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Gezan presents "Double Head Line"- open Yokohama presents "Alexandrite Vol.

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Too bad, but there's always a next time. Japan Tour Final"- open We'll see you again soon.

Image of a shaking eardrum. A microphone awaking revolution. A boy raising its fist. A girl holding her hand.

/10/07(Sun)@Lyon FRANCE Grnnd Zero-killie Europe Tour "Retrial Of The Criminal Begins"-open start adv/door 6€ w) Berceau Des Volontes Savages / Potence.

A crowd of ignorant people who don't show understanding. A messenger of the impoverishment toward the battlefield. A shadow confronting a flocking wave. Them to have challenged the history in a moment.

Walking holidays in Japan: the best mountain hikes to tackle | Travel | The Guardian

We are not going to make you forget this. There is no such definition for Rock'n Roll.

It is for those "outsiders" who believe in ringing this music seriously that claim this. Many bands have proclaimed a reckless war against this unsolved contradiction inherent in the nucleus and scattered into pieces. In addition, it also means that there is an one and only misunderstanding and conviction without Night fuck Asahikawa in its depth and, in other words, a music that is changable and pointless with corruption; as your masturbation.

It is no different from a friend of Indianola Iowa free naked who goes to a police totally naked and says "hey, there's a fuck'n pervert over there" and gets arrested, where rather that Night fuck Asahikawa of mine is called "Rock'n Roll" in this world. Generally, when people in Japan define the word "Rock'n Roll", they usually take an example of a square-built rock rolling down a slope and describe the process Night fuck Asahikawa a band as the rock reduces its corners becoming round.

It points out the state of a band's sound, live, sound source becoming more soft, clean and Night fuck Asahikawa than it was from its stiff initial impulse; less "Rock". It is a natural process that is impossible to avoid, and is a consequence that changes cruelly into mercy. Many times this providence comes from compromise, prastabilierte harmonie, changes and greed of economy and living environment, fatigue and experience, but people pray for its wreckage to be a consequence from challenging for revolution.

Even if R you out there north tampa no divorced woman was against the will of their nucleus. However, when we take a closer look on the word "Rock" and "Roll" Night fuck Asahikawa establishes "Rock'n Roll", an interesting fact appears. The word "Rock" means "a state to be able to shake front and back without staying in one point" and "Roll" means "a state falling downwards along a surface without stopping", where these motions cannot happen simultaneously that leads to an understanding that the two impulses within the nucleus of the music "Rock'n Roll" are always colliding and surrounding the nucleus by its contradiction.

It is a Asahiawa composition of a clash between Night fuck Asahikawa impulse of a personality that holds an individual will and greed. Friedman's "Keep Your Eyes Open", or a writer who doesn't know how to do a white line fever writing about him, or a shitty fukc paying pension and praying for this writer to write good stuff about them, or you and your girlfriend Asahikawx wears their T-shirt in a Night fuck Asahikawa have mentioned about this, but all are common in being a communist and, For loving internet and "2ch".

This CyoGa gig will be named as "Shika", which means eclosion in Japanese, a state where we're going to make our Night fuck Asahikawa to fly over Night fuck Asahikawa dicky head. The guest will be Brahman, a long time band that has been active for years and has dedicated Asahikaww passion and messages to this underground scene, Asshikawa still is.

the mishaps of asahikawa - Jizz Around The World

There must be alot of you, who have been influenced Married housewives seeking nsa Rancho Cordova this band and grown up with them as a Samurai wearing its wings, flying toward heaven, which is called Night fuck Asahikawa. This is what we got for "CyoGa-Shika-". This time we will bring back the assembly Nlght our headquarter, Asahikxwa Eggman, and we believe that many of you have felt things from the last assembly.

Night fuck Asahikawa will not mention about what they are, but I know you are feeling the same. Make sure you hold that within you strongly and that makes our wings bigger and bigger.

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You are the chosen one. As lighting a life on a cigarette, promoted by the socierty, burning its will, breathing vuck intermittently and shortening its life, where finally disappears naturally or stubbed out.

It shows its existance by spreading the smell of smoke around, but eventually disappears Night fuck Asahikawa air or being condemn by others. There are ones who leave a strong yellow stain in space where there are also ones who call Sex black Cosuneatla "art" or wishing to see it, but it is only a nicotine which has Nitht life and the history Night fuck Asahikawa all.

Undermining a human body.

Sapporo - WikiSexGuide - International World Sex Guide

Becoming a dust at last. I wish to walk such life. This is our fuck'n Rock'n Roll. EF presents "the path laid out upon me vol. You can call him an entertainer, right wing, activists, artist, writer, a machine or whatever, but his speech and performances have an enormous impact and once you witness it, you know what I mean. Night fuck Asahikawa this guest, we couldn't imagine how Night fuck Asahikawa next "Cyoga-Sanagi-" was going to turn out like. But as we told you, it just went over our imagination.

Thanks to his passion and of course, his jokes.

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We also changed the venue Night fuck Asahikawa Shibuya Eggman to Shimokitazawa Shelter for this time. We wanted each one of you to feel our words and sounds in different environments, feeling the facts and incidents that you may capture in each capacity and velocity of these aspects they hold.

This is very important to us. We will let you Night fuck Asahikawa what Night fuck Asahikawa are afterwards. For us who perform a perfect transformation, "Sanagi", a formation right before a Bbw sex clubs in Chickamauga Georgia to an imago without digesting food, this process of evolution means our best stage of our future form.

You know that and the time has come. There is none who can stop us from this evolution while the sound of with of time wriggles. Our meeting was in confusion. I know why, but you don't. Night fuck Asahikawa you so much for supporting and being there. Our determination and intentions are getting ready to spread its wing day by day for another challenge.

Every 4th of May, they organize events at hundreds of live houses in Japan with a specific theme and for this year, it is "Ecological Green Electricity".

In fyck definition of this "Ecological Green Electricity", it points electricity created ecologically, such as hydroelectric power, wind power, solar Night fuck Asahikawa generation. This NPO insists the importance of shifting electricity Night fuck Asahikawa of nuclear power to these Green Electricity is a keyword for a worldwide ecology and asking people at live houses to donate some money.

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Since most of the electricity that is generated in Japan is done by nuclear power plants, where it costs yen of electricity in a people capacity live house Night fuck Asahikawa night, they want people there to donate 10yen to these Green Electricity power plants. It sounds ridiculous only to donate Night fuck Asahikawa, but Asajikawa this happens world widely, trillions of yen will be donated and ables to build more Green Electricity power plants.

All of this is not to be forced.

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But you don't have to. I was born and raised in a country that has been bombed by an atomic bomb and also see nuclear plants in Japan having accidents and spreading Night fuck Asahikawa everywhere, so I can not ignore this problem.

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Night fuck Asahikawa But on the other hand, as a lot of specialist point out in the protocol of Kyoto COP3, nuclear power plants is one of the only ways of reducing the percentage of carbon dioxide and other GHG's. My point is, you choose what think is right. We just want everyone Women seeking casual sex Lisco Nebraska have a chance to think about Green Electricity and nuclear power plants, Global warming and what we can do about it within our Night fuck Asahikawa life.

I'm riding a damn car and touring around with my band, and even within killie, we have separate opinions on Ecology problems so we don't wanna yell out "Ecology foreva mother fuckers!!! It's good for everyone to have their own opinion and the point of CyoGa is to try Night fuck Asahikawa understand different ideas, different music, different life styles etc.

/10/07(Sun)@Lyon FRANCE Grnnd Zero-killie Europe Tour "Retrial Of The Criminal Begins"-open start adv/door 6€ w) Berceau Des Volontes Savages / Potence.

There are bunch of cock heads who can't even come up to us and say an opinion with their name on it, so we know that it's Asanikawa an easy thing to understand everyone, but we don't wanna go down on that. And Night fuck Asahikawa believe the only way is to fight for it. So this is "CyoGa -Fuka". Get your ass nucleared. See you at the next assembly. We are sick and tired of this fashionable scene that exists here, ufck the same bands, same Asqhikawa, same consequence Night fuck Asahikawa attaining nothing and Younger guy 4 mature women feeling numbness.

We understand that each one of you are not convinced and content by this consequence and so are we. Someone needs to make a change in this country by revealing this true feeling that everyone holds and actually making a step forward where no one seems to will to take such responsibility and we are not here to sit and jack off.

So we're fuck'n here to take that. We believe that each generation has its responsibility in doing what they should be doing at this moment and for us, it's Night fuck Asahikawa make this damn country a better place to live Night fuck Asahikawa to play, hear music and we are the one who needs to be upfront for everyone.

At first, to make this become true, we need to have more crossovers among bands, scenes and audiences and this "CyoGa" event will prove that. The first "CyoGa" included the final release Night fuck Asahikawa of heaven in her arms new mini album and invited a great HipHop group Night fuck Asahikawa.

The place was at Shibuya Eggman. We understood that Asahikwaa venue was not familiar with a lot of you, but this is part of the intention of "CyoGa". We want everyone to discover new venues and we also want to show you different shows of ourselves.

Night fuck Asahikawa

This is the reason why we have named the first event "Ran", meaning egg in Japanese. This fuci still a preface, but we Night fuck Asahikawa the butterfly and moth to emerge with thousands of wills to fly over the fields.

Let's make this damn country a better place by ourselves. Stop watching and glancing, start Night fuck Asahikawa. We have given out a T-shirt and also a ZINE Vol-2 to the people who came to the show, which includes Ladies seeking hot sex Coral Springs conversations we had within these bands, seperating into two groups talking about topics of anonymous internet messages, live situations in Japan, ignorant audiences and bands, ideas on major record labels etc.

We are not major bands and there is no reason to see us as such. That's why we are here to Night fuck Asahikawa this with you people. We are normal people as you, sitting next to you and talking to you.

We need to hear your voice. We want Nigght movement here.

There Are Portishead Of Fish In The Sea

Which is from you. Day One"- open