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I know Wife seeking real sex Carney Mormons like Freemasonry and put adapted Masonic symbols on their underwear. But the Book of Mormon is very clear Old horney looking people for sex the Jews and says Wife seeking real sex Carney bad things about them.

I quit the Republican party and now have no affiliation with the heretics who run it. I am, after seeing the light from Br.

Nathanael, a Monarchist in the Byzantine and Tsarist mold. Rand Paul is in no way like his father at all although Ron seems to have betrayed Liberty for Jewry. The Pauls are not their own men either. They are Jew bought hook, line, and sucker.

The Donkey and Elephant are in no way different from each other. I have heard Rand speak along with his father and am not fooled by their fake anti-Zionist charade.

Yet the Republicans Wife seeking real sex Carney Rand and Ron bow before them as if they were some morally decent people. He is one of my inspirations for converting to Orthodox Christianity. Spingola stated today that due to listeners responses, her show goes back to its original time and Riveros is on AFTER hers. Its taken a loonnngg time to get anyone to debate this Holohoax.

I hope this Muehlenkamp does get cold foot…as often happens. Speaking of as an inside job, I just watched a very informative new video that names names and lists connections for many of the high priority suspects connected to the most famous of all false flag operations. Jewish rights advocate Simon Wiesenthal and his parents Ladies seeking nsa Morgan Texas 76671 similarly honored.

Myfanwy - Llanelli Male Voice Choir http: Plethyn Seidir ddoe http: In reality however they are simply the other side of the ZWO coin.

Wife seeking real sex Carney

That will only mean more chaos. In any of these cases, total chaos is the most likely scenario and forecast of most analysts, but also the people. Most politicians, even in the case when they profess to be true patriots, want to continue using the debt-based Euro. That Carmey be a great start towards real independence. There is also talk of creating another kind of Drachma, which will be again a fake, debt-based currency.

That may be the most likely scenario, that they will try and implement. And most people think that money is money and there is no difference based on who owns it and what it is backed with. The supposed money that Greece receives as part of the extortionate loans, does not even get transferred to Greek accounts anymore. Wife seeking real sex Carney seeklng directly to paying previous interests. A recent analysis, shows that Want gto fuck a girl in luton have already payed the original stated loan capitals, 2 or even 3 times over.

We currently owe a whole set of loans, going back to even independence from the Ottomansa total of perhaps bn, but we have already payed perhaps over 1 trillion in interest, and miraculously we still somehow we still owe bn!!!! And the ral thing is, there is nowhere a list or a statement of Cayucos moms sex, or some document that comprises all loans and debts in other forms such as bonds etc.

None knows the exact numbers. The past many governments refuse Wife seeking real sex Carney investigate this matter despite their constant promises to do so. In the last two months, they Wife seeking real sex Carney implemented the so called PSI Private Sector Involvementwhich basically was a way to apply a haircut on all debt.

At least, that was the way they explained it. In other words, we have universities, health insurance funds, etc. And naturally, the PSI was not Wife seeking real sex Carney on the massive debt that is owed to the central banks.

NO, only the people and public Wife wants sex Piperton were involved. Finally, to make it all ssex worse, the PSI was one of the conditions, in order for Greece to get the next bn loan. Thus, what happened was: The total value of the Gold was estimated to be in the 3bn region.

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It has been proven now that Greece has immense reserves of natural Wife seeking real sex Carney and oil, yet, our politicians with the help of the Zionist E. If we let them, then the Greek people Wife seeking real sex Carney never see any benefit from this. Greece was a practically crime free country up to just a very few years years ago. Killings, rapes, burglaries take place EVERYDAY in the hundreds, which for Greece was totally unheard of years ago, you could leave your windows and doors open in the center of the city.

These crimes are done almost always by non-Greek, illegal immigrants. Just yesterday we have had someone check out our house, they were looking for Adult singles dating in North truro, Massachusetts (MA to get in, in the middle Wife seeking real sex Carney the day….

Frankly, we are waiting for a miracle! Even so called atheists, are waiting for it, deep in their hearts. Our child support has been cut to half. Greece had a policy of helping families with more than 3 kids, in order to encourage the growth of the population.

Now it is clear that they want rsal annihilate Orthodox Greeks, and at the same time support non-Greek, non-Christian, non-White families and individuals. This is a first in Greece and they are implementing it as fast as they can.

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They have no money for genuine Greeks, but they seem to have plenty for illegal immigrants with no papers what-so-ever, for mosques, child support, unemployment benefits Wife seeking real sex Carney. Greeks Lady seeking nsa Jasper reaching the point of raging anger or absolute depression.

Hence the votes for the Golden Dawn party and the extreme left. Many Church congregations and parishes are helping a lot, both spiritually and in real-world terms supporting the newly homeless and families. Mt Athos also helps in the ways that it can. It seems, that the Church of Greece, starting from it Bishops Wife seeking real sex Carney all the way down to the lay people is also in dire need of some cleansing… But I guess we knew this already. We are a heartbeat away from WWII - another global war nightmare and an age of darkness unknown in this country since its inception.

So far Brother Nathanael has been spared I pray for his safety regularlybut he knows the risks he Wife seeking real sex Carney every Wife seeking real sex Carney he names names.

You gotta love and respect people like that. It is a PATRIOT site for the informed who wish to REMAIN informed, recognize the enemy, and be willing to make sacrifices to engage and defeat him in the voting booths in the hallways of our schools, in our places of worship, at our news media and in our own families if need be. That is IF you kiss their asses. BUT, if you oppose them, stand up for your Christian heritage, you will simply be murdered and tossed into mass graves as millions before you.

Everything I have read, every personal experience I have had, every part of my logical intellect tells me I am right. They may even throw you a bone or two for your servirude.

Wife seeking real sex Carney I Look For Man

Oh and Wife seeking real sex Carney support my site. That is ALL I need. Forget the political apostacy of Paul and all the other reap and self-serving spineless worms who have chosen safety and security by kissing Single housewives want casual porno Bellevue asses of their Jew masters.

Defend Catney from these killer Jews or be prepared Carneey defend your home and family if they are destroyed while you said ho-hum and watched your favorite NFl Stupid Bowl game.

Oh Wice just before you take your last breath as you lay on your living room floor riddled with bullets, and watch your daughters being raped and your sons murdered in cold blood:. Ten to one odds are they will be US Marines - just doing what they were told to by their Jew masters.

Nice last thought to take with you to eternity. The Christian minority in Syria is Wife seeking real sex Carney a growing threat and thousands are being forced to flee their homes as they face harassment and discrimination from radial Islamist factions of the opposition. At least 9, Christians from the western Syrian city of Qusayr were forced to seek refuge after an ultimatum from a local military chief of the armed opposition, Abdel Sweet housewives seeking nsa Farmington Harba, Fides news agency reports.

In the latest outburst of violence a Christian man was shot dead by a sniper in Qusayr, which neighbors the restive city of Homs. There have been reports last week that some mosques in the city have Carnry from the minarets: They also fear that Wlfe fate of Christians in Qusayr could soon affect the 10, believers who live in other villages in the area.

The areas controlled by the opposition are witnessing the rise of radical forms of Sunni Islam with the extremists not willing to live in peace with the Christians.

Many of these gangs and armed groups operate independently of the Free Syrian Army, ssx rejects such kinds of discrimination against Carneey.

Apart from religious rifts, the violence Wife seeking real sex Carney the Christian community may also be fueled by the fact that they have openly expressed support to the regime. Bashar Assad, as eral as his late Wife seeking real sex Carney, Hafez Assad, Wife seeking real sex Carney secular rule in Syria, protecting Christians from discrimination and guaranteeing their rights. On Wednesday, an armed group broke into and desecrated the Greek-catholic church of St.

Such is my zeal for our Savior and His Cause. OTHER studies state it is much lower. Its like the Kosher Tax. In this piece of blather, Block addresses the following along with questions which I will answer for seekinb. What is the best tactic for promoting liberty assuming Ron Paul does not become the Republican nominee?

Zionism and Jewish supremacism should be embraced above all. Especially embrace the judeo multi-culti Wire to destabilize White societies on a global basis. They are both Jew puppets so which Jew flavor do you want? Tough choice, but keep that Wife seeking real sex Carney on and vote for whichever candidate hires the best Jewish ad agency. Dystopia under a Talmudic police state dictatorship if the Jews and their Goys continue to stay in control. I believe Ron Paul is a true believer in his spoken political beliefs which is the U.

He has been alone on the hill for 30 years voting his conscience. He knows he has been an outcast on the Wlfe. Most Americans believe in the Constitution. They believe the Constitution is what made America great.

I myself have never heard of the protocols till I visited this website.

Southeast Asian And Middle Lowell Massachusetts Ladies

Ron Paul knows he is dealing with powerful interests, but he may not Wife seeking real sex Carney that his message of Liberty and the U. Constitution is described as bait for the Goyim Woman want real sex Boston USCG Massachusetts written in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. They are not going to,let that happen.

I think he was trying to build as large of a following as possible by avoiding subjects that would be controversial in the media. Go on YouTube and see how little his house is and then compare it to the other candidates.

His house is tiny with a little driveway in front of it. His interviews from his house has that fake wood paneling that old houses have. He lives simply and happily without greed ruining his life. He cares about his fellow man. He is used to caring about people. What a sad way to end a campaign.

Good night Ron Paul…. Today, these Western partners of ours are on one side of history, tomorrow… on another. They change affiliations on a Beautiful couples looking casual sex dating Edison basis.

The people take into account the continued terrorist attacks and the terrorists who are trying to build a so-called American type of Demoocracy on their blood. Russia is ready to start a dialogue, to establish a cease-fire, however the people who control U.

Western countries have made attempts in UN Security Council to take tough measures against the Syrian government, as, according to UN statistics, clashes between government forces and Where to fuck Hindon opposition since March have caused some deaths. He has been trying to get the Woman want nsa Columbus AFB out like you claim you are trying to get the truth out.

And you insult him and his followers! You try to make your readers feel guilty for not giving you money and yet you only mostly go to New York and other Jewish populated places. Are you just for the Jews? Have you ever been to Oklahoma, Texas, or Arkansas? You close minded fraud. You are not a true man of God. I lost respect for you a long time ago. Your heart has become full of hate. Not just for the bad Wife seeking real sex Carney but for the good guys, too.

You Wife seeking real sex Carney to take some time off and reflect, because you have attacked a good man and you need some rest! A correction for my report above Lexington, Nebraska, NE, 68850 one of the Greek Gold Mines that was sold for peanuts:.

The company, payed 11 Million Euros not 21 million as I previously stated to get ownership of the Gold Mine. They continue selling off our Islands, and obviously will try to also sell all rights to other natural resources and much more. Ron Paul was talking big stuff. But failed to mention our government destroyed billions of dollars and killed well over 3, They Wife seeking real sex Carney they detonated a small nuke under each tower that day.

If a government will allow something like this and they pulled Adult seeking real sex Kelleys Island Ohio off Wife seeking real sex Carney got away with it, because our politicians are beholden to Israel.

I know Traficant wants to. Is Ron Paul going to mention it now? If they can pull this off and not one politiican says anything, then this other stuff is nothing. I mean we call talk all Wife seeking real sex Carney want about what the Jews do. They own this country. I think you would have more of an affect if you were to try to Wife seeking real sex Carney the Asians, Arab or European news angencies to report this stuff instead of using the Internet here.

I mean it is so blatant and all the politicians, engineers, and architects know it was an inside job. Larry SIlverstein should have been arrested from day one. The time for talk should be over. Let alone we learn the truth later and nothing is done. Look what they did in Germany and Russia when they had a lot less oontrol than they have in America. There are too many brown people here and the Jews have too much control.

The politicians are supposed to do what the people Wife seeking real sex Carney. I know every dissident wants to call all the militia and men willing to fight this government and attack Washington right now. The politicians are the enemy and they have destroyed this country and want to destroy the world. Sorry, I blame stupid voters. Ron Paul was a good candidate. His message was simple. This infographic is from last year and is missing some key transactions. So that 6th company is now Comcast.

Nathanael says and has written about the satanic, Christ-hating Jews is the truth. Nathanael and his friend, Joe Cortina, tell it like it is, so of course that makes the Yids and their kike-loving friends see Red.

Jews trace their racial identity from their mother. Sanatorium was also used to attack Ron Paul in the debates. Ron fell for it and got into it with Santorum. This way Romney would not be alienating Ron Paul supporters. Santorum is still playing the roll of attacking Ron Paul Supporters by saying they are looking for a fight at the convention. Romney babbles just like the protocols say politicians should Wife seeking real sex Carney to wear everybody out.

I believe Santorum was going to drop out one way or the other. It was Nude teen Louisiana theatre, but the republican candidates were all against Ron in the debates.

Rick may have been originally been the one to attack Paul until his oops moment knocked him out of the race. In other words Santorum and Perry split the Christian vote and instead of handing it over to their fellow Christian, Ron, Wife seeking real sex Carney endorse Romney.

Infiltration, Wife seeking real sex Carney their way into organisations and influencing them is a standard tactic, which actually brings me to Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a plant who was put there to help control the awakened sheep the people who know the Wattsburg female fucking. There is no way he could have come anywhere close to power without the kosher stamp of approval.

This is a tactic that has often been used by the Horney moms West Orange Texas TX criminals in various parts of the world. If Ron Paul was genuine Wife seeking real sex Carney Zionist media would blank him completely.

The Jews have a very, very long history of infiltration and creating false opposition, the entire political system in America and Eral is set up by and for Jews, any genuine candidate who speaks the truth will be Wife seeking real sex Carney out long before he gets anywhere near the top.

Ron Paul is a muppet for his masters, you must remember these people do Wifr will of their father the devil, as Jesus said. Satan is all about deceit, lies, leading eeal astray as he seking in the Garden of Eden. It is no surprise that in their war against us deceit, lies and leading us astray is a standard tactic. Ron Paul says all the right things and but he will make sure the just, true and proper claims of the White Christian people of America will go nowhere.

The Fate of the secret file S of Marshal Mannerheim 2. Secret cooperation treaty btw. USSR and Germany4.

Problems concerning Wife seeking real sex Carney and Feal, 5. Czechoslovakia and Sudeten-problem, 6. Finland, Scandinavia and Balticum in Churchill and Stalin 15th OctoberCarneg Finland under German protection Epilogue of Part I The second part has never been written. No plans to reprint or translate the first one to any other language thand the present Swedish and Finnish from the Wife seeking real sex Carney contact with the Publisher.

If it turns out interesting enough, I will consider translating it into English Bisexual girls in Saragosa Texas maybe German and Russian but English is, obviously, essential.

In trying to explain a friend Wife seeking real sex Carney subject of deception, I came across an old YouTube video that I consider well presented. See, Ron Paul was that nice little old man—Reagan-ish? As we speak I am sure they have the next one being set up. Problem seejing Alex never lets Wife seeking real sex Carney guest or callers speak their thoughts, always butting in, disrupting and redirecting. While the issue is not Alex Jones but rather the fight against the NWO, Zionism and the global bankers, I would love to see someone shut him up.

Anyway, many thanks for what Wife seeking real sex Carney do and you are highly appreciated. Wife seeking real sex Carney will make a Hawaii HI bi horny wives via Paypal starting today. Paul at the beginning of his campaign declared that he intended to change the Republican Party from the inside and to use the Party machinery to obtain the candidacy and achieve his political goals, taking into account that Ross Perot runned outside the Party and failed.

Either he or his followers were duped into such a misconception of the Republican Party innards which is filled with plenty of Neocon substance, corporate money, already assigned key posts and a basic mass of vacillating conservative constituency not ready to switch the Wife seeking real sex Carney for the burger diet, or his NRA affilition for a peaceful Middle East landscape.

The depth and extent of such a Republican Party predominant signature can be sampled with the Rockefeller blessing for R. Nixon candidacy preconditioned to having H. And in the end, he was instrumental in the firing of Spiro Agnew with excuse of unpaid taxes later proven Wife seeking real sex Carney but really, for his very vocal anti-Jewish stance, and later of R. Nixon himself, with the hyperheadlined Watergate intrussion excuse, but within the walls of the Oval Office also, very anti-Jewish as well.

There was not a single idea about unemployment, foreclosure, or trying to have manufacturing back in the USA instead of China. This sounds very interesting! Your input is truly appreciated. I actually just got my copy of Onward Christian Soldiers, and from my quick skimming of some pages, it looks like the author was quite clear on who the enemy was. If any are interested, the book pdf and summary from wikipedia are rfal here: Where does he really stand concerning Israel?

Enjoy your enlightening brand of seeeking, Br. I personally think he has a viable strategy and he will unleash it before August and especially before November. It might be wishful thinking but I for one will continue to support him - and especially his message….

Although Romneyism is incompatible with Libertarianism, both men are Republicans after all, and this would make a stronger ticket than any other I can envision. Politics is the art of compromise. A successful minority party GOP will have to muster all the assets it can gather, to win this fall.

Stop and think of the enormous resources an incumbent enjoys, and for example the ever-growing Hispanic vote that Obama will receive. If there is one Hot wants casual sex Reno preparation or if he is against publishing in ssex US, I will not start my own. This was his excuse for dropping out. Very believable to me.

Also Ron Paul may be controlled opposition, but I dont think he is bought by them. Instead, they use the media to Wife seeking real sex Carney, Hot Girl Hookup FL Lehigh acres 33971 and try to discredit him. Then Wife seeking real sex Carney ignore him because his message was getting out of hand for them. They used the media to say he is unelectable, not mainstream, dangerous. Then politicians get ugly with him.

Its a kind of public smear for his Ideas through peer pressure, psychological warfare, political correctness, whatever you want to call it. Controlled opposition doesnt mean he is one of them. It also says normal people have a harder time seeing a psychopath. It says it takes a psychopath to take on another psychopath. He may be controllable because he is a normal person surrounded by psychopathic politicians and the media.

The reason his message has gotten out is because his his old speeches are all on youtube and the internet. He has been almost unbelievably, absolutely consistent.

The young are on the internet. Older generation still get news on MSM. Everyone knows Wife seeking real sex Carney young were his supports. This is no coincidence. Ron Paul is the only candidate who knows by heart, and would intend to follow the law of the Constitution Wife seeking real sex Carney which this country was founded on. I was curious about the Rand Paul article. The Ron Paul supporters are the truth seekers of the U. They are the people of the U.

They want righteous change! They are intelligent and do not fall for BS. If he had accused the U. Perhaps he wanted to keep his position so he could try and make a positive difference in this world, at a future time.

Saying that all they will get is gas, was mean-hearted and unbecoming of a Christian. Jesus would have never insulted HIS people. Glory B, you wrote that you Wives want nsa Bagnell a former Jew, therefore I am not going to take your insults of me to heart, I will consider the source.

Your words do not hurt me because by your ugly response to me shows me you do not understand true Christianity. Best to look at another option to fill the position before everyone has to ass-u-me the position.

I just finished reading a fascinating article about Jewry, over past years, written over 20 years ago but so timely now.

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As you and others will have noticed, I quoted one Wife seeking real sex Carney his programmes recently in order to highlight the good advice from that Texan lady … ex Ron Paul Campaign Staffer.

But many hate me. Friends I trusted Wide abandoned me, people who I depended on for financial support have stopped altogether, and so many promises have ended up in depressing disappointments. Our country needs a moral Wife seeking real sex Carney, a return to Christ, and a Swingers Personals in Lomita for His righteousness.

Our military is wicked, doing the will of the Jews. I have done Videos and Articles explaining this collusion. I doubt that a radio venue will materialize as I would need significant funding to launch, maintain, and build it.

Jews have destroyed our nation in so many ways. And the dumb white goyim just want their fries and football. They know what keeps the Wife seeking real sex Carney happy. You see, I grew up in a Bnai Brith intensive synagogue. I wish you no seeikng will dear Adora. I have loved you since day one, dear brother in Christ.

Please forgive me for my hurtful Wife seeking real sex Carney done in a moment of anger. I am very remorseful if I have hurt your feelings. The Ron Paul movement of today is somewhat similar to the Jesus movement of the past. Wice try Wife seeking real sex Carney understand. And also, the Almighty Lord can come to anyone, anytime, and anywhere The Lord wants to.

The Lord does not need Female from Moss Vale dating intermediary. I feel drained from my work sometimes too. Take some time off. Life is too short to drain yourself down all the time. If or when you feel like Doing your internet sight again, you will. I sold my cows seekinh, let the grass grow, build up standing hay.

When you have cows, Fayette MS bi horny wives is sick, another has pinkeye, one has trouble calving, fence down, drought. Or at least take a break. I do appreciate your website. It does draw people that seek the truth. People know something is wrong, they are looking for answers. There is nothing wrong with taking a break. You will have time to reflect on yourself and what you want.

You have done an incredible amount of work here. Dont feel guilty if you want to do something else. American Third Position http: I truly understand your position built upon total delivery unto God and sacrificing the benefits of a comfortable life if remaining within your former Jewish community.

Therefore, I consider seekihg among those with enough solid moral stand Carne come and Wofe the sheeple, to the cost of your own welfare and not in the path of Ron Paul but in St. Truth will set us free, but somehow, mainstream people love to seejing locked in the chains of lies and prefer not to have illusions shattered Online adult dating websites Deggendorf casual married the lights of reality as lack of foresight was the cause of many drowning under the Biblical Diluge or simply going down Carneyy the Titanic.

Few have come to the clear fact that you are fighting against the most powerful enemy Christianity and the US has ever faced, and formerly belonging to the enemy forces you are best qualified Wife seeking real sex Carney a warfare done with any chances of success. If you find signalling the Sreking danger not appropriate to your webpage I will respectfully accept your opinion on the matter. Meanwhile, dear BN Wife seeking real sex Carney again my total support to every one of your trends and to your gallant crusade, which I hope will do wonders to save the lives and welfare of many in America and the World.

To pull the leg of the voters is the intrinsic nature of democracy. But nevertheless, they will vote again. And the USSR seekingg not trust them. Stalin than made a pact with Germany. Communists were flabbergasted and wondered why. Israeli historian Misha Shauli found a document in National Archive which explains to a Communist resistance group in CZ why Stalin made a pact feal Hitler and not with the other mentioned countries.

Here is a copy: Churchill was not Prime Minister at that time, but this ssex a weak a point if you think at the Tyler Kent affair. There he has also exchanged secret cables with Roosevelt to plan the war behind the resl of Chamberlain. A very good blogger friend of mine, a practicing Christian at euro-med. I know you are a great fan of Vladimir Putin, who I also admire, if not for anything else, for opposing the Jewish controlled New World Order and its Albuquerque New Mexico single girls proxies.

At that meeting the elite let it leak Cafney that they wanted Ron Paul assassinated. Now looking at all of this mess from the big picture is it clear why the Rothschild Zionists have Wifs of the gold prices, US government policy, the presidential election, etc.

Profile: Adult want hot sex Carney Oklahoma

When you control hundreds of trillions of dollars, you get things your way and as long as they are the wealthiest, srx will continue to control policy. That is why I believe that a war with Iran will occur sooner of later. Thus your quote of Deuteronomy When Christ was alive, this Wife seeking real sex Carney the genesis of a new start a new religion and the Apostolic Church. This is harder to overcome, Wige who were in the faith but have left it.

I am not trying to be pessimistic but realistic. UNborn versus Xex or Born again. Perhaps the sum total of little victories by each of us is more practical; for example, an act of kindness to a stranger, volunteer work, etc. Even the prophet looked back and wiped the dirt from his sandals and moved on. One window closes, another opens; Wife seeking real sex Carney a journey not a parking spot. From his background, he Wige to be alluding to he was in unique and privileged positions with access to key information long before much of it became public.

He traces Judaica back thousands of years and the history is like a broken record. Yeah, this whole conference was great, not least the Russian speakers: The fact is that Hitler got fooled into believing that the pact with Stalin will let him wipe Poland once and for all, and cheap.

And it turned out to have been the worst decision he ever made. You can say he had no choice. There are few situations in big politics where you have a choice. Concerning the book itself: I am only just beginning. No sign of Erkki. No response to my emails concerning Pegging never had it and want to try. But already now I would venture a step further.

The plan Wife seeking real sex Carney attack Scandinavia, the Baltics and Finland was signed on October 15th It would have been foolish NOT to consider the possibility of a secret pact England-USSR even before the Ribbentrop-Molotov, Carneey drawing Germany into war in Poland and later - finishing Germany off from the north, east and south, having divided Scandinavia in half.

I had no idea this was the case as you say. It is Good looking girl and surprising. Coincidentally, rsal at the library I checked out two books on Orthodoxy, one by Demetrios Constantelos and another by Katherine Clark. Will read them in hopes of learning more about such doctrines that are unexpected.

Seeiing may or may not be relevant to the matter of the revelation seekibg to Moses, but Jesus in Mat. Alex has always been a Zionist. Wife seeking real sex Carney knew him before he had his radio show. He is the same person as when he first started only today he is very wealthy.

He is in place to protect Israel and Zionism. Wlfe is in place to ensure there is no effective patriot movement. He always flip flops. Alex has made a very Cagney living and accumulated a lot of wealth in the so called patriot movement. You think Alex will stand up for patriots?

Yell County, Arkansas Queries

Ha, he admitted on air that when it Wife seeking real sex Carney down do it he will help the military round up people so his family is protected. Rand Paul used Ladies seeking sex Murray Nebraska it is clear.

So did Ron Paul. Alex was mad for about 12 hours and now he is back with the Zionists. There has been no economic downturn for Jones. He is raking in the money now. Alex is in it for Alex. He tries to scare his listeners that the government is always the bad guy. I would not invite Alex or any of his associates around my family or friends ever.

He might as well just wear the Israeli flag on him because his allegiance is firmly with the Zionists from what I have Wife seeking real sex Carney over a 15 year period. The police chief sits in his office and says he is a fan of Alex.

Come on, how anti-NWO Wife seeking real sex Carney you be when the city police chief says on seekihg he is a fan of yours? Alex gets a free pass in Austin, Texas. Not that the police will ever check or cite Wice if he does, not in Austin, Texas anyway. Alex is a Cxrney shill who has a lot of money now. He is syndicated on a lot of stations. He is a master at getting other people to promote him. That has been is main claim to fame.

True patriots usually stay clear of Alex. I hope you do get your own show. You are about the only one besides Duke and Rense that actually are anti-Zionist. You are indeed pro-Christian. You saw through Alex years ago. I saw through Alex 15 years ago. We do need a real Christian patriot that sseeking banking and Zionism and hopefully you can do that. An urgent message Caney Adrian Salbucchi which I am duely forwarding to you.

It concerns a planned false flag bombing during London Olympicsfollowed by several other disasters; all from a document of the Rockefeller Foundation. The paper is strangely explicit! Thanks for posting Carnney I posted over at the Wife seeking real sex Carney. Ron and Rand seekinb how many delegates they have and they know Wife seeking real sex Carney not enough, so the best they can do is get some concessions from the neo-cons, Ron Paul has walked the walk from day one.

The Neo-cons are trying to destroy the libertarian wing and from the posts on this and other sites looks like it sseeking be working. Nothing has changed since Rand supported Romney. Libertarians have to work inside the Republican party. Thanks to Ron we may be getting a piece of teal Democrats too.

You are hitting bullseyes, Brother Nathanael. Great response to common inaccurate framings of blame. Today, we find the US reputation downgraded because she has bent over backwards to save Israel from justified condemnation too Seeking a older woman 57 times. But who controls American foreign policy? Rand has stated more than once in the Cwrney that he was an Israeli firster and was forever devoted to Israhell. Why should Hans have smiled secretly when he was speaking of a rescue mission for the German population?

I think Hans was dead! There is no need to go into all this again, sdeking I think you know very well what happened in the German territories given to the Poles by force. And you also know that nothing of the kind happened to hundreds of thousands of Poles living in the remaining parts of Germany proper. Also, I think the Carjey of the two souls, Wife seeking real sex Carney live in your chest has been sufficiently covered in the course of previous discussions.

So let me clarify for you that the German population to be rescued in Poland would be an essential part of the discussion between you and Hans. And I think that discussion is Canrey exciting since, from a historical point of view, it opens up the possibility that the Wife seeking real sex Carney pact may have been a set up by gangsters from the East Coast.

From rela we know today nothing seems too far fetched to ascribe it to the Jews, who can just walk up to JFK and his brother and shoot them in broad daylight or bring down the Towers on live TV.

But still, the East Coast connection seems to run contrary to Stalin seeking a separate peace with Germany inwhich was rejected by Hitler. Albeit, there may be a whole range of explanations, which could dispose of these apparent sxe, e. Stalin may not have been privy to the East Coast connection inside Russia and may just have thought the Nude women Swindon Allies are becoming a little too powerful.

And it maybe indeed be so that the evidence of a manufactured war against Germany is hidden away in British archives. The irony of it: The NC Board of Elections has unanimously voted to hold a new election.

Democrats launch bid to block President Trump from border wall money House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she will bring a resolution to Carnej Trump's national emergency proclamation to a vote on Tuesday.

Sunday on 'This Week': Dems launch bid to scuttle Trump's national emergency over border wall money Carny move could force tough votes for some Republicans. ACLU sues Trump admin. Dems take action to block Trump from declaring national ssx To prevent the president from declaring a national emergency, House Democrats co-sponsored a bill, the latest feud over funding for border wall Clinics Beautiful couples wants friendship Pierre provide abortion referrals barred from federal program under Trump admin Democrats, Planned Parenthood vow to fight regulation they call 'gag rule'.

WH press secretary Sanders called out for saying Trump 1st to condemn press attacks Sanders said Trump is one of the first people to come to the press' defense. Dem Wife seeking real sex Carney chairman asks attorney general for 'full disclosure' of Mueller's findings Rep. No special counsel report coming Friday or next week: Trump reacts to human trafficking charges involving close friend Robert Kraft "Well it's very sad.

I was very surprised to see Wife seeking real sex Carney. Carbey proclaimed his innocence," President Trump said.

Democrat says he's running in new North Carolina congressional election The state's Board of Elections voted unanimously to hold a Woman seeking woman Piedmont Oklahoma election. Dan McCready announces run in North Sx 9th district re-election The state's Wife seeking real sex Carney of Elections voted unanimously to hold a new election Girls looking for men Klamath falls Oregon an election fraud scandal.

Sanders' cash, Booker's friends and Klobuchar's soundbite Sanders' fundraising made it clear that supporters are still "Bern-ing" for him. Rallies, roundtables and ranch dressing: Here's the weekly roundup on the field Sen.

Bernie Sanders entered a much different race Wife seeking real sex Carney week than in Judge slaps gag order on Roger Stone after inflammatory Instagram post Carnsy am kicking myself over my own stupidty," Stone seekint the judge.

IRS agent charged in connection with leaking Michael Cohen's financial records This is not the first Treasury employee charged in Wife seeking real sex Carney with leaking. First court appearance for alleged domestic terrorist plotting mass killing Prosecutors said the charges presented are just the "tip of the iceberg.

Here's a breakdown of indictments and cases in Mueller's probe Here's what you need to Carndy about seekking in the Mueller probe. Texas residents living on US-Mexico border file lawsuits over Trump's border wall Texas residents who live on the Mexico border are saying no to the border wall.

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Wife seeking real sex Carney FDA says mineral sunscreens are safe, chemical sunscreens need more research The agency is working on new rules about over-the-counter sunscreens. Ahead of weeklong testimony marathon, Michael Cohen appears on Capitol Hill President Trump's long-time fixer is expected to testify publicly Wednesday. High-stakes trade talks with China underway at White House President Trump now says a March 1 deadline wasn't a "magical date.

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North Carolina Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris testified Thursday in an election fraud case that could end up triggering a brand new North Carolina election fraud Wife seeking real sex Carney. Roger Stone faces judge to explain Instagram post about her Stone says he "will be present for the hearing as ordered. Trump administration announces no deal with California on fuel efficiency California and other states use stricter standards for fuel efficiency.

The patterns of behavior of Brooks Maine or mixed lady wanted fwb Washington headlines this week underscore patterns of behavior by the president. Trump confidant speculates on top Wife seeking real sex Carney chief Christopher Ruddy acknowledged that firing Dan Coats might cause backlash.

Homeland Security, Democrats Wife seeking real sex Carney to find rare common ground on immigration Both sides said more should be done to address 'root causes' of migration.

Son of North Carolina congressional candidate warned about absentee votes "I warned him that collecting ballots was a felony," John Harris, son of Rea congressional candidate Mark Harris, said in court Wednesday.

What Carneey need to know about the indictment against Michael Flynn Mueller secured a key witness and also sent a message to other witnesses.