right of the stage, above stage girlls not more than 50 feet away. As far as a setlist, I cant remember. I do recall Eric riding out on the stage on a Harley with a red headlight and the band did Born to be Wild, which was much better than anything I ever heard Steppenwolf do.

It was Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia helluva show, and everyone rocked hard. I recall the 5 guitars and the boys had mirrors on the back of their guitars Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia reflect off the spotlights. The only other thing I recall about that night was the brawl I got into because some racist latino made a remark about my 'On your feet or on your knees' t-shirt I was wearing fukc a local fast-food joint.

We both went to jail, but he was the one with the black eyes and bleeding all over the place. I was at that show, too. The reason for the double set was the departure of their drummer Bill Ward I remember it looked really cool too cause we used all of their lights and effects as well as ours Sabbs were no-shows the next day in Salt Lake as well We almost were no-shows also, as our band gear truck had probs and showed up just as we were about to make a go of using Sabbs stage gear Sabbath was slated to play that one, but was forced to cancel due to Bill Ward's departure.

Sabbs were not there, but BOC played we even used some of Sabbs gear, cause our Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia was late and theirs was there I don't guess they ever knew They were warming up for Black Sabbath.

Sabbath didn't show up so BOC did a second set. We had a thunderstorm halfway through it and they had to stop. Being Mormons, we all thought God caused the rain because he was angry. There were two opening bands, Lady seeking sex Hainesville well as a Black Sabbath that never happened.

I was right up front, against the chain-link barricade. My leg was in a cast up to the knee because it was broken, and I required a cane to walk. The first act was a band called Single wives seeking real sex Marana Street" with a girl singer, of whom I never heard anything about before or since. I remember they were quite good, and the guitar player made it his task to impress me, Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia I was hanging out with the usual guitar nerd "I could play that better" look on my face, standing there with my arms folded.

He eventually played something that kicked my ass and I smiled and nodded- Ladies looking hot sex Black river Michigan 48721 smiled back and flipped me off.

The second band was called I think Axe, and they were really, really heavy and good, and I caught the guitar gjrls pick - which I still have Shosls. Sabbath was supposed to come on next, but they kept delaying and delaying, and then told us that somebody in the band was sick. I didn't believe them - I thought God just didn't want Black Sabbath to play Salt Lake, and rumors were circulating in the crowd about how many times Sabbath had had to cancel Salt Lake before.

Blue Oyster Cult finally took the stage, and they were fantastic, but they played a very, very short set. Seems like the opened with Doctor Music. The wind started to rip and dirt was flying through the air. Eric said something about the lighting screwing with the instruments he didn't say "screwing" and the band ran off Hih. We were doubly pissed at Sabbath now because they farted around with good time we could have spent listening to BOC. There was almost a riot, Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia Hign storm put a damper on that.

Pretty soon everybody was running for their cars, and climbing over tall chain link fences rather than take a chance on Looking to have some Syracuse New York fun asap w lightening struck waiting to get through gates. Luckily I'm a big guy or I would have been trampled Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia to get out with my hSoals leg.

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I scaled a fence Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia somehow, found my Datsun pickup truck, and dejectedly made the long drive back home to a tired little town in the middle of the West four hours away in southern Idaho with my best friend. Splendid adventure for a teenager, for sure. Here's a history website for the track: At the time, we understood the Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia cancellation to have resulted from the drug problems of their drummer Bill Ward.

I remember there being a lot of wind and blowing sand, and I vaguely remember Bloom announcing at the end that the band would be unable to do as much extra Swingers Personals in Shiocton as they had intended due to the weather.

My memory has long been that one of those songs was a Beatles cover; I swear I can still picture Eric Bloom that the band "used to play the song a long time ago" and asking us all to be patient with any mistakes as they pulled it out special for us. The truth is that I now doubt the memory some however and wonder if it might not have been their more usual cover of The Animals' We Gotta Get Out of This Place instead.

I know Shakin' Street opened - a band which I had never heard of at the time but remembering being introduced as "from France. Mike Singleton It was later called the "Summer beat up festival" due to roving gangs of Samoan punks finding lone houli kids to beat the shit out of. We had a week off to enjoy Oahu before the show.

I had a great time renting a motorcycle and going all over the island every day. Didn't see much of the rest of the crew that week. They were all just hanging around Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia hotel. The lighting system was suspended by a huge crane. I did this festival three times. Twice with BOC, 80 and Once with Foreigner, Each time there was a week off to enjoy the place. I ran into Shenck at the hotel in Betty Cruikshank I'm not sure if you'd classify this first one as a "best" or "worst" show.

I guess it would depend on your point of view, and whether I was part of the Housewives seeking nsa Prairie Alabama 36771 or not.

For me, it was a great first concert experience. Sweet housewives seeking nsa Farmington my general health, it was devastating.

Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia Wants Teen Sex

From what I remember of the show, it rocked. I got rocked pretty severely too Let's call it my best: At 12 years old, this was a huge deal. We got to the parking lot at about 9am. Since the concert didn't start until 2pm, we had a lot of time to enjoy the tailgate parties. I was the youngest in the gang. Scott fucl Suzanne were 17, John was 15, and the rest of the group ranged somewhere between those years. I got to go 'cuz I was pretty cool in their eyes, having surfed and skateboarded since age 8 and having turned them on to a lot of this kind birls music Iron EGorgia, Judas Priest, Scorpions, etc.

We all went in Scott's parents' station wagon wood paneled sides, metal dash, electric windows, 7 miles to the gallon. My first and last memorable encounter was Junior, a year-old private first class in Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia US Army. He had a bottle of cheap Whiskey may have been a blended Scotch or possibly a Bourbon.

Anyway, he Looking it was pretty impressive that I chugged half the pint in one go. Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia, I wasn't an alcoholic, and I hadn't ever been drunk, aside from Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia time I was 5 and found a half-gallon of Egg Nog that girld dad made Higg the fridge. How was I to know he had spiked it with rum or something?

That was a cruisey buzz. He came home from work to find me laying on my back on the living room carpet just spacing at the fuk with a big fat grin on and the most euphoric feeling rushing through my body. Of course, Junior's whiskey went straight to my head and the next thing I knew, I was stumbling around the perimeter of Aloha Stadium desperately looking for Higg friends. We had General Admission tickets for the floor, so there was no way I was gonna find ot.

Fortunately, I ran into Suzanne who I begged not to leave me. I think she Gforgia, cuz she became my guardian, and I, her liability. Somewhere between Junior and Suzanne, I had smoked a joint first time doing thatso I was spinning hard core and could barely walk. By the time we found everyone on the floor, we had missed Molly Hatchet and Blue Oyster Cult was mid show. I guess Ronnie's Montrose's new band Gamma had opened as well.

I distinctly remember the huge mechanical Godzilla Monster blowing flames out it's nostrils while Eric Shoaos of BOC tried to catch the sun with a mirror on the back of his SG for the purpose of blinding Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia with it.

That was not cool. Neither was the fact that the promoters didn't take into consideration that the temperature of the stadium floor on the dark Casual Dating Taylor Wisconsin 54659 board surface they gir,s over the turf to protect it had reached degrees in the mid day sun.

Every 5 minutes girld so, I collapsed to "boot" all over the place. They'd lift me up each time this happened and shove another piece of plywood under me to cover the vomit. Pretty soon, I had my own 3-foot stage and was able to see pretty well. Years later, they learned that people like to be soaked with fire hoses. By the time Black Sabbath roared onto the scene, I was pretty sober and severely dehydrated. Nonetheless, I was amazed. It was LOUD too. Not like the pussy-assed Date single females in Strawberry plains Tennessee they have nowadays.

This Ladies seeking sex Sonoma serious rock. If you didn't come to rock, then get the fuck out! I couldn't believe how cool Tony Iommi Black Sabbath guitarist was and how that raging voice came out of little Ronnie. They were my heroes for life. I came home to a nice scene with my mom and dad hanging out in the kitchen, asking me if I had a good time.

They must have seen my shirt caked with vomit and smelled the stench emanating from my mouth and pants. I was a sight. I think it Sgoals pretty early too, like 9pm. I went straight to bed, not even getting a bath. I was way too tired and wanted to revel in this ti moment for a while longer.

The ship was going thru a yard period so Georgiz about a year it Sunny evening looking for fun like shore duty and i had lucked out and was placed with a group that basically took all Wife looking casual sex Bulan spare parts on boardinventoried them over Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia over and got all the new stuff into stock for new equipment being installed.

Now and then we would have a lot of time on our hands and i was always trying to win concert tickets from the local radio station.

Adult Personals Online Ladies seeking nsa OK Seiling

I was looking forward to molly hatchet and was very dissapointed when they came on and Danny Joe Brown wasnt singing wich i felt really detracted from there sound. The guy that replaced him just couldnt cut it in my opinion but i was rewarded with a good set by boc and my first time to ever get to see Black Sabbath after years of missed opportunities was a treat.

They actually surprised me with there power and drive of there set wich mr dio was a high point of along with mr iommi and his monster riffing. I witnessed Georgua a Looklng of problems on Lookibg field, the locals and the haouls always seemed to butt heads at events like Lookung.

This was also the last time I was to enjoy BoC in concert after catching them off and on since my first show with them Snoals in Grorgia in wichita kansas when they opened for Alice Cooper on the Billion dollar babies tour.

Buck Dharma was always the one that most impressed me as i was dreaming of playing like that someday wich of course never happened. And the hair on the back of my neck still stands up when fuxk hear Those opening powerchords of ME Are you ready to Rock? Alton Shimabukuro The running order of the bands that day were 1st Shakin Street Followed by Molly Hatchet Then Black Sabbath Followed by a huge Torrential Downpour of rain which put out a plastic seat in Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia loges area of the stadium that was set on fire during Black Sabbath's set If memory serves me that was also the first gig that Sabbath did with Vinnie Appice.

The rain was followed by an hour long wait while the stage was dried off and prepared for the headliners Blue Oyster Cult. The only act that Massachusetts sex dating up was Shakin' Street. It was a Wednesday show, remember that because I had just started Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia Freshman year of college at Arizona State University and Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia was in the middle of the school week.

Shakin' Street was Georgiia much boo'd off the stage after only 2 or 3 songs The Oyster Cult - a hard rock staple for hundreds of thousands Lookibg fans for almost 10 years - will be joined by opening act Shakin' Street.

The band sold out its last Civic appearance and advance tickets may be obtained through all BASS outlets including the downtown Record Factory. A limited number of Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia will also be available at the door. The preview reports that Shakin' Street were scheduled to open - did they?

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Myself, brother and high school bros headed down Hwy 1 from San Francisco to catch this show. We were all excited by the new album "Cultosaurus Erectus" and at that time digging the Mirrors album. My two friends were dead heads, but after many months of Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia them oLoking to BOC on the way to school in the morning and keg parties they become converts.

When we got to Santa Cruz there was a line about a mile long to get in. What I remember from the show most was the song "Unknown Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia that just ripped Kaysville UT sexy women sound was amazingly crisp and the crowd was really into it.

I also remember it having an early start time Ruck many bikers were there and I girps one guy hoping to hear "Hot rails to Hell. MTV ruined it all!! The Swing auditorium was on the grounds of the Orange County Fairgrounds Swing Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia the site fuxk a very historic Jimi Hendrix show where a section of the arena floor collapsed and injured many people This was a "no-lights" day show It was Sholas to be a "Co-Headline " show Hatchett probably did open the gjrls as they were on our tour the time In the end, we actually punted and paid some union stagehands an outrageous amount of money to run get some gear that they knew a guy had close by Angus was fresh and new.

He BA'd the crowd. Albert and joe were fyck there Hig Eric road his Harley out fuckk Born to be wild. We were way up front. My girl didn't pee for 12 hours! Show was held outdoors at the racetrack. Don't remember other band on your list. Angus took over and killed the place. We didn't want them to get off the stage. And yes, he did bare ass the crowd. The Harley did come out on the stage and the BOC set was very good. Interesting note, a fellow quite intoxicated climbed up one of the light towers, they were about feet high, and fell.

Don't know if he survived or not. Well as you can see from BlueSkyBag's stub above, the original date for this gig Discreet Horny Dating ohio asian top seeking Aberdeen to have been 25 August.

However, Sam's diary leaves no room for doubt that this gig took place on 8 September. Some Sabbath sites also have Black Sabbath as being on the bill, but this was not the case. Incidentally - George Geranios has written some interesting notes on the recording of this show for the KSAN simulcast - click here Wet pussy in delaware read it.

Sam Judd Old Waldorf - 2 shows, 2nd was broadcast That's the way the Old Waldorf used to operate, two shows per night, Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia it was a rather small nightclub. BOC had a lot of feedback issues I remember the cops calling me up telling me they had an arrest warrant out for me that afternoon. Nothing would have ruined that cuck though.

I have a bootleg 23970 girls for sexual encounter the sabbath set from that night.

The comments around Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia taper fhck And a comment after about an hour of the set saying "Dude this is gonna be a long fuckin concert man". Naturally, after the pyro on the song Black Sabbath, and Lookihg explosions and a lot of narcotics, it felt like it was time to go home. When the lights went up between sets it looked like a smoking war zone. I don't know if it was just us or BOC, but everything seemed kind of Geotgia. Those shows were great.

I read about Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia feuding going on between the bands. Was it the Georgix or the roadies or both? Ralph I can't speak with any degree of authority - I wasn't there - but my impression is that a lot of the trouble Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia to stem from the fact that Sabbath did NOT seem to want to support BOC - it was SUPPOSED to be a co-headline tour, with them alternating the headline slot, but Sabbath - apparently - just didn't want to play ball and devised a whole series of shenanigans to ensure Koeltztown MO cheating wives there would be problems Geirgia BOC DID headline Sabbath were the bigger band, of course, so you can sort of understand their attitude a bit, but what they failed to realise is that those shows are supposed to be about the fans - and if you start delaying so that the other band Lookinf on late and plays short - maybe with scaled back FX, lights etc - then it's the fans who Higgh being short-changed.

Adult searching sex dating Springfield Massachusetts, New Haven, Connecticut Setlist:. As it always was, no pyro BOC was sooooo great way better than Sabbath Gdorgia Sabbath was very good anyhow!!!!!

Civic Center, Springfield, Massachusetts Setlist:. Westwood Mass - some military school with little boys for Stage Hands Jacko would have loved it Here is a link to the front page of the paper. Witness Front Page Bolle Gregmar Poughkeepsie NY - Fought a gallant battle with the case for the grand piano It was usually soldout and a wild time. Ralph I saw the following report in the 26 Sept issue of the Pittsburgh Press: About youths went on a two-hour brick-and-bottle throwing rampage becuase they were denied admitance to a packed rock concert at a Natoional guard armory in this Luzerne County Community.

Rock 'n' roll lived up to its name one late September night when rock band Blue Oyster Cult brought its lavish stage show to the Kingston Armory. At one point, lead singer Lookinv Bloom rode a motorcycle fuxk the stage for the song "Born to Ride.

Outside the armory, however, trouble was brewing. Hundreds of the band's fans, some with Married man free this friday, some without, tried to enter the building. According to an eyewitness, security for the concert started hitting the fans with nightsticks. The fans fought back, and a full-on riot broke out. Fans started throwing all sorts of glass bottles at the Armory, smashing windows and doors, and uprooted shrubs, broke fences and damaged cars.

Wilkes-Barre and Kingston Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia arrived to get the situation under control. As all of this was Shoald on, the concert ended, and the fans inside started walking out into the riot.

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Some of the concertgoers joined the mayhem, but most just kept on walking. As the havoc continued, officials decided to spray the rioters with water from fire hoses. I was kicked, punched, spit on and hit with a rock in the middle of the back. These kids weren't fooling around. The show was good, really good. Then you come outside and see something like this. What are people too to remember, that it was a fhck concert or that there was a riot? Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia footage was shot by Scott Dobson, and he included this description Mature sex Maidstone the clip: Recently found this 30 year old video I shot of 41 arrests after some teen angst and unrest led to some brick and bottle throwing.

Someone Women want sex tonight Stow the crowd outside said they were letting folks in the back door leading to a "riot" of sorts. Binghampton Ny - same old place Mike Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia Hottest Buffalo wings on the planet from pub nearby Wish I could say I saw you at the Kansas City show but I was the kid on the 15th row with the doobie rolled outta 30 papers and attached to foot long 'stats not to be confused with the guy on the 7th row that had that 3 foot bong.

We tore those seats apart good didn't we!

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Marty I drove over from Ft. Riley KS for this show. My seat was in the rafters. I was so far from the stage I couldn't even see Sam Judd, so he didn't flip me off for this show. It was a great show, nonetheless.

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I was glad BOC opened because I had to get back to the base. I didn't stay for the Sabs. For the record, the opening act on this bill was a local band called The Nice Guys. I think they had a gal as their singer. Lookimg

I Looking Sexy Dating Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia

Some polite applause and they were actually pretty good. Not a particularly appropriate opening act for Blue Oyster Cult or Black Sabbath, but they gave it a go. Billboard had clearly been smoking some good stuff when they came up with "Bob Seger" above.

Obviously, it should read "Black Sabbath". As for the opening band, Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia reckons it was "Troupe", whilst others further down this Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia say it was Gelrgia, St. However, if you scroll to the newspaper review, you'll see that the reviewer names the openers as local band Truth, so I'll go with the local knowledge for now, until I hear definitive information to the contrary.

I know I did this chop at See Factor, but was it before the tour or sometime during this one??? It looks like I now began making an entry on the date of either a cult logo or a cross for sabbs denoting who was closing this meant several hours difference in when I had to wake up and when I would be done It looks Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia the dates where Lucerne adult spanking made neither note, that it was just a BOC show no sabbs Sabbath had the cross.

It was a production add-on during the tour. Louis, Missouri, the order the bands played was as follows: Concerts in this area always tend Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia have started at 8: What was different about this night is that it didnt end until 1: BOC took the stage about 8: Never seen a girlx where any band played longer than the headliner before. I'm not aware if they were on a co-headliner tour or not. But Mature in women warren pa some reason it ended Shoas backwards that night It was a great night no matter what order the bands came fick.

Ronnie James Dio did a fine job with the Sabbath tunes they just didnt play long Shosls Holmes played then they were the second act of that fukc. This concert was the loudest I have ever attended. Ralph Didn't Whitford St. Holmes play this gig at all then? I found a review of this gig in the 01 Oct edition of the "St. It was rock at its heaviest and at its longest.

It started early and ended late, stretching on for five lumpy hours. The audience loves having two major Hjgh on the same bill. But it causes problems, especially when both get star billing. A few years ago Chicago and the Beach Boys filled the Checkerdome when they got together for a combined tour. The difference there was that their show was so well laid out that it appeared as if they had been working together for years.

At one point during the concert they appeared on the stage together. That wasn't the case Girlw night. The two acts are on tour Geogia, but they seem to be more in competition than in any kind of cooperative venture, which is the normal way that rock acts operate, of course. What it means is that both acts feel like they have to go out and knock the knickers off the audience.

And I suspect that the reason there was a third act on the bill at all for this musical marathon was that neither group wanted to be giels other's opening act. Coming on last seems to be a big thing with a lot of acts. But in this case, Blue Oyster Cult had the ideal spot - opening Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia, after an excellent local Georia called Truth.

By the igrls the Cult finished with the audience, it was far from spent. But not long into Black Sabbath's set, which didn't start until Blue Oyster Cult began its set with recorded symphonic music.

I Am Look For Sexual Encounters Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia

Then when the quintet moved into its first song, banks of white lights went on illuminating the floor crowd, which seemed to be an audience stimulus. On the next number there were flashpot pops at the wings of Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia stage. That was one of several spectacular effects that were used throughout the group's set. The five, creating an energy Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia never let go, attracted members of the audience forward.

The security people did a good job of keeping the aisles clear, but time and again the same kids would try to move forward. The Cult made good use of electronics for emphasis in its music. There was one occasion especially that was different from Adult looking real sex Chestnut I have ever seen before, and that was during the drum solo.

It was way too long to be enjoyable, but Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia was fascinating to hear the effects created when the drummer was putting his sound through a reverberator and other electronic devices. Perhaps their finest moment was when all five came forward to play guitar. However, the best number was not fick of theirs, but one by the Doors, "Roadhouse Blues," which the Cult did as an encore.

There was a minimum of 45 minutes between the sets. At the end of the first song, I found out. There was a series of a half-dozen explosions. When in doubt, go to war. Bill Bryan Hi there love your site!

It's really cool to see fans from another part of the world who dig B. Most of the crowd left about halfway through Sabbath. Chicago is Showls a B. International Amphitheatre Chicago, Illinois Setlist:. CultJacket The Pittsburgh show lasted until 2: The local promoter was fined dollars Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia playing past curfew of midnight. That was the policy back then for show played in downtown believe it or not. Of course of OysterBoys no matter how late matched that 2 hr set Sabbath's crew was working in slow motion tearing down their equipment.

Wives want nsa Pell City saw a glrls of BOC crew members get pissed and started unloading Sabbaths gear as well, thus pushing back BOC even furthur to coming on. Duane VanPatten No way this show lasted until 2: I worked the next day and that would of been a huge memory from the show.

Maybe 1am at the latest. Yes the show ran late, but 2: Being right near the stage you could smell the hate and hear the vulgar quips going back and forth. The time between the Black and the Blue was easily an hour plus. Don't really want to piss off the Sabbath fans but Tony Iommi's guitar solo was way too long and short on substance.

Dio was awesome and carried the Sabs all the way. Always are out of the plus times Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia seen them. Another year, another hockey barn to see my all-time favorite Oyster Boys on their Cultosaurus Erectus Tour. My girlfriend and 3 of my best friends all drove to Philly in my Pontiac Bonneville to see Gifls and The Boys Geoggia us away.

It was even better Gorgia I expected. Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia had 3 hits of acid with me. Thinking this was going to be a religious experience, I dropped 2 hits and gave the other to my Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia. It turned out to be Looiing religious! I'm sure they opened with "Dr. Music", always a great opening song.

I will always remember Buck playing that 16th-note riff during the first solo same riff as the one in "Diz-busters". It's etched in my mind forever. Also loved the Georia echo solo before the end boogie part, where Buck stops and stretches his fingers. I always loved that part! The acid Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia kicking in pretty strong by this time but I managed not to lose it.

I was completely tuned in to the sounds. Inside of them, girl. Even though they had dropped the laser show the previous year, the light show was still spectacular. Too cool for words!! Great bass Sexy girls of Meridian from Joe Bouchard. In my mind that is where they belong.

Still hoping for that reunion. Anyway, the show had many more highlights like "Divine Wind" complete with roadie donning an Ayatollah Komieini mask and guitar, flipping off the audience and Eric Bloom.

It would be so funny if they did that song today and used the current Iran leader's likeness or Osama. Lookking seems that song is just as relevant today, wouldn't you say? Also dug the chainsaw guitars. That was always an Black lesbians i n Brethren wanting fuck thing to see. This show was great for me because of the fact that a year earlier I saw the "Mirrors" tour at Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia same Philly Spectrum and was a little disappointed that BOC lacked the energy of the very first time I saw them Buffalo, March Rainbow actually opened for them during this "Mirrors" show and they really gave BOC a run for their money.

So, this performance was indeed redemption at the highest level. Buck retained his status as my all-time favorite guitar god and BOC remained my number 1 band forever. By the way, I made it home to New Jersey without Older women Goochland sex, still peaking from those 2 hits and laughing our asses off all the way home.

However, that site is now offline, but this site has the same information. The october 7, show in Kalamazoo, Michigan Saxon opened for them. I was at the show. The show was pretty close to sold out because my friend and I got our tickets that day and we were in the last row of our section. I'm going to see BOC Friday night. David Holmes I was at this show. It was my first concert. I had never heard of Saxon but they were amazing. - Local singles with Free Webcams in Hephzibah, Georgia

I agree that they blew away BOC. I remember it was snowing and the drive home on Swingers Personals in Wedowee was a thrill ride! Did a in the middle of the highway!! Regarding your in inclusion of Shakin' Street: I don't recall any warm-up band playing this gig A gigantic Godzilla monster towered over the stage and the crowd.

It had spooky red, glowing eyes and was breathing out smoke and fire. I had a dumbass attack and sneaked past security to get backstage for some pictures during the encore by Black Sabbath. Unknown to me at the time I sneaked into the roped off area reserved for the pyrotechnics and percussion bombs.

I almost lost my hearing that evening when everything started blowing up around me. I only got to snap one picture before the minefield exploded all around me check Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia the comments by Mike Singleton from the October 18th show.

Ralph So - did Shakin' Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia play this show?

Dave Mason I was at this show. Black Sabbath was supposed to headline but there was some kind of mix up. There was an opening act. Then an hour break and Black Sabbath came on. Then another hour break and BOC came out.

I remember this very distinctly. It was a school night and I lived about 1 hour away. I went with a friend who was also a big BOC fan. We were going to leave during Black Sabbath if they played last. Since BOC came on last we had to stay until the show was over. The crowd got very rowdy during the long breaks between bands.

I still have the ticket stub somewhere. Plus Sam reckons Sabbath closed also. Can anyone else who saw this gig chip in here? Not Horny sluts bbm pins Bradenton Beach of opening act.

Me and my friend where there. We sat on the floor, Ronnie James told everyone to flip off the security. So my friend did and the big black rent a cop said he should through his ass out. What a close call I wanted to see the show. Market Square Arena, Indianapolis.

But THEN their ass-wipe road manager got on a mike and told the crowd off for a bunch of asshole "Colonials" who weren't worthy of a decent show I was in the basement of the building showering and it sounded like Saskatchewan fucked building was being destroyed It doesn't really show in that pic, but there was a lot of smoke in there too as they had set a couple piles of those wooden seats ON FIRE!!

Even though BOC had finished playing over an hour before and all our gear was already in the truck and the band gone, we were banned in Milwaukee for many years Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia Singleton I think every emergency vehicle in Milwaulkee was outside the arena at some point.

I have pictures back in Atlanta??? The bands, Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia audience and Arena officials never expected the event Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia live up to its name - the 'Black and Blue Concert. Responding to the incident, Black Sabbath Beautiful asian seeks true love with european the stage after three songs.

Suddenly the crowd reared in anger and became a mob. At first, just a few people overturned a set Boilling Charlotte free pussy chairs, while others raised their fists and egged them on But within minutes, others started kicking their chairs and ripping out seat cushions. Then iron arm railings were pulled out and tables were toppled When objects started flying at the stage, then randomly around the Arena, some in the crowd started leaving.

As they left, many overturned trash cans and smashed lights, windows and glass doors By Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia time police arrived in full riot gear about When rock fans rioted at Black and Blue show In retrospect, the "Black and Blue" tour was well-named, at least when it stopped in Milwaukee. It started with an impatient audience. Blue Oyster Cult opened the show, taking the stage about 8: The crowd was typical of a heavy-metal show at the time, she wrote - maybe even "less unruly" than normal.

Then came a minute wait between performances. Black Sabbath's production manager, Huw Price, later told The Journal that the long lead time between bands was planned - Blue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath both had elaborate sets to build and tear down. As he wiped away the blood, he walked Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia to lead singer Ronnie James Dio.

It's been a long time sinceso Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia cool out. The band won't be coming back on stage. The bass player is too hurt. At first, just a few people overturned a set of chairs, while others raised their fists and egged them on.

Then iron arm railings were pulled out and tables were toppled. Police were seen dragging Ocean sex Armstrong, Ontario by the hair and throwing them into patrol wagons. The Journal reported in a front-page story Oct. According to The Journal, 12 police officers were injured, along with an unknown number of fans.

The Journal also reported that many who were arrested were either issued citations that night and released, or released the following morning after police reviewed their cases. Butler, the bassist hit with a bottle, was taken to what was then Mount Sinai Hospital, treated and released.

Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia member of the band's road crew was also injured in the melee. It's too bad the whole crowd had to be penalized for just one lunatic. It's like they were wrecking their home.

Neither ban lasted long. The beer soon returned. Sport Black and Blue Milwaukee arena show. BOC opened for the Sabbs, which we thought sucked Looking to fuck girls High Shoals Georgia the time. This was the Ronnie James Dio version who played 3 songs when riot started with thrown bottle which we did not see happen as with most people I believe.

The riot started cause the Sabbs split. Good ridance I say. Anyway set list I have is: They rubbed their guitars together to create distortion with giels flash pots going off and Buck pulling strings off his guitar Encores: Roadhouse Blues Reaper Ralph Here's an audio clip of the riot: I believe Freedom Hall is the place downtown Mike Singleton You remember that???

I think this was also the date LeeAnn rode Wife swapping in Mountain pass CA bike out with Eric on stage quite bare breasted I cuck the picture back in Atlanta???

Ralph Sam, above, reckoned this gig took place in a "HUGE shed type Lookung at a fairgrounds" but the only printed evidence I have found to date that small Shoalw above indicates that it does seem to have taken place at Freedom Hall, after all