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It stars Marilyn BurnsPaul A. The film Sas a group of friends who fall victim to a family of cannibals while on their way to visit an old homestead.

Although it was marketed as a true Saw you tonight Portland to attract a wider audience and as a subtle commentary on the era's political climate, its plot is entirely fictional.

However, the character of Leatherface and minor plot details were inspired by the crimes of real-life murderer Ed Gein. The limited budget forced Hooper Saw you tonight Portland film for long hours seven days a week, so Naughty woman looking casual sex Fort Worth he could finish as quickly as possible and reduce equipment rental costs.

Due to the film's violent content, Hooper struggled to find a distributor. Louis Perano of Bryanston Pictures eventually purchased the distribution rights. The film faced similar difficulties internationally. Upon its Saw you tonight Portland release, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was banned outright in several countries, and numerous theaters later stopped showing the film in response to complaints about its violence.

It has since received a positive reappraisal and gained a reputation as one of the best and most influential horror films in cinema history.

It is credited with originating several elements common in the slasher Saw you tonight Portland, including the use of power tools as murder weapons, the characterization of the killer as a large, hulking, faceless figure, and the killing of victims. The popularity of the film led to a franchise that continued the story of Saw you tonight Portland and his family through ylu, prequels, a remake, comic books and video games.

Sally Hardesty and her paraplegic brother, Franklin, travel with three friends, Jerry, Kirk, and Pam, to visit the grave of the Hardestys' grandfather to investigate reports of Naked women in Rumsey California vandalism and grave robbing.

Afterwards, they decide to visit the old Hardesty family homestead. Along the way, they pick up a hitchhikerwho talks about his family who worked at the old slaughterhouse.

He borrows Franklin's pocket-knife and cuts himself, then takes a single Polaroid picture of Franklin, for which he demands money.

When they refuse to pay, he burns the photo, and slashes Franklin's left arm ylu a straight razor. The group forces him out of the van and drive on. They stop at a gas station to refill their vehicle, but the proprietor tells them that the pumps are empty. They continue toward the homestead, intending to return to the gas station once it has received a fuel delivery. When they arrive, Franklin tells Kirk and Pam about a local swimming-hole, and the couple go to find it.

They stumble Saw you tonight Portland a nearby house, and Kirk calls out for gas, entering through the unlocked door, while Pam waits outside.

Leatherface suddenly appears tohight kills Kirk with a hammer. Pam enters soon after, and trips into a room filled with furniture made from human bones. She Saw you tonight Portland to flee, but Leatherface catches her, and impales her on a meathook, making her watch as he butchers Kirk with a chainsaw.

Jerry heads out to look Free Rock Hill sex ads Pam and Kirk at sunset. He sees the house and finds Pam, still alive, inside a freezer.

Before he can react, Leatherface kills him. With darkness falling, Sally and Franklin set out to find their friends. As they near the neighboring house and call Saw you tonight Portland, Leatherface lunges from the darkness and kills Franklin with a chainsaw. Sally runs toward the house, and finds the desiccated remains of an elderly couple upstairs. She escapes from Leatherface by jumping through a second-floor window, and Saw you tonight Portland to the gas station.

21 Terrifying True Horror Stories That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

The proprietor calms her with offers of help, but then ties her Saw you tonight Portland, gags her, and forces her into his truck. He drives to the house, arriving at the same time as the hitchhiker, now revealed as Leatherface's brother. Tonivht hitchhiker recognizes Sally, and taunts her.

The men torment the bound and gagged Sally while Leatherface, now dressed as a woman, serves dinner. Leatherface and the hitchhiker bring down one of the desiccated bodies from upstairs, that of their Grandpa. He is revealed to be alive when Saw you tonight Portland sucks blood from a cut on Sally's finger.

They decide Party girls Annan adult Grandpa, the best killer in the old slaughterhouse, should kill Sally. He tries to hit her with a hammer, but he is too weak.

Saw you tonight Portland

In the ensuing struggle, she breaks free, leaps through Fuck buddy Shreveport window, and flees to the road. Leatherface and the hitchhiker give chase, but the latter is run over and killed by a passing truck. Leatherface attacks the truck with his chainsaw, and Poftland the driver stops to help he knocks Leatherface down with a pipe wrench, causing the chainsaw to Sxw his leg. The driver flees, and Sally escapes in the back of a passing pickup truck as Leatherface maniacally flails his chainsaw in the air.

Saw you tonight Portland concept for Single wife looking sex Montrose Texas Chain Saw Massacre arose in the early s while Tobe Hooper was working as Saw you tonight Portland assistant film director at the University of Texas at Austin and as a documentary cameraman.

Hooper has cited changes in the Saw you tonight Portland and political landscape as central influences on the film. His intentional misinformation, that the "film you are about to see is true", was a response to being "lied to by the government about things that were going on all over the world", including Watergate tknight, the oil crisisand "the massacres yoi atrocities in the Vietnam War ".

Hooper and Kim Henkel cowrote the screenplay and formed Vortex, Inc. Parsley formed a company named MAB, Inc.

Vortex made the idea more attractive by awarding them a share of its potential profits, ranging from 0. Many of the cast members at the time were relatively unknown actors—Texans who had played roles in commercials, television, and stage shows, as well as performers whom Hooper knew personally, such as Allen Saw you tonight Portland and Jim Siedow.

The lead role of Sally was given to Marilyn Burnswho had appeared Doggie play date for next week on stage and served on the film commission board at UT Austin while studying there.

Icelandic-American actor Gunnar Hansen was selected for the role of Leatherface. To research his character in preparation for his role, Hansen visited Potrland special needs school and watched how the students moved and spoke. The primary filming location was an early s farmhouse located on Quick Hill Road near Round Rock, Texaswhere the La Frontera development is now located. They wouldn't wash my costume because they were worried that the laundry might lose it, or that it would change color.

They didn't have enough tobight for a second costume. So I wore that [mask] 12 Women for watersport dating 16 hours a day, seven days a week, for a month.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was mainly shot using an Eclair NPR 16mm yku [14] [33] with fine-grain, low-speed film that required tonkght times more light than Portladn digital cameras.

The crew covered its Saw you tonight Portland with drops of animal Saw you tonight Portland obtained from a local slaughterhouse. Burns drove around the countryside and collected the remains of cattle and other animals in various stages of decomposition, with which he littered the floors of the house.

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The special effects were simple and limited by the budget. The crew had difficulty getting the stage blood to come out of its tube, so instead Burns's index finger was cut with a razor.

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However, the actor playing Grandpa was aiming for the floor Saw you tonight Portland than his victim's head. He stated that "everyone hated me by the end of the production" and that "it just took years for them to kind of cool off.

Years later Bozman stated, "We made Woman looking real sex Boaz deal with the devil, [sigh], and Saw you tonight Portland guess that, in a way, tonjght got what we deserved. In New Line Cinema acquired the distribution rights from Bryanston and Portlaand the producers a larger share of the profits. A distributor apparently restored the offending material, tnight at least one theater presented the full version under an "R".

The Australian censors refused to classify the minute version of the film in June ; [67] the board similarly refused classification of a minute print in December that year.

I Am Ready Real Dating Saw you tonight Portland

The Texas Chain Lonely woman seeking hot sex Manchester New Hampshire Massacre received a mixed reaction upon its initial release. Linda Gross Saw you tonight Portland the Los Angeles Times called it "despicable" and described Henkel and Hooper as more concerned with creating a realistic atmosphere than with its "plastic script".

Romero's Night of the Living Dead Critics later frequently praised both the film's aesthetic quality and its power. Observing that it managed to be "horrifying without being a bloodbath you'll see more gore Saw you tonight Portland a Steven Seagal film ", Bruce Westbrook of the Houston Chronicle called it "a backwoods masterpiece of fear and loathing". He pointed out how the quiet sense of foreboding at the beginning of the film grows, until the viewer experiences "a punishing assault on the senses".

The Rise and Fall of Redneck CinemaScott Von Doviak commended its effective use Saw you tonight Portland daylight shots, unusual among horror films, such as the sight of a corpse draped over a tombstone in the opening sequence.

It has often been described as one of the scariest Saw you tonight Portland of all time. The site's critical consensus states, "Thanks to a smart script and documentary-style camerawork, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre achieves start-to-finish suspense, making it a classic in low-budget exploitation cinema.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is considered one Sexy lady seeking casual sex Sun Valley the greatest—and most controversial—of horror films, [95] [96] and a major influence on the genre. Sexuality in the Horror FilmDavid Hogan called it "the most affecting gore thriller of all and, in a broader view, among the most effective horror films ever made Leatherface has gained a reputation as a significant character in the horror genre, [] [] responsible for establishing the use of conventional tools as murder weapons and the image of a large, silent killer devoid of personality.

Critic Christopher Sharrett argues that Saw you tonight Portland Alfred Hitchcock 's Psycho and The Birdsthe American horror film has been defined by the questions it poses "about the Saw you tonight Portland validity of the American civilizing process", [] concerns amplified during the s by the "delegitimation of authority in the wake of Vietnam and Watergate ". Robin Wood characterizes Leatherface and his family as victims of industrial capitalism, their jobs as slaughterhouse workers having been rendered obsolete by technological advances.

In Kim Newman 's view, Hooper's presentation of Beautiful ladies want sex Dublin Sawyer family during the dinner scene parodies a typical American sitcom family: Women and the Pleasures Saw you tonight Portland Horror Film Viewingstates, "The horror genre must keep terror and comedy in tension if it is to successfully tread the yonight line that separates it from terrorism and parody The underlying Saw you tonight Portland of the film have been the subject of extensive critical discussion ; critics and scholars have interpreted it as a paradigmatic exploitation film in which female protagonists are subjected to brutal, sadistic violence.

In one study, a group of men were shown five films depicting differing levels of violence against women.

According Saw you tonight Portland Jesse Stommel of Bright Lights Film Journalthe lack of explicit violence in the film forces viewers to question their own fascination with violence that they play a central role in imagining. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has been described as "the ultimate pro- vegetarian film" due to its animal rights themes.

In a video essay, film critic Rob Ager describes the irony in humans being slaughtered for meat, putting humans Saw you tonight Portland the position of being slaughtered like farm animals. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has appeared on various home video formats. The film has been followed by seven other films Saw you tonight Portland date, including sequels, prequels Sk8r chic wanted remakes.

The first sequel, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2was considerably more graphic and violent than the original and was banned in Australia for 20 years before it was released on DVD in a revised special edition in October The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III was the second sequel to appear, though Hooper did not return to direct due to scheduling conflicts with another film, Spontaneous Combustion. While Saw you tonight Portland acknowledging the events of the preceding two sequels, its plot makes it a virtual remake of the original.

The Beginningin A seventh film, Texas Chainsaw 3Dwas released on January 4, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film.